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Body Mass Index or BMI is a value which we calculate by dividing our body mass by our height squared. This is something doctors, dieticians, nutritionists and the health community as a whole uses to determine our general health.

This BMI chart determines whether or not you are either underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese based on these numbers. This formula and chart was first developed to give people a general idea to whether or not they need to lose weight.

The BMI scale is a great tool to give us a quick insight to whether or not we should lose a few pounds, however there are some things you need to know about the BMI index, and how it could potentially give you misleading information.

You still see this chart hanging in doctor’s offices in pretty much every practice, because it can give us a good idea of how susceptible we are to other diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. These diseases are linked with being overweight and obese, so the BMI chart can be useful in that regard.

The problem with the BMI index is that it can be inaccurate in some cases because it is a general tool, and doesn’t take things like muscle mass into consideration when determining whether or not someone is obese.

Three Potential Issues with the BMI Scale:

May Give False Impressions to Athletes and Weight Lifters

If you are someone who lifts weights regularly, plays sports or are someone who just has more muscle mass because of genetics, the BMI scale may not be the best tool to determine whether or not you are obese or overweight.

As mentioned earlier, the BMI scale is based on your height versus your bodyfat. It doesn’t take things like muscle mass and bones mass, and on average an athlete is going to have more of both than your everyday person.

Another thing to consider when looking at your body fat and how it affects your overall health is where exactly the fat is located. Fat located around the stomach, or visceral fat which accumulates around our organs is much more cause for concern then just having too much body fat period.

In a similar vein, BMI doesn’t take in to account the body type of the person, where some people just have a bigger frame than others. These people  have more bodyweight than others because of that additional bone mass. This can throw off the BMI scale for these people, which may indicate that they are overweight when they are in fact of healthy weight.

Could Potentially Give Inaccurate Readings to the Elderly and Aging

One thing that happens to everyone as we age is the loss of bone mass and muscle tissue. We do our best to minimize this by keeping active through exercise, however the loss of some muscle and bone as we get older is inevitable.

This loss of muscle and bone tissues are something to consider when using the BMI scale to determine whether or not an elderly person is of healthy weight. Many elderly people who have too much body fat still score in the healthy range on the BMI scale due to their reduced overweight because of the muscle and bone loss.

There are other tools and instruments out there which can give you a better idea of what your body fat actually is, from high tech scales and gadgets, to low tech measuring tape.

The Health Risks Aren’t the Same for Everyone Based on the BMI Scale

What we mean by this is that just because you are overweight on the BMI scale, doesn’t necessarily mean you are at risk for developing more diseases than those that fall in the healthy ranges. This is not to say that if you are obese you aren’t at risk for these diseases, as this just applies to those who fall slightly in the overweight range.

If you happen to be one of these people who falls in this range and are uncertain about how healthy your overall health is, again you want to look at where that fat is distributed.

If you have a little extra body fat but still are maintaining a good waistline, you shouldn’t be concerned. On the other hand if you are generally of average build but have a big belly, you are going to want to make some changes to reduce your body fat to improve your health.



Can our diets really affect our moods? Ask yourself that question the next time you chow down on a big bag of pretzels, couple of donuts or anything else that sits like a rock in your stomach.

After you eat one of these huge meals you are probably ready for a nap, which is a pretty telling sign of how much your diet can affect your mood and health as a result.

The reason why what we eat has an impact on our mood is because of how cell signaling in our brain works; what we eat determines what types of chemicals out body produces such as serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin is the chemical that makes us feel happy and alert, while dopamine is the one which makes us feel tire and relaxed.

This is why eating a healthy and balanced diet is important, in that these nutrients we get determine the chemical activity in our body and brain; and thus our moods. With all of this being said, we have to know what foods to avoid in order to keep our sanity.

What Foods Negatively Affect Our Mood?

 1-Artificial Ingredients and Added Sugars


With all of the sugar alternatives out there it can really make your head spin, and consequently to no surprise many people do not know what options are the best for them. One of the options many people turn to instead of sugar are artificial sweeteners.

The problem with these sweeteners is twofold. First they are usually synthetic, which means they are manufactured in a lab. Many of these molecules are similar to sugar but are not sugar, and thus our body gets confused. This means by consuming them we are not getting the same pleasure that we would from consuming sugar itself, which does not satisfy the cravings in many cases.

