Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of Sinetrim

Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of Sinetrim


Sinetrim Introduction

This weight loss product touts to be a trademarked, synergistic combination of polyphenolic compounds that are specifically developed to efficiently torch fat and promote weight loss. This is said to be obtained by freeing fatty acids, obstructing your body’s assimilation of carbs and giving an excellent antioxidant support. Given this, Sinetrim touts to be supported by clinical evidence to aid in the reduction of fat in the stomach and trimming down your waistline and hips.

Of course, you’re exhilarated when it comes to the possibility of you losing weight and looking lean. That is why sometimes we let our excitement get the best of us especially when we’re reading all these amazing things about a product. But before you just input your credit card data as you make your purchase, make sure that you’re already made your own research and read reviews like this.

How it Functions

loseweightforlifeThe manufacturer says that Sinetrim comes from a species of Mediterranean citrus fruit that has distinctive polyphenols. These are the ones that are said to have the potential to disintegrate fats via oxidation. When this occurs, the fat in the abdomen area is lessened, as well as your waist line and the size of your hips. Also, the Green Slimming Tea in this product is said to be helpful in reducing chronic and low-grade swelling. As a result, oxidative stress is also cut down. The White Mulberry in Sinetrim has also the potential to cause an obstruction so that the body doesn’t absorb carbs.

Given this, the product has these components working together to promote weight loss.

Sinetrol XPUR Mediterranean citrus extract 450mg: Grapefruit extract, sweet orange extract, blood orange extract, and guarana seed extract.
White mulberry extract 200mg
Green tea (leaf) extract 75mg

Sinetrim differs itself from its competitors by not putting too much stimulants in the formula. Its manufacturer further asserts that the product is produced in a laboratory in the United States that is GMP-certified. Plus, they also have a simple guide that you can follow to effectively lose weight.

Product Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

A bottle of Sinetrim contains 90 capsules and this is priced at $31.49. You also need to pay an additional of $5.95 for shipping and handling. It comes with a money-back guarantee as well, though the duration or the period of this satisfaction guarantee is not provided. To be sure, you can call the company at this number: 888-752-6615.

You can also buy this supplement from other resellers like GNC.

Is Sinetrim Effective in Providing Weight Loss Results?

Before proceeding with your plans to try this particular weight loss supplement, it is important that you have assessed the product completely. This way you’re sure that you’re buying the one that really works and is also safe. So, you might want to consider the following factors:

Is there Clinical Proof that Sinetrim Works?

gettyimages-Yes, the official site of the product says all components in Sinetrim have undergone clinical tests proving that they work in generating weight loss effects. However, you also need to know more about these claims.

For instance, two of the three primary clinical researches mentioning Sinetrim’s effects on the human body were funded by Fytexia, the same company behind Sinetrim. Also, WebMD says that there’s inadequate proof demonstrating white mulberry’s efficacy for any health gains other than diabetes. There’s also no strong scientific data that supports the claims that green tea can generate significant weight loss effects.

About the Manufacturer

Basically Sinetrim seems to be a new product, thus, there aren’t consumer feedbacks online we can read to weigh the supplement’s safety and efficacy. Reading reviews from actual, buying customers are highly helpful to assess a product’s true potential, if there’s any. Since Sinetrim is new, we don’t have that capacity to do any evaluations based on real user experiences. Confirming our belief that Sinetrim is new, we learned that the supplement’s trademark was filed in June 2014. Also, the company of Sinetrim, BioGenetic Laboratories, which is mainly headquartered in Golden, Colorado, does not have a lot of data on the web. They’re also not with the Better Business Bureau.

Product Features

Sinetrim is said to be useful in the torching of fat and in the reduction of your waist line and size of your hips.
It is asserted that the components in Sinetrim went through clinical trials proving their efficacy.
There’s a satisfaction guarantee provided.

Final Verdict: Is Sinetrim the Real Deal?

First off, there’s no clinical proof substantiating that this weight loss supplement functions as it is marketed. It’s also new in the market, so its effectiveness is in serious question. Better consult with your doctor first before going for it, just to be safe.