Reviewing the Effectiveness of MusclePharm’s Assault

Reviewing the Effectiveness of MusclePharm’s Assault

About MusclePharm Assault

Those who have used MusclePharm’s supplements would know that the company is recognized for its products mainly because of the promotions of their creations, including the UFC. Now, the company has a new product called Assault, which is a pre-workout product that guarantees notable effects without any side effects. Any supplement’s effectiveness would be in vain if there were unpleasant adverse reactions. Hence, it is important for a product to work without causing any side effects that will discourage consumers from ever using it.

On the other hand, some customers take risks on supplements, valuing efficacy over safety. Several users have the notion that if a supplement is highly potent that there needs to have precaution before using it, then it must be very effective. For some who are desperate to see noticeable results, side effects are disregarded in favor of strong efficiency. As for MusclePharm Assault, it wants to find a middle ground between potency and safety. To know whether MusclePharm Assault is a value for money or not, read on.

Does MusclePharm Assault Work?

The company behind this supplement said that MusclePharm Assault has a blend that increases the user’s energy more than sufficient to fuel your body. This is especially important when you’re too exhausted, both physically and mentally to continue your training. This is the predicament that hinders people from making remarkable progress as far as their training for fitness is concerned. MusclePharm said that thanks to its Energy and Neuro Igniter, you will be able to regain your mental and physical power. The energy blend contained in MusclePharm Assault is touted to be efficient in giving you renewed energy to last intense exercises. Its Neuro Igniter, on the other hand, produces a synergistic result that should also help consumers get their much-needed energy and mental alertness for motivation.

Nonetheless, MusclePharm also receives criticisms about the company not delivering on its promises particularly when it comes to its guarantee of providing burst of energy to help you with your workouts. Moreover, the first effect that consumers notice is the instant mental kick thanks to the inclusion of caffeine, just like several supplements with stimulants. Nevertheless, this effect in the body diminishes immediately. Hence, the instant burst of energy plummets instantly.

Consumer feedbacks discussing the manufacturer also included criticisms about the supplement itself and its poor mixability. The supplement’s powder becomes moist instantly. Some transported packages even contained powders that became in solid form possibly die to the moisture. The supplement’s taste is also an issue among consumers because several of them think it’s too sweet.

What are the Components in Assault?

Fortunately, the company makes sure that its product, Assault, is not loaded with any dangerous substances. This is important considering there are many supplements out there which contain detrimental chemicals. Not only are these banned, but they’re also risky for your health.

MusclePharm listed the components in full on its official site. Here they are:

Beta Alanine

L-Arginine AKG

Creatine Monohydrate





L-Aspartic Acid

Papain 1000

Suma Root Extract

Even when MusclePharm criticizes other supplements that have stimulants, many users would find the irony in the fact that its supplement Assault is also laced with stimulants, just like with many fitness products available out there in the present times.

Moreover, Assault has highly potent synthetic sweeteners such as Acesulfame and Sucralose. The former is 200 times sweeter than sugar itself, which is why many consumers find its flavor very sweet. This t is also a harmful carcinogenic ingredient is consumed on a regular basis for an extended span of time.

What are the Product Features?


Assault can be a great thermogenic supplement.

It’s beneficial for the muscles’ general growth.

On the other hand, this supplement being filled with stimulants can cause side effects including jitters and crash due to the inclusion of caffeine.

Bottom Line

MusclePharm’s product Assault may be ideal for those athletes who want to have an edge in their training. It has simple formulation with legit ingredients. However, it has stimulants like caffeine which can generate side effects. This definitely isn’t for those who are sensitive to such ingredients.