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Rejuvoderm: An Essential Part of Your Skin Care?

Rejuvoderm: An Essential Part of Your Skin Care?

Rejuvoderm Details

Rejuvoderm is a part of the Salvoderm brand skin care series. Salvoderm’s products are all heavily researched and manufactured by Pharmaxa Labs. Rejuvoderm in particular is Salvoderm’s cleansing agent. It boasts naturally occurring compounds within its ingredients which are meant to treat those prone towards significant bouts of acne. Rejuvoderm reduces oil and clears out the unhealthy gunk which clogs pores and worsens acne outbreaks. While it purifies the skin it also heals it with moisturizing oils. With Rejuvoderm skin is able to take in more natural moisture, absorb oxygen, and eschew harmful buildups.

Pharmaxa Labs heavily researches and develops each product before releasing it. The Salvoderm line undergoes regular clinical trials to ensure that the claims made on the bottle are 100% true. Pharmaxa is constantly introducing new approaches to skincare. For this reason the Salvoderm line is seen as on the cutting edge by the health community.

Before You Buy…

Be sure to access the wealth of information offered on the Salvoderm website. They breakdown each ingredient in the product and its usefulness. The experts over at Salvoderm have given you all the information you need to find the product that is right for your skin type. Potential purchasers can investigate information from actual experts with absolutely no cost. See what Salvoderm has to say about Rejuvoderm and see what products best work alongside it. Knowledge is the main weapon in Salvoderm’s arsenal for the customer’s personal war against unhealthy, pockmarked skin.

After You Buy…

You will see guaranteed results. Rejuvoderm really works, and has been proven to work in testing. If it does not deliver to Salvoderm’s promises or your expectations, Salvoderm will issue a full refund, no questions asked.


Lavender OilRejuvoderm Ingredients

Salicyclic Acid

Glycolic Acid

Lactic Acid

How Rejuvoderm works…

Skin care product

Rejuvoderm’s few ingredients are targeted to specific needs.

Salicyclic acid is a known beta-hydroxy acid. This means it can dissolve buildup from the sebaceous glands. This is essential to a cleaner-looking, brighter complexion. What it grants you is smaller, less-apparent pores.

Lactic acid and clycolic acid are beta-hydroxy acids. These work with the layers of dead skin on the outside of the skin. It disintegrates dead skin and washes it away revealing the luscious, vital layers hidden beneath. Additionally these beta-hydroxy acids boost collagen beneath the skin, firming it and building up natural shapeliness.

Lavender oil is a known moisturizer. It make skin more receptive to natural moisture. It also will alleviate any irritation caused by acne.

The Final Word

If you don’t believe Salvoderm’s claims, try it for yourself! If the mountain of evidence can’t convince you, buy the product. It is safe, and with a money-back guarantee there is nothing to use.

Banana Boat Aloe Gel: Is It Safe to Use?

Banana Boat Aloe Gel: Is It Safe to Use?

Yes, this Banana Boat Company created gel is very safe for you to use. The Banana Boat Soothing After Sun Aloe Gel is used as a healing and moisturizing product. Anyone who has gone out in the sun and gotten burnt, irritated skin, dried out skin or even chapped skin can benefit from using this gel. It eases the pain on your skin and can even heal it too.

Ingredients That Are in This Banana Boat Gel

Ingredients of Banana Boat Aloe Gel

When you use products that help you to heal and moisturize your skin, you should know what ingredients you are putting onto your skin. In this gel you are going to be using:

  • Vitamin E which moisturizes.
  • Mineral Oil which adds more moisture.
  • Cocoa Butter which gives you additional emollients.
  • Coconut Oil which heals dry skin.
  • Aloe Vera which soothes.

These ingredients are natural and they make this gel very effective.

How This Gel is Utilized

If you would like to use this gel, you can just apply some to your neck, legs, back, face, arms or other areas on your skin.

Banana Boat Aloe Gel Advantages

If you are going to be using a gel for treating your skin, it is great that you know the advantages of doing so. The advantages of this aloe gel are:

  • Trusted Company. This company has been around for many years.
  • Treats Various Skin Issues. Dry skin, sunburnt skin, etc.
  • The price is usually about $7.00.
  • Not Greasy. Feels cooling on the skin.
  • Smells Decent. No strong over powerful aroma.
  • Natural Ingredients That Don’t Hinder Pores. Works wonderfully.
  • Won’t Sweat It Off. You can wear even if you are in hot weather.