Second, many of these sweeteners are much sweeter than sugar, some even thousands times more sweet. What this does is makes your body crave more of this sweet taste, to the point where you end up consuming more, and can really disrupt your blood sugar levels.

An increase in energy followed by a sharp drop after the consumption of these sugary drinks including artificially sweetened drinks is a common cause of mood swings.

2-Skipping Out on Whole Eggs

Many of us are concerned about our health and the high cholesterol content in eggs. This has resulted in a switch to using egg whites for some, as they still are getting the protein from the egg without all the fat and cholesterol.

The problem with this is that all of the other vitamins and minerals including some of the protein in the egg are found in the yolk. These fats and cholesterol are what our body uses to create our hormones, and these hormones have a tremendous influence over our mood.

If you are feeling more moody than usual or down in the dumps and are someone who regularly consumes egg whites, try switching back to whole eggs to help your mood improve.

3-Trail Mixes, Beef Jerky and Other Similar Snacks

preview-full-shutterstock_325268702Trail mixes and beef jerky are becoming very popular once again due to the widespread health movement as well as more and more people seeking hiking and walking as their primary form of exercise.

While many trail mixes can be an excellent healthy snack to eat during a hike, many trail mixes and beef jerky are just full of additional salt and sugar. This extra salt and sugar is going to spike your blood sugar levels and increase your blood pressure, which can lead to mood swings.

Instead of buying a premade trail mix, your best bet is to make your own using whole foods, with no added sugars or salts. The fruits and nuts within the trail mix itself provide plenty of salts and sugar to help reduce your cravings without the need to add more.

4-Deli Meats

Many people have already made the switch away from processed meats like hot dogs, sausage, salami, and mortadella which are loaded with salt and fat. The problem is that a lot of these same people still eat other deli meats like turkey and ham because they believe that they are a better option.

These meats are still loaded with sugar, salts and a whole host of other things you don’t want to be eating as well. Between all of the fillers, preservatives, and all the other nasty stuff found within deli meats, you are better off avoiding them all.



Everyone wants to be happy. That’s why we strive for success and accomplishments because these make us proud and happy. We long for the presence of loved ones because they bring us joy. We eat foods that are bad for us because they put us in high spirits. Basically, everything we do in this world is for the sake of being happy, whether it’s for your own or those of the people you care about if you’re selfless.

Unfortunately, sadness is pretty much inevitable, too. And since it’s a negative feeling, it has some unpleasant manifestations that affect our health. For instance, unhappiness disrupts your sleeping patterns. Worse, it can even contribute to increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

It’s fine to be sad every now and then. Eventually you’ll move on from whatever is causing you emotional affliction. But know that not heeding prolonged periods of sadness can be harmful to your health. Hence, it is crucial that you’re made aware of what happens to your body when you experience bouts of gloom. This can help encourage you to form healthier means to deal with your sadness. It could even prove useful to regain your cheerful frame of mind.

On the other hand, if your ways don’t work and you continue feeling miserable for weeks, it’s the time to see a doctor before your emotional issues become a huge obstruction in your life and relationships. Here are the things that happen to your body when you’re not feeling it:

Your heart is in pain, quite literally

preview-full-shutterstock_525834433Broken heart has since stopped being a figurative expression when it was found that grieving for the loss of a loved one, for instance, could augment your risk of forming a disorder called cardiomyopathy, which is also called the “broken heart syndrome”. When this takes place, your body may mistake your sorrow for stress that it weakens your immune system. It then becomes easier for your sympathetic nervous system to kick-start your fight or flight mechanism.

When this reaction is initiated, your body responds by secreting stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. High amounts of these hormones can result to high blood pressure and high blood sugar. To make it worse, encountering a severe bout of cardiomyopathy could lead to your heart stopping to pump blood, resulting to signs of heart attack including chest pains, shortness of breath, achiness in the arms, and sweating. Cardiomyopathy can lead to heart failure as well.

Better facial recognition ability and recall

There are upsides to feeling gloomy, too. In a 2011 study at a university in England, it was shown that sad individuals are better at facial identification compared with those who feel great or those in neutral frame of minds. As evidence suggests, sadness leads to a more involved way of thinking and this kind of thinking enables one to make out faces with more ease.

Moreover, being sad also helps us remember the things that have happened in the past more vividly. It was reported that feelings of melancholy actually enhance one’s attention to detail. This is because being happy makes someone less attentive, reducing their capacity to process information. This may be the reason your down times feel more profound and intense than your happy times simply because you’re more focused when you’re sad.

