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Pull ups are one of those exercises many people just dread doing and many of which end up avoiding altogether. It is one of the few exercises in our arsenal that we have grown up with, and many of us have gotten worse at over time.

How demoralizing is it to remember doing an exercise where you can bang out 20+ reps in a clip, to where you can barely do a few, if any at all?

This is a major reason why people stop doing pull ups as they get older, but you should remember that there is a reason why your elementary school gym teacher introduced them to you. They are one of the best compound exercises out there, and if you are neglecting them you are doing your back a disservice.

With that being said, no one who works out at the gym wants to start working on their reps from the bottom, as barely being able to do one pullup can be pretty embarrassing. There are a few things that you can do to help yourself get more reps out of your pullup routine, and here’s how to go about it:

Get Assistance When Needed

Use whatever tools you have at your disposal to give yourself an advantage, and to give yourself a better jumping off point when you are first getting back in to doing pullups. Use gloves, wrist wraps, or whatever grip strengthening tools you have to assist your lifts.

If you are still struggling, you can use a chair to lift you up a bit for extra support. Do the pullups off your knees until you are strong enough to graduate to doing them without needing the chair. Another tool you can use are resistance bands, which you can wrap around the pullup bar, and place around the bottom of your feet, which will assist your pullups.

Some gyms have pullup machines that have counterweights to them, which can be performed on your knees. These machines are also great tools for beginners as well, as the counter weight helps to enable people to do more pullups.

Do Forced Repetitions

As mentioned prior, pullups are the one of the most difficult exercises to do, that many people struggle with. Many people can do very few reps when trying this exercise, making progression both very slow and difficult.

One way to get around this is with forced repetitions, or repetitions with the assistance of a friend or trainer. Next time you are doing pullups and think you have gone till exhaustion, ask for someone to assist you in doing a couple or a few more reps. This will help to breakdown more of those muscle fibers which are going to be able to lift more weight, and do more repetitions after your body has had adequate time to repair and recover.

Increase the Weight on Your Pulldowns

Doing heavy weighted lat pulldowns are another great way to help increase your pullup ability. Both exercises use virtually the same exact muscles to get the job done, so naturally increasing their strength through weight training should enable us to do more pullups in theory.

Heavy pulldowns are really going to help develop your forearms, lats, and biceps which are all essential in performing the pullup.

Train Your Biceps More Heavily

The strength of the bicep is extremely important in your ability to do pullups as well, and is where many people fall short. If you are one of the many people that fail doing as many pushups as you’d like due to limited grip and ability to pull yourself up, your biceps need to be stronger.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through bicep curls and similar variations to make sure you are hitting both heads of the bicep equally. Doing weighted traditional dumbbell curls and dumbbell hammer curls are two examples of excellent variations for bicep development.

Use Squat Pullups

Another way in which you can essentially cheat on your pullups if you are struggling, is to do them in a modified squatting position. This is so that when your back tires, your body can resort to your legs for a little extra power to finish the lift.

To do this, grab your traditional olympic straight bar and head over to the smith machine. Adjust the bar to where your legs are slightly bent in a squatting position, and your arms fully extended to the bar. This should give you the extra help you need to finish your routine.

Introducing HiBurn8

HiBurn8 is a weight loss supplement created by the company Skinny Body Care. It claims to be sugar-free with natural flavorings for safety purposes. A liquid supplement that’s recommended to be used during the evening, HiBurn8 promises to help control one’s appetite, alleviate stress, improve sleep quality, and regulate weight.

To experience its positive effects, you only need to take one tablespoon of the supplement without food prior bedtime. It’s ideal to have HiBurn8 about 2 to 3 hours after having your meal. Doing so will provide you premier quality of components that’ll help your body get the building blocks it requires for maximize weight control. HiBurn8 can also help you get rid your poor habit of having late night munching of snacks.

Give these claimed benefits, HiBurn8’s company promises that the supplement can help you regulate your weight even while you sleep. Is there a connection between weight loss and sleep? Actually there is.

Sleep Quality & Weight Loss

Many experts suggest acquiring sleep of 7.5 and 9 hours per night. When you get enough sleep, you also get amazing health benefits, such as boosting your memory and learning capacities, enhancing sexual functions, pain management, and many others. But when you do the opposite, which means sleeping less than 7 hours each day, you’re also compromising your body’s mechanism to shed pounds?

