Reviewing the Safety & Efficacy of Adaptophen

Reviewing the Safety & Efficacy of Adaptophen


Product Introduction

A man’s testosterone level lowers as he ages. It’s one of the natural changes that happen in a man’s body. As this goes on, his physical and sexual functions experience decline as well. This is where the supplement Adaptophen comes into picture. It is a natural supplement that touts to aid in the boosting of free testosterone level. It is also claimed to be intended for helping users augment their lean muscle mass, metabolism, and even their sex drive.

There are a lot of claims about what this product can really do, but in reality, can Adaptophen really deliver notable results in terms of your muscles and sexual functions? Let’s find out below:

More Info on Adaptophen

preview-full-shutterstock_463645373Based on the information on its official site, one’s testosterone levels start to experience slow decrease after hitting his 30s. This can lead to heightened exhaustion, reduced muscle mass, lessened sex drive, and many other effects. Given this, Adaptophen states that it can help you deal with these natural changes through its scientifically-formulated testosterone booster intended to increase your T levels. It also claims to help men fight the diminishing of testosterone as a result of growing older. Adaptophen’s manufacturer also said their product can help men notice impressive effects within a span of 4 weeks.

This supplement also touts to be precisely developed to be in the middle ground of high calorie protein powders and dangerous anabolic steroids. With this, it contains the following natural components:

Tribulus Terrestris: this is a plant originating from the Mediterranean that generates a fruit that could aid in the improvement of physical functions for sports, as well as aid in curing sterility.
Tongkat Ali Root Extract: this a tree originating from Southeast Asia like Malaysia and Indonesia is also touted to be effectual in boosting free testosterone.
Siberian Rhodiola Rosea: this component has great levels of rosavin, which is claimed to be useful in terms of boosting lean muscle mass, physical force, and other benefits.
Deer Antler Velvet: this component could boost IGF-1 hormone levels, which could aid in the boosting of muscle mass and shorten the span of recuperation after training.
5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone: this could boost muscle tissue mass.
ZMA: this is believed to be effective in augmenting free testosterone and physical force levels.
Alpha Lipoic Acid: it is an antioxidant that’s been demonstrated to cure nerve discomfort linked to diabetes.
Octacosanol: this is believed to be effective in boosting functions when it comes to sports.
Vitamin B6: it is a vital nutrient that’s required for brain health and normal cell capacities.
Zinc: it is another vital trace element that promotes normal assimilation of food.
Magnesium: this mineral can aid in the enhancement of regular bowel movement.

To start taking this supplement, take one capsule in the morning and then another one at noon.

Adaptophen Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

preview-lightbox-shutterstock_127136468If you buy this supplement via the company that manufactures it, it is accessible in three various packs:

Single bottle: $37
Buy 3, Get 1 Free: $111
Buy 6, Get 2 Free: $222

Whatever selection you go for, all purchases come with free shipping. Many companies now use autoship programs, but Adaptophen’s manufacturer doesn’t.

Adaptophen’s company also states that they provide a 100% perpetual satisfaction guarantee, with less S&H fees. To start the procedure, you can contact consumer support at 720-379-5823 in order to get a Return Merchandise Authorization number.

Customer Feedbacks

The supplement is made by Applied Nutritional Research (ANR), LLC. It is mainly headquartered in Westminster, Colorado. It is registered with the Better Business Bureau and has a C+ score. As of this writing, they have 13 closed complaints. These mostly cite ineffectiveness, bad customer support, and the challenge it takes customers to get their refunds.

Final Verdict

There are so many testosterone-boosting supplements available today, but only a few have the potential of being efficient. As for Adaptophen, the components it contains – such Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Magnesium – seem to be not related in terms of generating benefits for increasing testosterone, sex drive, and muscle mass.

On the other hand, it’s great that customers won’t be registered in any types of autoship plans. Still, considering its efficacy is questionable, its high cost seems to be unjustifiable. Another issue is the absence of a product label. There is a complete list of components available for the consumers to review, but the amount or dosage used for every component is lacking.

Overall, it seems Adaptophen needs more strong features in order to be appealing to customers. But if you’re insistent on trying this product out, you can still do so since there’s a lifetime money-back guarantee.