Your appetite suffers

preview-full-shutterstock_574622893Certainly, food is the last thing on your mind when you’re emotionally confronted with issues that make you sad. This is because severe feelings of sadness lead to increased stress, weakening your immune system. And because your immune system is situated in the stomach, voila, your appetite is screwed.

During a period of heartbreak, the body becomes under a state of restoration, which constitutes to it working so hard and for an extended period of time to regain its state of restfulness. Until then, your appetite remains messed up.

The bottom line here is that being said goes beyond being not in the mood. It has physical manifestations that can prove to be detrimental to your health. Sadness puts your body in a state of stress that can have negative results. It is true that when the mind suffers, the body cries out.

Melancholy over a break-up or any issues going on in your life is not just something that you can easily ignore, which surely is the usual advice you get. Given this, you should take good care of your body even when you’re feeling down. It’s much harder to get over your sorrow if it takes a toll on your body. Nevertheless, being sad is real and serious and there are no inspirational words that can make it better in an instant. Sometimes you have just to allow yourself to feel it. Also know that with every bit of sadness, there’s an emotional development that makes you more resilient.


General Idea

Natto 5 purports to generate a lot of physical and health benefits, such as optimizing your growth hormone levels, eradicating fat and blood clots, as well as stabilizing your cholesterol.

As a result, your heart health will be reinvigorated, your muscle mass will increase, your endurance will improve, and your sex drive will bring you the greatest sex of your life. Plus, it is also said that your body’s mechanism to recover from intense exercises is improved.

What are the Components?

There’s no product label, but we learned that Natto 5 contained the following components:

Vitamin B6
L-Arginine Hydrochloride
L-Leucine (and L-Isoleucine)
L-Lysine Hydrochloride
Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

Basically, all these components except for L-arginine don’t have sufficient scientific proof that they’re potent. L-Arginine, on the other hand, has been shown to be promising in addressing impotence. In order to enjoy its benefits, you need to consume at least 5 grams every day. But since there’s no product label, we’re not informed of the dosage of each ingredient, which means we don’t know if there’s enough arginine in Natto 5 or not.

What are the Adverse Reactions?

There wouldn’t be any adverse reactions as far as the components in Natto 5 are concerned. So, they should be fine for consumption since there aren’t any serious risks. If there’s any side effect, it probably would just be a mild stomach discomfort.

Increasing T Levels

preview-full-shutterstock_317462582Decreasing levels of testosterone is mainly associated with age. When one hits his 30s, his T levels reduce by one percent each year. As this continues, symptoms can be felt, which includes lower libido, impotence, hair loss, reduced muscle mass, and lower energy.

If you want to increase your T levels the natural ways, there surely are things you can practice and incorporate into your lifestyle, such as consumption of healthy fats and cholesterol, certain workouts, and getting sufficient sleep, to name a few.
But of course, these ways will only bring a little increase in your testosterone levels. If your T levels are seriously lower, you need to discuss this with your physician to get you the appropriate treatment based on your diagnosis.

Natto 5 Price

Natto 5 can be acquired through a 14-day free trial in which you will get a one-month supply of the product with you only paying the shipping cost of $4.95. After the trial finishes, you will be charged for the total cost of Natto 5, which is $79.95. You will also be enrolled to their autoship program, which entails you receiving a fresh supply every month with your credit card being billed for the full price automatically.

Moreover, Natto 5 is also offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling, plus $10 for restocking. However, this is only good for items that haven’t been opened yet.

If you want to discontinue your autoship enrollment, or ask for a refund, you can contact customer support at 800-304-0480.

Customer Reviews

preview-full-shutterstock_280860185It’s hard to find legitimate feedbacks about Natto 5 because the ones available are mostly from affiliates. These really aren’t real reviews from real buying customers. They’re more of promotions made by affiliates who get commissions from every sale they make.

In order to have an idea of how Natto 5 really is in terms of its effectiveness, you can look at testosterone supplements in general. On review sites, most testosterone boosters don’t really get a lot of appreciation from customers because most brands rarely work like promised by their respective companies.

Usually, customers criticize these products lack of potency and inefficient customer support. This is because consumers find it hard to get refunds or discontinue their autoship enrollments. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean we’re going to experience the same thing with Natto 5. But it’s worth mentioning so that customers proceed with further caution.