Banana Boat Aloe Gel Disadvantages

If you are planning to use any gel for treating your skin, you should be aware of disadvantages too. The only ones you may hear about with this aloe gel are:

  • Proprietary Ingredients. Aren’t active in this gel.
  • Price Can Change. This is based on where you order it.
  • Gel Can Stick to Skin. This doesn’t happen for most people.
  • Not Going to Be Waterproof. Can’t wear while swimming.

Review from Customers

Customers are raving about this aloe gel and saying how well it works. The only thing some people didn’t like is the stickiness of the gel.

Banana Boat Aloe Gel Final Verdict

Skin care product

The majority of people who have tried this gel have found it to be one of the best gels they have tried for healing sunburns, reddened skin, irritated skin and dry skin that has been caused by the sun. Almost everyone who has used this gel have found the price, which averages $7, to be affordable for them as well. While some people do think this gel is too sticky, most of the customers who have reviewed this product don’t have a problem with it. The cooling aspects of the aloe help you to be able to cool your body after a long day of being out in the sun.

Review of MetaBiotic

Review of MetaBiotic

Introducing MetaBiotic

MetaBiotic came from the creators of Metamucil. It is a 2-in-1 probiotic product that boasts Bio-Active 12 as its main component for the improvement of immune system and the vigor of the digestive system. Michael Strahan, an ex-NFL player and currently the co-host of the well-known talk show that airs every morning LIVE with Kelly and Michael endorsed the supplement on television.

MetaBiotic naturally gives the body, particularly the digestive areas, the good bacteria (6mg of Bifidobacterium animalis) it requires to ensure it works properly.

Cost and Refund

The price of MetaBiotic ranges from $9 to $24, depending on the capsule content. This supplement is available in various packages of 14, 30, 45, to 70 capsules. It can be purchased through third-party vendors such as Walmart and Target. Walmart only sells the 15-capsule package only though at $9.96. If you want to make an online purchase, you can got o Amazon.com and Drugstore.com.

Due to the variety of the sellers, the refund policies will depend on the store’s individual policies.

Boosting Immune System and Digestive Health

Though it is possible that MetaBiotic can help you in achieving a healthier you, it is still important to consider the following before making any expectations:

 How Effective are Probiotics?

Enhanced immune system

Probiotics do work in terms of giving you a better digestive and immune system. It even is capable of decreasing inflammation and some allergic response in some cases. The effectiveness of probiotics has been tested, proven, and accepted by the supplement community.

But as we all know, there is not one ultimate supplement or product that would be perfectly effective for everyone. Each person has certain symptoms and needs that may be addressed by another kind of supplement.

Bio-Active 12 Bacteria Strain

MetaBiotic has the Bio-Active 12 that guarantees efficiency in the results. The Bio-Active 12 seems to be a trademarked strain of the bacteria called Bifidobacterium animalis, which can be commonly found in probiotic products. It is being credited for helping in the thwarting of stomach-related afflictions like diarrhea and healing IBS. It can even go beyond stomach problems as it is also known to help relieve other forms of eczema and lung ailments.

Customer Reviews

There were customer reviews on Amazon.com, which gives the impression that the product is a new one from Procter & Gamble. According to these reviews, they had allergic response to MetaBiotic, but these negative reactions were set off when they stopped taking the product.

Despite this, many customers share the good results they got from using not only MetaBiotic, but probiotics in general. There were complaints and most of these were about the product not working and causing digestive problems like gas and bloating. Customers then retracted by saying that these negative reactions are only temporary and can only be encountered for only a couple of days when the body is trying to make the necessary adjustments.

Final Thoughts

Probiotic health

While it’s true that probiotics can introduce a myriad of health advantages in the body and MetaBiotic can provide said benefits, it still is tough to give a definite review because of the supplement being new in the market.

On the other hand, since each one’s system is different from the other, it is probable that MetaBiotic can work for you. You may find yourself forbearing of some particular strains of probiotics than others. But for your peace of mind, MetaBiotic’s official resellers will refund your money if you don’t find the product effectual.



ProSource AndroTest Extreme Review: Is it the real deal?

ProSource AndroTest Extreme Inquiry

AndroTest Extreme is a product on the body building supplement market which is said to enhance your hard work in the gym. The makers say that it can increase the lean body mass that you build in the gym. It claims to also improve your testosterone production and noticeably shorten your recovery time.