Moreover, lack of sleep causes the following:

Bad decision-making and inability to control cravings
Boosted reward center activity
Boosted ghrelin and decreased leptin levels, which causes your body to presume it is starving, which leads to binge-eating.
Reduced capacity for generating insulin, which results to the calories you consume being accumulated in the body instead of being torched as energy.

What are the Ingredients?

Below are the components present in HiBurn8’s formulation:

Hydrolyzed collagen
Garcinia cambogia
Licorice root
Lemon balm

On the other hand, there’s inadequate scientific proof demonstrating that any of the elements present in this product can really be useful when it comes to sleep enhancement or weight loss. Nevertheless, some of the ingredients here have the potential to address sleeping problems, severe stress, and anxiety. The only predicament is that HiBurn8’s manufacturer does not provide a product label, so we can’t know the exact dosage of every component present here. Without the specific quantities, it’ll be hard to gauge the effectiveness and safety of any components.

Possible Adverse Reactions

The only reported side effect you can encounter with HiBurn8 is minor stomach discomfort, but that’s about it. Still, it is important to note that chamomile belongs to the same family as ragweed, marigolds, and daisies, which could trigger allergies in some people.

Also, brief use of melatonin is considered as harmless, but consistent usage may lead to side effects, such as headaches, momentary depressive emotions, daytime drowsiness, lightheadedness, stomach cramps, and petulance.

Product Price

HiBurn8 is offered in these bottles:

1 Bottle: $59.95, plus $7.97 S&H
3 Bottles: $119.85, plus $10.48 S&H
6 Bottles: $179.70, plus $14.64 S&H

Furthermore, the supplement is offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee for single purchases. For multiple orders (3 or more), there’ll be a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. All refunds are less shipping and handling fees. To ask for this, call their customer support at 817-4799198 or email them at support@skinnybodycare.com.

About the Company

As mentioned, HiBurn8 is manufactured by Skinny Body Care. It is a multi-level marketing company who’s also behind such products as Skinny Fiber, Skinny Body Max, and other diet and anti-aging supplements.

Companies like Skinny Body Care utilize independent affiliates for promoting and marketing their supplements. These affiliates frequently produce sites that house customer feedbacks, but these aren’t really reviews, but only marketing materials endorsing a product. Apart from these affiliate-created testimonials, HiBurn8 doesn’t have genuine feedbacks online, as of this writing. Also, Skinny Body Care is listed on Better Business Bureau where it has 17 closed grievances.

What’s the Final Verdict?

To achieve weight loss, taking supplements is not enough. There are other crucial factors involved, too. These are proper nutrition, regular workouts, psychology, and good sleeping habits. Simply put, you need to have a healthy lifestyle – from your eating habits, exercising, and sleeping patterns. All these contribute to allowing your body to lose weight more efficiently. If not, it’ll be harder for you to manage your weight.

As for HiBurn8, it has several ingredients but not all are supported with clinical proof. It also seems that the effects of the components in HiBurn8 are for enhancing sleep and helping with anxiety, not directly for losing weight.

About Chaotic Labz Malice

Malice is a fat-burning supplement manufactured by Chaotic Labz. It claims to help users lose weight and help with developing lean muscle mass. Its components are formulated in an exclusive blend, which is touted to be tested and proven to generate the claims mentioned above. On the other hand, it appears that there’s more caffeine in Malice while the fat-burning components are at the bottom, basing on the order of the components.

There are so many fat loss supplements in the market right now and Malice promises to be different by providing real results with the help of potent ingredients. But could this really be the case? Could the elements in Malice actually help users shed significant amount of pounds and develop their bodies into sculpted physiques? Supplement companies promising big changes can be tricky since all of them have great things to say about their respective supplements. But when it comes to effectiveness, one of the ways we can find out is by reviewing a supplement’s ingredient profile to see if it really works in doing what it’s promised to do.

What are the Ingredients?

The components have to be effectual themselves in order for the supplement to work. In this case, Malice contains caffeine and green tea. Both are typical ingredients used in many weight loss products. Caffeine’s main effects are increased energy levels and improved focus. With caffeine, users are able to spend more time working out. They’re also more motivated to exercise, which helps with weight loss and growing muscles. Green tea, on the other hand, is widely believed to contain fat-burning elements that can be useful when it comes to losing weight. Moreover, Malice also contains chromium. This component is associated with fat loss. Malice’s manufacturer also claims that this ingredient has undergone clinical studies and tests and has been proven to help in weight loss.

