Review of Align Probiotic

Review of Align Probiotic


Review of Align Probiotic

Review of Align Probiotic

A probiotic supplement that utilizes a patented strain to produce good bacteria, Align promises to deliver healthier digestive functions and is also claimed to be at the top in terms of being recommended by doctors.

It is interesting to note that Cincinnati’s Procter & Gamble is behind Align Probiotic. It is also interesting to point out that this company managed to obtain an A+ Better Business Bureau evaluation even though it handled more than 280 closed complaints in the duration of three years. Still, the product itself, Align Probiotic mostly received fantastic reviews from customers with the complaints mostly about the lack in effectiveness, expensive cost, and the adverse reactions on the stomach.

How this product works?

Digestive wellness

When we don’t practice healthy eating and we face stress on a daily basis, the amount of good bacteria in the stomach declines, leaving our digestive system on the rocks. But Align Probiotic says it can be fought with through the use of more than 1 billion CFUs of good and live bacteria to ensure one’s digestive wellness.

In addition to this, Align also asserts that it is the only probiotic supplement to enforce the patented bacteria strain B. infantis 35624. It has been detailed on the product website that the said bacterial strain has been proven and tested clinically guaranteeing positive outcome. It has also been stated that the benefits of probiotics are strain-specific or are only determined depending on the strain. Still, the website didn’t mention the individual benefits this B. infantis 35624 possesses.

In contrast with other probiotics, Align’s bacteria is freeze-dried during its creation,

making it effectual up to 24 months without being refrigerated.

To start taking this product, take one capsule a day, which only amounts to one calorie. This is the reason taking Align can also be part of a weight loss program. With regards to negative reactions, there are no known severe side effects, just the usual ones like bloating and gas. These are also common side effects when taking other probiotics.

Pricing and Refund Terms

Ingredients of Align Probiotic

Align is pretty much accessible to users around the world. It is available through a variety of approved resellers, such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and even through and The price starts at $23 to $31 for a 28-capsul bottle, while for a 42-capsule bottle, the cost is around $34-$41.

Align tries to be customer-friendly by offering to use the supplement risk-free for up to 60 days. Nonetheless, this only applies to purchases of more than $46.99 including the postage and the refund will be a prepaid card. Certainly not the most convenient refund scenario, the prepaid card will be processed for about 6-8 weeks and you’ll need to call the customer service at (800) 337-5036 to begin this procedure.

The Truth Behind Align Probiotic

Sure, there are a myriad of excellent feedback on the internet about the product, but digging further, we found some issues that are somehow alarming.

The most serious issue is that Procter & Gamble faced legal action in 2011 for falsely advertising Align Probiotic as a product that’s very effective and that it has clinical evidence to back it up even when there’s none. Up to the time this review is being written, there’s not a resolution released.

Researching further, we found that the clinical studies published on the Bifantis website only attribute Bifantis’ benefits to health dilemmas like irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. Its antidepressant qualities were also explored, but not its possible benefits for a better digestive system to healthy people without the mentioned medical issues.

Align Probiotic was the highly recommended probiotic by gastroenterologists on Source Healthcare Analytics, LLC 2012 survey. However, its #1 standing is a result of gastroenterologists only endorsing a specific brand for the said survey. It is also unfortunate that no copy of this survey was ever located by our team.