Rejuvoderm: An Essential Part of Your Skin Care?

Rejuvoderm: An Essential Part of Your Skin Care?

Rejuvoderm: An Essential Part of Your Skin Care?

Rejuvoderm: An Essential Part of Your Skin Care?

Rejuvoderm Details

Rejuvoderm is a part of the Salvoderm brand skin care series. Salvoderm’s products are all heavily researched and manufactured by Pharmaxa Labs. Rejuvoderm in particular is Salvoderm’s cleansing agent. It boasts naturally occurring compounds within its ingredients which are meant to treat those prone towards significant bouts of acne. Rejuvoderm reduces oil and clears out the unhealthy gunk which clogs pores and worsens acne outbreaks. While it purifies the skin it also heals it with moisturizing oils. With Rejuvoderm skin is able to take in more natural moisture, absorb oxygen, and eschew harmful buildups.

Pharmaxa Labs heavily researches and develops each product before releasing it. The Salvoderm line undergoes regular clinical trials to ensure that the claims made on the bottle are 100% true. Pharmaxa is constantly introducing new approaches to skincare. For this reason the Salvoderm line is seen as on the cutting edge by the health community.

Before You Buy…

Be sure to access the wealth of information offered on the Salvoderm website. They breakdown each ingredient in the product and its usefulness. The experts over at Salvoderm have given you all the information you need to find the product that is right for your skin type. Potential purchasers can investigate information from actual experts with absolutely no cost. See what Salvoderm has to say about Rejuvoderm and see what products best work alongside it. Knowledge is the main weapon in Salvoderm’s arsenal for the customer’s personal war against unhealthy, pockmarked skin.

After You Buy…

You will see guaranteed results. Rejuvoderm really works, and has been proven to work in testing. If it does not deliver to Salvoderm’s promises or your expectations, Salvoderm will issue a full refund, no questions asked.


Lavender OilRejuvoderm Ingredients

Salicyclic Acid

Glycolic Acid

Lactic Acid

How Rejuvoderm works…

Skin care product

Rejuvoderm’s few ingredients are targeted to specific needs.

Salicyclic acid is a known beta-hydroxy acid. This means it can dissolve buildup from the sebaceous glands. This is essential to a cleaner-looking, brighter complexion. What it grants you is smaller, less-apparent pores.

Lactic acid and clycolic acid are beta-hydroxy acids. These work with the layers of dead skin on the outside of the skin. It disintegrates dead skin and washes it away revealing the luscious, vital layers hidden beneath. Additionally these beta-hydroxy acids boost collagen beneath the skin, firming it and building up natural shapeliness.

Lavender oil is a known moisturizer. It make skin more receptive to natural moisture. It also will alleviate any irritation caused by acne.

The Final Word

If you don’t believe Salvoderm’s claims, try it for yourself! If the mountain of evidence can’t convince you, buy the product. It is safe, and with a money-back guarantee there is nothing to use.