Aside from these three, there are also hoodia, white willow bark, and phenyethlamine HCL included in Malice’s formulation. Even as these components are usually utilized in other kinds of weight loss pills, in Malice they’re all combined in one proprietary blend. Alongside caffeine, green tea, and chromium, the said blend may deliver appetite-suppressing effects, as well as increased energy levels. On the other hand, since it’s in a proprietary blend, we’re not informed of the specific doses of each of the ingredient. Thus, we’re not aware which one contains the most and the least dose. This can be harmful because ingredients have to be in their safe and standard dosages in order to ensure they’ll be effective and harmless at the same time. Plus, customers prefer it when they know the exact dosages of the components they’re putting in their bodies. Knowing the quantities will also help you weigh the efficacy and even the side effects.

Furthermore, Malice is promoted by its company as the most exclusive and efficient fat loss product made of premier-quality ingredients, though Chaotic Labz says the same thing to its other supplements.

More Info on Malice

Malice aims to penetrate the fitness and body-building market. Its claims are mostly about fat loss and building lean muscle mass. While this is usual in the business, Malice’s manufacturer promotes its product by stating that the supplement has potent ingredients that can help people repress their hunger too much that even users would not remember about eating. Aside from the appetite control promise, Malice promises that it can help people last intense workouts, so that they’re able to see results at a faster pace. Of course, it’s not a good idea to push yourself hard at the gym starving. Losing weight doesn’t mean starving, it means eating right and still getting sufficient nutrients that the body needs in order to function normally. Some customers reported that while Malice helped them control their cravings, it also made it harder to eat anything. Of course, this is unhealthy. When losing weight, it’s best to lose weight healthily.

Final Verdict

While it claims to help users lose weight and help with developing lean muscle mass, there are concerns being raised by some consumers. Its components are formulated in an exclusive blend, which is touted to be tested and proven to generate the claims mentioned above. On the other hand, it appears that there’s more caffeine in Malice while the fat-burning components are at the bottom, basing on the order of the components. As for its cost, it appears that the supplement is quite pricey compared with similar products. The reviews are varied, there are both positive and negative. Like with other supplements, it doesn’t work the same way as it depends on the person using it.

Taking painkillers even for low-grade pain has since become a detrimental habit, mainly because of the side effects. You may not have a problem with popping these drugs to address your headache or throbbing back pain, but you need to know that the physical relief these can bring are not without risks, especially if you’re not using them as instructed.

In most cases, these drugs are safe as long as they’re taken suitably. Their general safety is the reason why they’re being sold over-the-counter in the first place. However, there are also some instances where people tend to use these drugs inappropriately. And that’s where the problem begins. Here are ways these pain medications may be harming your health:

Liver damage

Hurting your liver is one of the well-known risks brought by painkillers and this is because of acetaminophen. Though it’s generally regarded to be harmless, it can cause toxicity to the liver when you’re using over 4,000 mg per day. Hence, taking eight 500-mg pills is not a good idea. This dosage is comparable to that of extra-strength Tylenol. If you already have a liver problem, such as hepatitis C, acetaminophen can still further damage your liver even with smaller doses. This is also the case when you’re a regular alcohol drinker.

Since acetaminophen is also integrated into other drugs, it could be challenging to precisely know how much you’re consuming. It’s also mixed in numerous other solutions for colds or sinus symptoms, as well as being typically partnered with other stronger drugs, such as Vicodin. The problem is that many people aren’t aware of this fact, which leads them to inadvertently consume acetaminophen in great doses that go beyond the normal one.


While ibuprofen and naproxen are not as damaging to the liver as acetaminophen is, there could be still be harm done to the stomach lining, which can cause blood loss from the affected spot, stomachaches, and ulcers. This is the same case with aspirin, which is linked to NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Hence, if you use aspirin alongside ibuprofen or naproxen, it may significantly harm your stomach. In fact, any of these medications can already cause ulcers. Using them altogether can only heighten the possibility.

This is because these drugs alleviate pain through their effects on the prostaglandin conduits. The bad news is that those very same outcomes are the ones that increases risk of stomach pain and contributes to the development of ulcer.

Kidney problems

Whilst it is uncommon, some individuals could develop kidney issues from using ibuprofen or naproxen. It’s a rare outcome, but when it happens it’s usually serious. This can possibly occur to people who are already suffering from serious health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.