Final Thoughts

Natto 5 produces so many assertions. It promises better body, sexual functions, and heart health. These are really awesome promises. On the other hand, it is also important to note that most of the components present in Natto 5 are not clinically substantiated, so we’re not sure if they really work as promised.

The only ingredient here that has potential is arginine, but since there’s no product label, we cannot know if it contains enough of it to even produce significant results. Despite an ingredient’s potency, if it’s not contained in an adequate amount, its presence would just be in vain. If you think you really have low testosterone levels, it’s better to speak with your doctor about it before exploring on supplements that you’re not 100 percent sure to work.



Your immune system protects you from the bad guys that want to invade your body. It does so by spotting foreign invaders that want to cripple you with diseases. As your immune system is able to identify the attackers, it sends the cavalry, which in this case is the white blood cells, to eradicate said invaders.

But even your immune system can fail at its job if it’s not strong enough. It needs to be functioning normally without any issues. Hence, the stronger your immune system is, the less likely it is for you to get sick. It basically saves you from experiencing the worst days of your life.

That’s why it’s important that you know a thing or two about it. This way, you’ll know how to strengthen your immune system and protect yourself from bacteria, viruses, and parasites creeping around your body.

Below are 7 things about your immune system you should know about:

1. We need germs to sustain health

preview-full-shutterstock_531832816The bacteria in the stomach are actually useful in terms of digestion. More often than not, we consider the germs outside our body to be nasty, and while some of them are, it doesn’t change the fact that these germs are a necessity for us to maintain health.

Ever wonder why the species of humans have survived for so long? It’s because our immune system adapts to multiple invaders. When the body comes about a foreign substance, the immune system does its job by attacking it and holding on to its information. In the case that the invader returns, the immune system remembers and knows precisely how to take action. One ideal example is the measles. It only affects us once.

2. The first vaccine ever made was for smallpox

Basically, a vaccine works by exposing you to small infection of an illness. This results to your body manufacturing antibodies to fight against said illness. English doctor Edward Jenner came across the invention of vaccination after immunizing an eight-year-old boy with the pus from cowpox lesions on a patient’s arm. Surprisingly, this gave the boy immunity to smallpox.

3. A happy relationship improves immunity

This is because positive moments experienced with your partner boost the production of feel-good hormones, the endorphins. These said hormones are the very same that can help enhance your immune system’s capacities to fight off diseases. Research also shows that a happy relationship helps people improve their life-spans, mainly because of their improved immune systems.

4. There are some people who are born with little to zero immunity

This condition is called severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). It is also called “bubble boy disease”, which affects one in every 100,000 individuals. It’s a main case of immune deficiency that is heavily distinguished by a serious failing in both the T- & B-lymphocyte systems. Due to this, the first few months of life can be threatened with one or more severe infections, which may include pneumonia or meningitis.

5. Inadequate sleep negatively affects your immune system

preview-full-shutterstock_529544062It’s only basically righteous that the immune system needs to be in the right condition in order to function properly – t hat is shoo away unpleasant flu, colds, and other diseases. However, studies show that lack of sleep stifles your immune system’s capacity for getting rid of infections by decreasing the propagation of T-cells, which is a kind of white blood cells. Even a single night of not getting enough sleep threatens your immune system as this results to reducing the production of your T-cells, the ones that kill infections for you. This is the reason why being sleep deprived make you susceptible to diseases.

6. Exercising can make you more susceptible to infections

Germs multiply with ease in gyms, especially if people don’t wipe the equipment after they’re done using them. To aggravate the scenario, when you exercise you body naturally secretes the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. And these hormones happen to be the ones that can momentarily reduce the efficacy of one’s immune system, which is why it’s easy to catch while working out, especially if there’s sanitation issue with the people using the equipment and facilities in a fitness center.

7. Filling your body with fruits and veggies can fortify your immune system

Fruits and green veggies are great for your immune system. Studies prove that those individuals who eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis get sick less often, in contrast to those who don’t. This is because the nourishing components in fruits and vegetables strengthen your immune system, so that it’s more effective in warding off infections.


Product Introduction

A man’s testosterone level lowers as he ages. It’s one of the natural changes that happen in a man’s body. As this goes on, his physical and sexual functions experience decline as well. This is where the supplement Adaptophen comes into picture. It is a natural supplement that touts to aid in the boosting of free testosterone level. It is also claimed to be intended for helping users augment their lean muscle mass, metabolism, and even their sex drive.