If the ingredients are effective, this formula would benefit intense weight trainers and body builders alike. Your muscle mass will be amplified and gains will be multiplied. Your energy levels will shoot through the roof and your endurance will skyrocket.

Just about all testosterone supplement companies will say that their formula will boost you levels further than any other and speed your metabolism beyond belief. It will significantly reduce your recovery time and enhance your body’s ability to repair muscle.

These specific ingredients have been found to encourage protein synthesis which is exactly what is needed to increase your lean body mass. The increase in your metabolism should enhance fat burning actions. The makers of AndroTest Extreme say that these same properties offer many sexual enhancements as well. Let us investigate the reality of these possibilities.

ProSource AndroTest Extreme Properties and Functions

ProSource AndroTest Extreme Ingredients

Tongkat Ali, or Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, is another popular property in male enhancing supplements. Ancient Indonesia has long known its powerful libido boosting abilities. It can improve low T and reduce erectile dysfunction as well as enhance sperm potency.

The properties of Terrestris Tribulus have been known to raise testosterone for centuries. It is often called Devil’s Weed and found in hundreds of male enhancement supplements due to its proven effectiveness.

Increase muscle mass

Vitamin E is another commonly used destroyer of free radicals and it is often recommended for the prevention of many forms of carcinoma.

It was revealed that zinc is a potent mineral with many health benefits through intense scientific study. It possesses tumorigenesis preventive properties and can keep cancer from spread to other organs in the body.

Calcium is required for many function but in this case is to facilitate amino acids as well as creatine.

ProSource AndroTest Extreme Usage

The company tells customers to swallow 1 tablet on an empty stomach 3 times every day.

ProSource AndroTest Extreme Credits and Debits

ProSource AndroTest Extreme Credits

Each component has scientific evidence proving its effectiveness.

The available feedback for this supplement is complimentary.

Dissatisfied customers can get a refund, if it is requested within 30 days of purchase.

ProSource seems to be a popular supplement company.

ProSource AndroTest Extreme Debits

Ordering websites for this product are a bit limited.

There is no available research about the efficacy of this complete formula.

There is only a very small amount of any type of feedback for ProSource AndroTest Extreme.

This supplement is on the expensive side within it class.

Those with hypertension should not use this supplement.

This product contains a certain amount of soy.

ProSource AndroTest Extreme Purchase Spot

Consumers can obtain this product from the official website and a few others; however, it is not available on Amazon.

ProSource AndroTest Extreme End Note

This is an expensive supplement with an iffy return policy and is therefore not an advisable purchase.

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub - Can it be trusted?

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub – Can it be trusted?

Making it easy for you to understand the truth about holistic product’s, we have specially written reviews that will compare natural remedies for you and allow you the insight into which supplements are the best to invest!

What is the purpose of the product?

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub by Carol’s Daughter was designed to be a body scrub that removes dead skin cells and improves the quality of skin. Acting as an exfoliant, this product is infused with sugar crystals along with aromatic oils. This scrub works in removing the dead and dirty skin cells from the body and nurtures the layer that is left. Overall, you will have a radiant glow with skin that is left soft and hydrated.

As a cosmetic which is highly regarded by women, this product is also great for men and anyone who is conscious of their skin. It is suitable for all ages and it contains powerful and natural ingredients that are mixed with natural oils. The end result gives you sparkling skin after receiving a soothing wash experience. Both moisturizing and cleansing, the specialists have clearly carefully throughout about this formula and considered the use of sulfates, coconut oil, parabens, olive oil, and hemp oil in order to determine the most benefits which will keep the skin smooth and soft.

Consumers are saying that this is the ultimate and full package for rough skin. It allows you to make sure you receive the feel of skin that you have always wanted! The fact that it is received with a sweet and refreshing fragrance as well makes this unique from other scrubs. People who have used this product say that it makes you feel alive!

By involving the right amount of glycerin within the formula, this enables the skin to feel smooth and silky. Because synthetic fragrances, citric acid, synthetic dyes, aloe, and peppermint essential oil along with GMO, are also included – this means that there is also a significant detoxification effect, which is exactly what the body needs after a hard day!

Ingredients & formula

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub - Ingredients

Substances contained within this product are as follows: Brown Sugar Crystal, Sunflower, Olive, Grape Seed, Avocado and Evening Primrose Oil.

This scrub does not contain Parabens and Sulfates and instead uses natural antioxidants which are 100% safe and FDA approved.