A research found that women taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs during their first 20 weeks of pregnancy are more than twice as possible to miscarry. Researchers believed that this is because such medications could hamper with prostaglandin levels, the hormone that’s mainly responsible for inciting labor. Hence, it is important for pregnant women to consult their doctor first before taking any painkiller.


A latest research shows that taking NSAIDs could lessen the efficacy of antidepressants. However, further studies are required to arrive at a more definitive conclusion. Only then will a recommendation be formed.

Blood thinners

Ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin produce a minor blood-thinning result. While this isn’t an issue for most individuals, those who are already on blood-thinning medications may have a problem. People who are already taking blood thinners for clot prevention may experience accidental over-thinning of the blood and severe risks of bleeding when taking painkillers like the ones mentioned.

Also, these medications have been demonstrated to increase blood pressure. Said increase is minor in most instances, but this can still be changeable. Hence, it is important to see your doctor before taking any painkiller, especially if you have any pre-existing medical condition. That’ll surely prevent you from making your health state worse.

Product Overview

Pro-GH is a fitness supplement that helps with your physical and fitness goals with the use of amino acids as components. This is essential for better health and production of growth hormones. The company behind Pro-GH purports that this specific supplement have gone through clinical tests and studies and are of premier quality, which should substantiate their claims of efficacy.

Surely, many are wondering why HGH products are crucial for athletes. This possibly has something to do with the actuality that such supplements are capable of boosting their physical functions and overall performance while making sure the doses are harmless and legitimate. This is apparently better than injections that can be hurt or using drugs that can have serious adverse reactions.

Furthermore, Pro-GH is a natural fitness product developed with numerous essential amino acids that are capable of boosting your athletic functions and performance. This is said to be achieved by boosting lean muscle mass, trimming body fat, delivering higher energy levels, and greater health and wellness.

Because this particular supplement only makes use of natural components, Pro-GH is harmless for both men and women. No side effects can be anticipated from using Pro-GH. Aside from its potential effectiveness, Pro-GH can be purchased expediently as you won’t need a doctor’s prescription. Plus, Pro-GH is not only for athletes. It is also ideal for those individuals who are just looking to shed some more weight to achieve their ideal physique. Pro-GH is also claimed to be highly efficient in heightening one’s energy levels. With increased energy, it’s easier to last during intense workouts or training. One of the factors that can hinder people in achieving their fitness goals is lack of energy. Without sufficient amount of it to fuel your workouts, there’s no way you’re able to undergo a vigorous training for a longer period of time. Pro-GH’s manufacturer surely wants to address this concern of many.

Understanding How Pro-GH Function

Pro-GH basically functions by rousing the boosting HGH production. The product is made with amino acids that are able to generate this outcome. The good thing about Pro-GH is that the process involved here is natural and harmless since amino acids are natural components.

Below are the components involved in Pro-GH’s formula:

L-Glutamine (2 grams): This is a vital ingredient that contributes to protein synthesis, as well as help in constructing muscles and facilitating the generation of HGH.

L-Arginine (1.5 grams): This ingredient is crucial when it comes to the segregation of cells. It is also vital for the elimination of ammonia and improvement of one’s immunity.

L-Ornithine (1.5 grams): This component functions hand in hand with L-Arginine when it comes to flushing out surplus nitrogen, facilitating muscle development, and raising the production of HGH.

L-Lysine (500 mg): This component aids in the construction of proteins, absorption of calcium, formation of muscle proteins, and stimulation of HGH generation.

Glycine (2 grams): This ingredient increases strength and muscle enlargement. It also gets rid of toxic accumulation like lactic acid, as well as raises the production of growth hormones.

GABA (500 mg): This ingredient aids in your recuperation from stress, anxiety, and tension. It also helps improve the quality of your sleep. A good sleep is vital if you want to increase your growth hormones.

Organic Stevia Extract (75 mg): This ingredient helps enhance one’s energy levels, fortify immunity, and rouse greater mental functions and cognitive performance.

How Harmless is Pro-GH?

Pro-GH is not recommended for women who are expecting or breastfeeding. It is ideal to consult with your physician first before proceeding to using any supplement.

As long as you follow the directions in proper usage of Pro-GH, there shouldn’t be any serious risks. Pro-GH is composed of natural components with no artificial fillers, so there shouldn’t be any worries about adverse reactions.