There are a lot of claims about what this product can really do, but in reality, can Adaptophen really deliver notable results in terms of your muscles and sexual functions? Let’s find out below:

More Info on Adaptophen

preview-full-shutterstock_463645373Based on the information on its official site, one’s testosterone levels start to experience slow decrease after hitting his 30s. This can lead to heightened exhaustion, reduced muscle mass, lessened sex drive, and many other effects. Given this, Adaptophen states that it can help you deal with these natural changes through its scientifically-formulated testosterone booster intended to increase your T levels. It also claims to help men fight the diminishing of testosterone as a result of growing older. Adaptophen’s manufacturer also said their product can help men notice impressive effects within a span of 4 weeks.

This supplement also touts to be precisely developed to be in the middle ground of high calorie protein powders and dangerous anabolic steroids. With this, it contains the following natural components:

Tribulus Terrestris: this is a plant originating from the Mediterranean that generates a fruit that could aid in the improvement of physical functions for sports, as well as aid in curing sterility.
Tongkat Ali Root Extract: this a tree originating from Southeast Asia like Malaysia and Indonesia is also touted to be effectual in boosting free testosterone.
Siberian Rhodiola Rosea: this component has great levels of rosavin, which is claimed to be useful in terms of boosting lean muscle mass, physical force, and other benefits.
Deer Antler Velvet: this component could boost IGF-1 hormone levels, which could aid in the boosting of muscle mass and shorten the span of recuperation after training.
5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone: this could boost muscle tissue mass.
ZMA: this is believed to be effective in augmenting free testosterone and physical force levels.
Alpha Lipoic Acid: it is an antioxidant that’s been demonstrated to cure nerve discomfort linked to diabetes.
Octacosanol: this is believed to be effective in boosting functions when it comes to sports.
Vitamin B6: it is a vital nutrient that’s required for brain health and normal cell capacities.
Zinc: it is another vital trace element that promotes normal assimilation of food.
Magnesium: this mineral can aid in the enhancement of regular bowel movement.

To start taking this supplement, take one capsule in the morning and then another one at noon.

Adaptophen Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

preview-lightbox-shutterstock_127136468If you buy this supplement via the company that manufactures it, it is accessible in three various packs:

Single bottle: $37
Buy 3, Get 1 Free: $111
Buy 6, Get 2 Free: $222

Whatever selection you go for, all purchases come with free shipping. Many companies now use autoship programs, but Adaptophen’s manufacturer doesn’t.

Adaptophen’s company also states that they provide a 100% perpetual satisfaction guarantee, with less S&H fees. To start the procedure, you can contact consumer support at 720-379-5823 in order to get a Return Merchandise Authorization number.

Customer Feedbacks

The supplement is made by Applied Nutritional Research (ANR), LLC. It is mainly headquartered in Westminster, Colorado. It is registered with the Better Business Bureau and has a C+ score. As of this writing, they have 13 closed complaints. These mostly cite ineffectiveness, bad customer support, and the challenge it takes customers to get their refunds.

Final Verdict

There are so many testosterone-boosting supplements available today, but only a few have the potential of being efficient. As for Adaptophen, the components it contains – such Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Magnesium – seem to be not related in terms of generating benefits for increasing testosterone, sex drive, and muscle mass.

On the other hand, it’s great that customers won’t be registered in any types of autoship plans. Still, considering its efficacy is questionable, its high cost seems to be unjustifiable. Another issue is the absence of a product label. There is a complete list of components available for the consumers to review, but the amount or dosage used for every component is lacking.

Overall, it seems Adaptophen needs more strong features in order to be appealing to customers. But if you’re insistent on trying this product out, you can still do so since there’s a lifetime money-back guarantee.


 About BSN Syntha-6

BSN Syntha-6 is a fitness supplement that claims to increase the user’s energy levels, stamina, and shorten one’s recovery period. It contains high levels of protein to supply the body with its needs. This way, you’re sufficiently fueled when working out.

This particular supplement seems to be a reliable product when it comes to protein supplementation because most of its consumers are happy with its results. This must be because of the high-quality components it contains.

What are the Components?

preview-full-shutterstock_270033200Basically, Syntha-6 is the kind of product that is complete with proteins. It’s also one of the few to be so. Its taste is well-liked by users because of its delectable taste. More importantly, it contains all the suitable kinds of proteins and components. For this reason, the product easily catches the attention of those people who want to improve their training performance.

