A Product Review of BSN Hyper FX: Is it effective?

A Product Review of BSN Hyper FX: Is it effective?


About BSN Hyper FX

This particular product is a pre-workout product created by the manufacturer BSN. It is promoted as a supplement that can help you increase your levels of energy during your workout sessions. With heightened energy, you’re able to perform more effectively at the gym. It also helps your body endure extreme workouts from top to bottom.


The company BSN is recognized for their production of nutritional supplements of excellent quality. Shockingly, its pre-workout product, Hyper FX, is not as well-received as the company’s other supplements. The reasons for this are varied. There are some customers who criticize the product’s true capacity, which is said to be not as effective as its manufacturer claims it to be. Other grievances from users include its poor taste and the side effects brought by the caffeine in the formula.

Nevertheless, there are still several positive feedbacks that discuss the supplement’s efficiency in helping users have increased energy for better physical or athletic performance. In these testimonials, consumers stated their appreciation of Hyper FX’s overall features, functions and performance.

But how effectual Hyper FX really is? Are the positive gains you can get from taking this supplement worth any negative repercussions, if there are any? This article will explore the product further to help you come up with an informed decision prior to proceeding with your purchase of this supplement. This way, you’re sure of the product you’re using and you’re money is not wasted on the wrong brand.

How Efficient Is Hyper FX?

Users of Hyper FX who used it the first time immediately thought that the powder is not easily mixed like many pre-workout products. For example, sometimes the powder clusters, which leads to a cluttered powder blend that has grainy aftertaste. In general, powder mixes that don’t blend greatly become very difficult to absorb in the system. This could be behind why other customers didn’t notice any remarkable results like Hyper FX’s company has promised.


Several consumers also claimed that the grape flavor of Hyper FX kind of stinks, while other customers said they experienced gassiness with the use of this product. Aside from these, there are also reported side effects that include vomiting, nausea, and tingles.

Just like other products that have caffeine, Hyper FX also has side effect brought by its caffeine such as boosted alertness. While it is a welcome effect for some, for others it is not as it also means higher blood pressure, palpitations, sleep problems and angina. Also, it is important to note that the high surge of energy that the manufacturer guaranteed was not present in several of the user tests.

Moreover, Hyper FX has a gentle thermogenic effect that only works while the caffeine kicks in. With this, you can anticipate your core temperature to increase but this effect is fleeting. Those individuals who have caffeine sensitivity also encountered their energy plummeting as quickly as two hours after their consumption of the supplement.

What Are the Components Present?

The company has categorized its primary components into Hyper-FX™ Peak Proprietary blend. These are:

Endura Fusion:

Betaine Anhydrous
Magnesium Oxide
Boron Citrate
Zinc Gluconate
Thermic Matrix:

Choline Bitartrate
Caffeine Anhydrous
Shock Composite:

DMAE Bitartrate
Thiamin HCl

All these components are intended to give customers a 3-part mixture of stamina, energy and drive. However, the concentration of the aforementioned components is not divulged by the company.

What are the Product Features?

The supplement is said to have excellent ingredients that induce thermogenesis.
It comes from a reputable company; hence, the brand is more trusted.

What’s the Bottom Line?

It is not as impressive as other supplements manufactured by BSN, mainly because it has some negative feedbacks online questioning its true efficacy and even the quality of its powder mix. But while it has poor comments from some customers, there are others who are satisfied with its performance. Thus, its effectiveness may depend on the individual as the effects vary for every person.