Pro-GH Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

A bottle of Pro-GH has a price range of $16 to $37. This should last for a month. You can research further online to find the greatest deal. The price and the refund policy depend on the store you’ll be purchasing Pro-GH from.

What’s the Final Verdict?

Pro-GH is a fitness supplement that helps with your physical and fitness goals with the use of amino acids as components. This is essential for better health and production of growth hormones. The company behind Pro-GH purports that this specific supplement have gone through clinical tests and studies and are of premier quality, which should substantiate their claims of efficacy. On the other hand, it is unclear whether the supplement is offered with a money-back guarantee.


Tea is one of the most common drinks consumed across the globe and is one that is regularly touted for being great for our overall health. The problem with tea is that there are so many different versions and varieties to choose from, and if you are unfamiliar with tea it can be a nightmare.

On top of all of that tea has become really trendy as of late, which lead to the production of even more varieties like raspberry, blueberry and virtually any other flavor that you can think of making it impossible to know where to start.

One of the best, most healthy tea varieties out there is something called Chai, something else you probably never heard of prior to 5 or so years ago. Chai is just now becoming popular in the United States and other western countries, but has been popular in India where it originated from for centuries.

You’re probably wondering how this tea is made, and its base is black tea which has a mix of spices added to it. These spices usually include cinnamon, cardamom, fennel, black pepper and other herbs. Each of the ingredients is added to provide specific benefits, making this tea more powerful and beneficial to our health than traditional black tea.

 The Best Nutritional Benefits You Can Get from Chai


Inflammation is something that we commonly experience in all tissues throughout the body, and is thus linked to virtually every disease we know of. Ingredients found within Chai like the cinnamon for example have anti-inflammatory properties which helps fight off the development of these diseases.

Inflammation is not just a problem when considering life threatening diseases like many of us first think of when discussing disease. Inflammation causes other problems like swelling and arthritis, which affect hundreds of thousands of people.

2-Chai is an Excellent Source of Antoxidants

One of the main benefits to drinking any type of tea is because of the antioxidants it contains, and the health benefits that go along with it. Regular tea consumption along with other differences in the diet when comparing west to east is a major reason why the life expectancy rates are so much higher in countries like Japan.

Antioxidants are powerful compounds that fight against all types of cellular damage, which comes as the result of pretty much every chemical reaction that takes place in our bodies. Basically, antioxidants are absolutely essential to our overall health.

One of the biggest health concerns we face today is in the form of various cancers, and antioxidants have been shown to reduce the chances of developing these diseases. All the more reason to start drinking more Chai!

3-Settles Your Stomach

Most varieties of Chai contain ginger, which is well known for its ability to reduce upset stomachs, nausea, and vomiting. The ginger provides additional anti-inflammatory properties as well, making it something you definitely want to look for in your Chai blend.

Cloves are another ingredient commonly found in Chai blends, which benefit digestion as well. Cloves help to “cool down” the acids found in our stomach and digestive tract. This can help reduce problems related to indigestion, acid reflux and other issues.

4-Reduces Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

People who have heart problems are more likely to have diabetes and vice-versa because of the role the sugar plays in the development of both of these diseases. Most of us know that too much sugar can lead to diabetes through insulin resistance, but did you know too much sugar is bad for our heart as well?

This is because too much sugar in the blood not only can cause diabetes, but does damage to the walls of our blood vessels which makes it more difficult for the heart to circulate blood throughout the body.

Cinnamon, which is found in Chai tea is a well known fighter of diabetes and heart disease. This is because it has the ability to regulate blood sugar levels, as well as cholesterol and fats which are other known contributing factors.

Chai Tea Versus Green Tea-What Is Better?

Another healthy variety of tea that is becoming more popular is green tea, but is it better than Chai? If you are drinking one or the other, you shouldn’t switch to the alternative. They both provide their own benefits through unique compounds which they contain.

They both can be beneficial to your health, so you should be consuming both if you choose to do so. The only difference you should be aware of is in their caffeine content, as Chai tea contains 70mg of caffeine per cup on average, versus 50mg in a cup of green tea.