Basically, Syntha-6 is a blend of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolates, caseinate proteins, and egg proteins.

Since it utilizes multiple kinds of protein, the supplement is able to provide more gains. For instance, some of the protein it contains is taken in more swiftly. As the assimilation process is hastened, the positive results are also felt immediately. In contrast, other kinds of protein have longer absorption process, which makes it slower for the effects to be felt.

Aside from the multiple proteins in Syntha-6, the proteins in this product are also of premier quality. For example is the whey protein isolates, which is considered one of the best kinds of protein out there. The good thing is that Syntha-6 has high content of this protein.

More Info on Syntha-6

Syntha-6’s per serving contains 22 grams of protein. It is recommended for men to consume 1-2 scoops of the product daily combined with 4-10 ounces of cold water. Women, on the other hand, are suggested to consume 1 scoop of Syntha-6 mixed with 4-5 ounces of cold water.

Several protein products are intended to be consumed post-workout. Syntha-6, on the other hand, functions more efficiently when consumed in the morning or prior a training session.

Moreover, the product has nine flavors for you to select from. Most customers appreciate these flavors, stating that Syntha-6 is more delicious compared to other similar products. Syntha-6’s per container contains 2.91 lbs of powder. The cheapest deal you can find online is $24.

The only issue Syntha-6 has is that it rarely offers satisfaction guarantee, which means there aren’t refund guarantees involved. If you purchase directly from the company, they only accept refunds for those items that haven’t been used. Thus, there’s no way that you can try this supplement first. However, you may find other online stores that’ll give a refund even for used products.

What Users Have to Say?

preview-full-shutterstock_536206537One of the ways you can to get to know a supplement’s efficiency is by reading user feedbacks. As for Syntha-6, it seems customers like it. Researching online, we found around 1,900 feedbacks for this supplement. It also has an average score of 9.2 out of 10, which is pretty excellent.

Many customers are also stating that Syntha-6 is tastes better, as well as performs more efficiently compared to other protein supplements they’ve used. It’s also great that Syntha-6 is reasonably priced, which is important for those customers who have tight budgets.

What’s the Final Recommendation?

Syntha-6 seems to be promising in being a protein supplementation. It has high levels of proteins that are also of great quality. Because the ingredients well taken care of with adequate dosing, it’s no wonder it works. Its effectiveness is further testified by many customers who have used it. Its delicious taste is also well appreciated by many, as well as its reasonable pricing.

In order to maximize Syntha-6’s results, it’s recommended to partner your supplementation of consistent workout routine, such as basic exercises or even strength training. A lot of users already like Syntha-6 in terms of its taste, affordability, and effectiveness. So, chances are that you will, too.


1- Black Rice Is Full of Antioxidants

One of the best indicators that a food is high in antioxidants is its color, generally speaking the darker the color the better. This is absolutely the case for black rice, as they have the highest concentration of antioxidants in their dark outer husk, from which it gets its name.

This is very similar to other foods high in antioxidants such as black, blue, and raspberries. Black rice has the highest concentration of an antioxidant called anthocyanin. Anthocyanin helps us fight many illnesses that try to invade our bodies, especially when it comes to inflammation.

These antioxidants have been shown to fight cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease, improves cognitive function, and of course reduces inflammation.

When choosing your rice, make sure that the rice still has its outer husk intact, as that is where most of its nutrients come from, including its antioxidants.

2- Forbidden Rice Can Improve Digestion

preview-full-shutterstock_324193406All whole grain rice including black rice have a significant amount of fiber in each serving which helps to prevent constipation, as well as prevents bowel movements that happen too frequently. Fiber also helps us to feel full without feeling bloated.

Fiber also serves the function of binding to waste and toxic particles during digestion, which helps to remove them from the system and to maintain the proper function of the digestive tract.

Fiber is not only good for filling you up, but can help to protect against disease and illness as well. The diseases fiber helps to prevent include diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and other digestive problems as well.

Removing these toxins from the body is not just important in that they are bad for us, but the presence of the toxins themselves promotes inflammation which can cause a large assortment of health problems on its own.

3-Black Rice is Gluten Free

When trying to reduce inflammation and the associated issues, we are told to reduce our intake of refined grains and to stick to whole grains.

While this works for most people, some people still exhibit allergies or other problems where the immune system attacks these gluten molecules because the body believes that it is a foreign invader.

What this all means is that your body attacks this gluten, and the surrounding tissue is collateral damage. This causes inflammation, bloating, gas and other discomfort from digestion.