About MyoKem Thyrovate

This supplement is a weight loss product that claims to burn fat without side effects because it doesn’t possess any stimulants in its formula. MyoKem Thyrovate is promoted as an efficient solution in boosting the body’s mechanism to shed pounds. This is done by repressing your appetite, increasing fat loss, and enhancing the body’s capacity to combat stress. In addition, MyoKem Thyrovate also claims to target the abdominal area for a leaner stomach.

In order to know whether MyoKem Thyrovate is a value for money or not, let’s get to know everything about it, including its ingredients and features.

What are the Components?

This particular supplement contains numerous components that are claimed to be potent in getting rid of the body’s fat. MyoKem Thyrovate also has a product label, which means it has a complete list of ingredients alongside its respective quantities. This is vital information among customers as this helps weigh a supplement’s potency and side effects.

Here are MyoKem Thyrovate’s active components:

Japanese Mugwort: This component is considered to be potent in increasing the body’s mechanism to burn fat. This was revealed in an animal study, which was obtained through the boosting the oxidation of fatty acids.

iFAS503: This is a proprietary blend present in MyoKem Thyrovate. This consists of tuber fleeceflower, green tea, and parasitic loranthus. This blend is claimed to be effective in decreasing your desire for food, as well as helping you control your weight by slowing down fatty acid synthase.

Sensoril ashwagandha extract: This component, on the other hand, may enhance cardiorespiratory stamina among people who undergo workouts. As a result, this particular element could have the potential to boost your overall functions when exercising. This also leads to increased torching of fat.

In addition, this weight loss supplement also contains wakame, which is seaweed that’s been revealed to facilitate fat loss by decreasing white adipose tissue.

Also, there’s Bioperine in the supplement to boost the assimilation of the components in the system. This optimizes the potency of the components, resulting to greater physical outcome.

MyoKem Thyrovate’s ingredient profile is kind of remarkable since it has components that have undergone clinical researches, proving their efficiency in aiding for fat elimination through the oxidation of fatty acids and control of your cravings.

MyoKem Thyrovate Precautions & Warnings

It is typical for fat-burning products to contain stimulants, which are known to generate side effects. Thus, further caution is necessary when taking such supplements laced with stimulants like caffeine. On the other hand, MyoKem Thyrovate strives to be different by claiming that the product’s formula doesn’t have any stimulants. Hence, no adverse reactions are to be anticipated. As long as you follow the instructions, you will not have any problem with using this supplement. Nevertheless, the product does have a disclaimer saying that because the organizations’ constraint differ from one another, it’s better to discuss with your doctor prior to taking this supplement or any other weight loss product for that matter.

Proper Use of MyoKem Thyrovate

It is recommended to take 2 capsules in the morning and another two at night. These also have to be taken with food and not on an empty stomach. It is not advised to take MyoKem Thyrovate more than two servings or 4 capsules within a day.

Taking MyoKem Thyrovate alone won’t be sufficient to generate significant benefits. In order to maximize results, it’s recommended to take this supplement alongside making lifestyle adjustments, such as eating a healthier diet and exercising on a regular basis. Your body’s mechanism to burn fat increases with dieting, exercise, and supplementation of MyoKem Thyrovate.

Bottom line

For one, it’s great that MyoKem Thyrovate’s weight loss mechanism does not rely on stimulants like caffeine. Stimulants may be useful in kick-starting the process of torching fat, but stimulants are not for everyone due to the side effects they bring.

It’s also good that MyoKem Thyrovate has positive reviews online. When it comes to finding a supplement that can control your appetite and facilitate getting rid of fat, MyoKem Thyrovate has the potential to help.

About Prostate Health Complex

Prostate Health Complex by TruNature is an herbal supplement that’s been developed to help in lessening prostate growth. The company behind the product said that unlike other products, Prostate Health Complex works effectively without producing any adverse reactions. We know that a lot of medications for the prostate can help patients as well, but these drugs may be harmful as they are effective. This is where TruNature tries to promote its product by stating it’s natural and doesn’t cause side effects.

Moreover, Prostate Health Complex’s blend is developed as antestoid hormone equalizer. It sustains the health of the tissues in the prostate while lessening several symptoms triggered by prostate health issues. TruNature also asserts that Prostate Health Complex’s mixture of herbal ingredients is the most effective supplement there is in terms of guaranteeing consumers prostate health. Also, this supplement can be used to cure prostate illnesses such as prostatic cancer, benign prostate hyperplasia and prostatitis.

What are the Components Involved?

For one, Prostate Health Complex has Saw Palmetto, which delivers elements that can help avoid the formation of prostatic cancer. This is said to be associated with the levels of hormone. The ingredient has the capacity to decrease growth of prostate. It is also frequently used in several male enhancement products and was used for traditional medicine purposes hundreds of years ago.

Second, Prostate Health Complex has Pumpkin Seed. This has been researched in Hungary and has been demonstrated to increase urination, allowing consumers to fully pour out their bladders. Also, Pumpkin Seed is also believed to significantly reduce growing prostate.

Third is Lycopene, which is recognized for its potency in eliminating free radicals. Lycopene is included in Prostate Health Complex’s formula because studies show that it particularly goes for the free radicals present in the prostate. Plus, it has properties that help men to avoid prostate problems.

Finally, Prostate Health Complex has zinc. It has been believed to deliver beneficial results for the prostate. Not only can it prevent carcinogenesis, it also wards off prostate carcinoma cells from spreading.

The people behind Prostate Health Complex recommend users to take one capsule of the supplement daily alongside regular meals. You can also opt to just eat light meals or snacks with every dose as long as your stomach isn’t empty.

Prostate Health Complex Product Features

The ingredients present in Prostate Health Complex are all supported by clinical evidence proving their potential to bring about prostate health.

All components in this supplement are also natural; hence, they’re safer with no side effects.

It has several good customer feedbacks online, testifying to the possibility of it working efficiently.

The supplement is accessible from a lot of third-party online retailers, which means purchasing it is convenient.

As much as there are great reviews from customers, there are also negative ones. This mostly cites the lack of clinical evidence on the supplement itself and the absence of a satisfaction guarantee or a refund policy, which disables the customers from checking the supplement’s appropriateness in their physical and medical preferences before actually deciding to make a purchase.

How to Purchase Prostate Health Complex?

As mentioned, Prostate Health Complex is available in a lot of online resellers. You can buy the supplement from the manufacturer directly. You can also order from retailers such as Amazon. A single container of Prostate Health Complex contains 250 gelatin capsules, which has a price of approximately $30.

Final Recommendation

As mentioned, there are both good and bad reviews discussing Prostate Health Complex online. The good thing is that the positive reception outweighs the negative ones. The components in Prostate Health Complex’s formulation are also supported by clinical proof substantiating their effectiveness, though the supplement itself hasn’t undergone a clinical trial. One concern many customers lament, however, is that there’s no money-back guarantee provided. So, in case the product doesn’t work well with you, there’s no chance for a return of the item and a refund. But still, Prostate Health Complex is a promising natural supplement that is also reasonably priced.

About MusclePharm Assault

Those who have used MusclePharm’s supplements would know that the company is recognized for its products mainly because of the promotions of their creations, including the UFC. Now, the company has a new product called Assault, which is a pre-workout product that guarantees notable effects without any side effects. Any supplement’s effectiveness would be in vain if there were unpleasant adverse reactions. Hence, it is important for a product to work without causing any side effects that will discourage consumers from ever using it.

On the other hand, some customers take risks on supplements, valuing efficacy over safety. Several users have the notion that if a supplement is highly potent that there needs to have precaution before using it, then it must be very effective. For some who are desperate to see noticeable results, side effects are disregarded in favor of strong efficiency. As for MusclePharm Assault, it wants to find a middle ground between potency and safety. To know whether MusclePharm Assault is a value for money or not, read on.

Does MusclePharm Assault Work?

The company behind this supplement said that MusclePharm Assault has a blend that increases the user’s energy more than sufficient to fuel your body. This is especially important when you’re too exhausted, both physically and mentally to continue your training. This is the predicament that hinders people from making remarkable progress as far as their training for fitness is concerned. MusclePharm said that thanks to its Energy and Neuro Igniter, you will be able to regain your mental and physical power. The energy blend contained in MusclePharm Assault is touted to be efficient in giving you renewed energy to last intense exercises. Its Neuro Igniter, on the other hand, produces a synergistic result that should also help consumers get their much-needed energy and mental alertness for motivation.

Nonetheless, MusclePharm also receives criticisms about the company not delivering on its promises particularly when it comes to its guarantee of providing burst of energy to help you with your workouts. Moreover, the first effect that consumers notice is the instant mental kick thanks to the inclusion of caffeine, just like several supplements with stimulants. Nevertheless, this effect in the body diminishes immediately. Hence, the instant burst of energy plummets instantly.