While most people don’t have celiac disease or other forms of irritable bowel syndrome, gluten sensitivity still affects about 15% of the population, so it is definitely worth noting.

4- Forbidden Rice Is Beneficial for the Heart

preview-full-shutterstock_606639734One of the major concerns when it comes to cardiovascular health is the buildup of plaque within our blood vessels. This build up of plaque makes it hard to get blood flowing through these blood vessels, making the heart work harder to pump that blood through.

All of this extra strain on the heart increases the risk of stroke and heart attack as a result, and is something everyone should monitor.

Black rice can help prevent stroke and heart disease because it decreases the formation of this plaque in the blood vessels. The anthocyanin antioxidants found within the black rice are able to do this, as well as lower the “bad” cholesterol or the LDL cholesterol in our blood.

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of deaths in the United States, accounting for 25% of all recorded deaths annually. There isn’t a better reason to start changing your diet, and now.

Are There Any Concerns I Should Have to Eating Black Rice?

Black rice is generally a very healthy food to eat, however there are some things you should be aware of. Like other types of rice, black rice does have a relatively high glycemic index so keep that in mind when preparing your meals.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to avoid black rice if you are diabetic, but you balance your meals around it. If you’re going to eat black rice, make sure to pair it with a protein and a healthy fat to balance out the nutritional profile of the meal. Also eat a smaller portion of rice compared to your source of fat and protein to further balance the equation.

Doing so will increase the time it takes for your body to digest the food, which will help to steady those blood sugar levels and reduce your chances of getting diabetes.



When it comes to our overall health, our mouths are one of the last things we think about. The mouth contains plenty of compounds and chemicals that help it heal wounds faster that they would heal on other parts of the body, making it easy to neglect this area.

We should all pay more attention to our oral health however, as it can be a good indicator of our health in general.

Our mouths are similar to our stomach and guts in that they are both full of good and bad bacteria, competing for this limited space in our mouths.

Certain foods we eat, flossing, brushing and rinsing all influence the nature of this bacteria, and the effects that arise from them as a result. Bad bacteria can cause our gums to recede, can cause tooth decay and can even cause our teeth to fall out.

The silver lining here is that our mouths are very adaptable, and some of these issues can be easily taken care of if you know how to go about doing so.

Here are some things you can do to improve your oral health, which will in turn help to reduce your chances of getting nasty diseases.

1-Green Tea

preview-full-shutterstock_481870759Green tea is very effective in fighting against gum disease and receding gums. Studies have shown that drinking just one cup of green tea a day decreased periodontal depth, improved attachment to the teeth and also reduced bleeding.

Not only did researchers find that one cup was enough to maintain gum health, but the more you drink the better the effects.

As long as you aren’t adding an excessive amount of additional sugar or milk to your tea which can make it unhealthy, you can consume as many cups as you wish.

2-Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been well known as an effective fighter against gum disease for centuries.  It is the reason why sailors kept lemons and limes on their ships, to fight off scurvy.

Vitamin C helps to fight off gum disease because it is essential in the production of collagen, the tissue that holds our teeth in place. Vitamin C also helps to reduce inflammation associated with gum disease which can be painful.

The best source of vitamin C believe it or not are red peppers, which can have upward of 600% of the vitamin C we need daily. Other good sources of vitamin C are lemons, limes, oranges and other citrus fruits.

3-Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is well known for its awesome healing properties when it comes to external wounds, so it really isn’t too much a surprise to see it listed as an effective tool against gum disease.

Taking just 100 mg of Aloe Vera daily can help to heal the gums and prevent them from receding further. Aloe Vera can be used in the form of toothpaste, gels, mouthwash, juice or supplements.

Aloe Vera is also useful in reducing inflammation of the gums as well, which further accelerates the healing process.

4-Mouthwash with Oil

preview-full-shutterstock_211849876This may sound gross but rinsing your mouth with oils can be effective in reducing oral inflammation, receding gums, and gum disease itself.

Certain oils, like oregano oil for instance have very strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help facilitate the healing of the gums themselves.

Washing your mouth with oil can be an effective way to reduce the chance of getting disease from infection as well. When your gums are receding, they are essentially allowing the newly exposed portions of your teeth and mouth open for attack by foreign invaders.

Oils can be as effective as other germicidal mouthwashes, and helps to remove other toxins from the body as well.