Consumer feedbacks discussing the manufacturer also included criticisms about the supplement itself and its poor mixability. The supplement’s powder becomes moist instantly. Some transported packages even contained powders that became in solid form possibly die to the moisture. The supplement’s taste is also an issue among consumers because several of them think it’s too sweet.

What are the Components in Assault?

Fortunately, the company makes sure that its product, Assault, is not loaded with any dangerous substances. This is important considering there are many supplements out there which contain detrimental chemicals. Not only are these banned, but they’re also risky for your health.

MusclePharm listed the components in full on its official site. Here they are:

Beta Alanine

L-Arginine AKG

Creatine Monohydrate





L-Aspartic Acid

Papain 1000

Suma Root Extract

Even when MusclePharm criticizes other supplements that have stimulants, many users would find the irony in the fact that its supplement Assault is also laced with stimulants, just like with many fitness products available out there in the present times.

Moreover, Assault has highly potent synthetic sweeteners such as Acesulfame and Sucralose. The former is 200 times sweeter than sugar itself, which is why many consumers find its flavor very sweet. This t is also a harmful carcinogenic ingredient is consumed on a regular basis for an extended span of time.

What are the Product Features?


Assault can be a great thermogenic supplement.

It’s beneficial for the muscles’ general growth.

On the other hand, this supplement being filled with stimulants can cause side effects including jitters and crash due to the inclusion of caffeine.

Bottom Line

MusclePharm’s product Assault may be ideal for those athletes who want to have an edge in their training. It has simple formulation with legit ingredients. However, it has stimulants like caffeine which can generate side effects. This definitely isn’t for those who are sensitive to such ingredients.

It’s a given that yoga helps with your flexibility and provide you a sense of harmony. But these aren’t the only things yoga can do for you; it delivers other health benefits that would motivate you to enroll in any yoga class near you right now. Yoga isn’t just a fad that people get themselves into. It helps those who practice it improve their health and overall life. Here are 5 surprising benefits yoga has in store for your body and general health:

It helps improve your immune system

A research in Norway found that practicing yoga modifies gene structures that improve immunity at a cellular level. To top it off, you don’t need to wait a long time to enjoy its benefits. Even when you’re still on your yoga mat, the effects kick off in the body, improving one’s immune system.

Of course, yoga helps enhance your immunity by simply boosting your general health. When you’re able to move, breathe, and circulate more efficiently, it’s only right that your organs do their jobs properly.

It alleviates migraines

Studies have shown that practicing yoga in 3-month duration can result to fewer and less excruciating migraines. While it’s not fully known what triggers migraines, most experts in the medical community believe it’s due to a combination of stress and physical misalignment.

When you’re on your computer or mobile phone, your body is aligned in a way that places your shoulders up and your head forward. This results to the overlifting of the trapezius and contraction of the neck. With the head pulled forward, there are muscle imbalances that can lead to headaches and migraines. In this case, yoga can help by correcting these misalignments.

It increases sexual functions

Multiple researches have demonstrated that practicing yoga for 12 weeks can enhance sexual desire, self-esteem, orgasm, and overall sexual pleasure in both sexes. This is achieved because yoga enables the improvement of blood flow into the genitals. Apparently, this is crucial for sexual stimulation.

Yoga also incorporates proper breathing and strengthening of the mental faculties, which can also help enhance one’s sexual functions and overall performance.

It helps you get better sleep

In a study conducted in Harvard, it was revealed that eight weeks of performing yoga on a daily basis helped people suffering from insomnia increase the quality of their sleep. Given that yoga is effective for managing stress, it also helps alleviate your difficulty in getting a restful slumber.

The more you’re able to deal with stressors, the easier it is to get a good night’s sleep. Moreover, breathing techniques and mental workouts enable the mind to take a breather, so that you’re more relaxed.

It helps combat cravings

When you regularly practice yoga, you’re more able to fight food cravings that usually result in overeating, accumulated calories, and severe guilt on your part. This has been substantiated by a study conducted at the University of Washington. Consistent practice of yoga also enhances attentiveness of physical and emotional feelings connected to eating.

With stronger breath awareness, the mind-body correlation is further solidified, which helps you regain control of your body and its needs. Furthermore, this awareness can help you associate feelings with certain desires for food. The breathing techniques learned in yoga can also help you be more conscious of your food options when cravings kick in.