Amla may be something you have never heard of, also referred to as Indian Gooseberries. Amla is rich in vitamin C and also has other compounds which positively influence the growth and restoration of connective tissue.

Amla like the oils listed here are very effective in killing off germs and regulating the immune system.

This gooseberry is also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce pain and inflammation associated with receding gums and other oral diseases. It also contains a high concentration of antioxidants which fight oxidative stress and free radicals which are the cause for cell damage.

Cell damage as the result of receding gums or gum disease can lead to cancer, which eating amla can help to prevent.


Getting to Know Pro Power Cleanse

Pro Power Cleanse is a supplement that claims to promote cleansing so as to induce weight loss. This dietary product touts to be the most natural means of giving your body ultimate cleansing and purification in order to get rid of toxins. The result is positive with boosted energy, lessened gassiness and bloating, leaner stomach and enhanced confidence.

Apparently, these are huge assertions, which is pretty much usual for most supplements out there. Read on for further enlightenment.

More Info on Pro Power Cleanse

Based on the information on its official site, the company behind Pro Power Cleanse purports that surplus toxins lead to interstitial fluid enveloping your cells. This eventually stops vital nutrients from being transported. In order to fight this, Pro Power Cleanse says it makes use of natural components for the purpose of thoroughly cleansing your body. As an outcome, you feel an extra burst of energy, confidence, and other positive effects.

Given this, this dietary supplement states to function in three methods:

Use Pro Power Cleanse by sticking to its suggested dosage.
Practice proper nutrition and regular workouts.
Be amazed at the positive changes in your body and overall health.

Money-Back Guarantee & Cost


We think the construction of the product’s costs can be a bit baffling, so here’s the summary:

In order to get your initial bottle of Pro Power Cleanse, you only need to sign up for their free trial and shell out $4.95 to cover the shipping charge. You will then be registered to a 14-day trial. If you’re pleased with its performance, you don’t need to do anything. After the trial expires you will be billed for the whole cost of Pro Power Cleanse, which is $99.98. Afterwards, you will regularly get your monthly supply of Pro Power Cleanse with your credit card being billed each time for the same amount, which is $99.98. But if you want to discontinue your trial before it ends, or if you want to opt out of the autoship plan, you need to call customer support at 800-217-5064.

What Users Have to Say?

As of this writing, Pro Power Cleanse doesn’t have a lot of customer reviews yet. This is possible because the supplement and its manufacturer both seem new in the market. Right now Pro Power Cleanse’s manufacturer is not yet registered with the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, we learned the company behind this supplement is mainly headquartered in Aventura, Florida, but that was the only info we were able to gather.

Is Pro Power Cleanse the Real Deal?


For one, Pro Power Cleanse, or at least its company, makes huge assertions about its features and capacities in terms of weight loss when there isn’t any scientific evidence to substantiate them. On the other hand, Pro Power Cleanse’s company mentions to researches on their official site:

There is one research on the subject of Senna macranthera’s results on rats, specifically its laxative and antioxidant outcome. The other is about this Japanese nutritional product called preB, but we’re uncertain of how this is connected to Pro Power Cleanse.

Furthermore, the official site of this weight loss supplement does not record Pro Power Cleanse’s comprehensive list of components nor does it give a product label for the consumers to review before making a decision. Unfortunately, supplement companies are not mandated by the FDA to divulge the components used in their products. Still, there are manufacturers that are still transparent with how their supplements are made by providing a product label. Not only are we given the list of ingredients, we’re also informed of the specific dosage of every ingredient. This way, customers are able to assess the suitability of the product for their personal use prior to making a purchase. This helps with the informative buying process that customers should be entitled to, hence, the necessity of important information.

Another point is that Pro Power Cleanse’s manufacturer has intentionally concealed its identity from the viewing public since the registration info for their site’s URL is veiled. What’s more is that its manufacturer has tried to take up the first few pages of search engine results. How did they do this? By enrolling numerous domains, making unreal blogs, and coming up with counterfeit review websites.

Lastly, Pro Power Cleanse’s cost is too high. Yes, a price of almost $100 that you need to maintain every month for a supplement is quite high. Consider that it’ll take you three months in order to experience notable results from using this supplement, which means you need to spend $300, is not reasonable especially if you’re not sure if this will work. That’s a lot of money you’re shelling out in order to try an unfamiliar supplement. There’s also the issue that the claims made by Pro Power Cleanse are not clinically verified.