The formula successfully hydrates the skin through the use of its special blend of components. As a whole, the aim is to shed dead skin and nurture skin cells.

Three main elements that make this scrub a perfect cleanser are: exfoliant, oil, and scent.

The exfoliant will has the effect like a salt, coffee blend, or apricot portion. It may feel like a slight grating but this is to force dead skin cells from the body.

The oil is utilized as to bring everything together and allow all ingredients to become connected to the skin. A sweet almond oil, nectar and milk mix.

There are different available fragrances which make pleasing to the senses.

Refrain from overuse for best results and be sure not to use on sensitive areas. For those who have excessively dry skin it is best to find an alternative product.


Directions of use are simple: apply to the body and scrub gently where you think the skin needs treating. Rinse thoroughly after application.

A suggestion is to remember that you do not need to utilize the scrub all over the body and that most body cleansers are excessively cruel for the more slender/sensitive skin for example, on the face.

You may buy a 12 oz tub for $29.99.


Skin care product

This product is aimed towards the female market which can put off a lot of men from first glance. It can be used by men despite the way it is advertised, but most men prefer to have a product that is specifically designed for them.

That is why the male market are claiming that the best product available to them today is Optimal Omega. Not only is the formula fantastic, but it is easy oral use – which avoids having to apply anything directly onto the skin. To top it all off, the price is just $19.95 for a whole month’s supply!


Acure Sensitive Cleanser Argan Oil + Probiotic Skin Care Review

Acure Sensitive Cleanser Argan Oil + Probiotic Skin Care Review

If you have super sensitive skin, it can be a real struggle to find a non-irritating skin care routine. Those who suffer from redness and rosacea need a product that will cleanse their skin deeply without further exacerbating the existing condition. This product by Acure could be the answer for those consumers with sensitive skin. Picking out random drug store products can be like a game of Russian Roulette sometimes, we write reviews so you know for sure what you are buying and whether or not it will jive with your sensitive skin.

How All-Natural is Acure?

Acure is paraben free, vegan, and gluten free. It contains no chemicals or synthetic materials and all of the ingredients are organic and fair trade. Also, the family run company makes sure their products are NEVER tested on animals. While most companies that have products this hypoallergenic or all natural jack up the prices and take advantage of people with skin conditions or vegan diets, Acure has made this product relatively affordable.

The Ingredient List:

Acure Sensitive Cleanser Ingredients

Organic Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile) Flower, Organic Euterpe Oleracea (Acai) Berry, Organic Rubus Fruticosus (Blackberry), Organic Rosa Canina (Rosehips), Organic Punica Granatum (Pomegranate), Fair Trade Organic (Rooibos), Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (from Coconut), Glyceryl Stearate SE (Vegetable), Organic Virgin Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Stearyl Dihydroxypropyldimomium Oligosaccharides (from Sugar), Vegetable Glycerin, Glyceryl Oleate (Fatty Acid), Decyl Glucoside (Sugar Soap), Disodium Cocoglucoside Citrate (from Coconut), Phenethyl Alcohol (Fatty Alcohol), Glyceryl Caprylate, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate (Lactic Acid Salt), Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters, Sclerotium Gum (Sugar Gum), Organic Agania Spinosa (Argan Oil) , Organic Olea Europea (Olive Oil), D-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate (Natural Vitamin E), Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Seed Oil, Marrubium Vulgare (White Horehound) Stem Cell Culture, Echinacea Stem Cell Culture, Fermented Resveratrol Extract (Probiotic), Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil, Ubiquinone (CoQ10), Olea Europea (Olive Leaf) Extract, Organic Curcubita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Stem Cells, Paeonia Lactiflora Leaf Cell Extract, Glycerophosphoinositol Lysine (from Sunflower).

How does the cleanser work?

The product uses a coconut derived base with other botanicals to create a cleansing and hydrating formula that is gentle on skin, but still removes dirt and oil without over drying. It works like any other cleanser, just apply to a damp face and rub around until you have removed all the dirt and dead skin. Then rinse away.

Best Things About Buying Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser Argan Oil + Probiotic

  • You’ll be supporting a family owned business with sustainable practices
  • No animals were harmed in the making
  • No gluten, No parabens, No animal ingredients
  • Can be bought easily on Amazon for around $12
  • Real users with sensitive skin love this product

The downsides ….

  • Just not strong enough to take care of acne and other skin problems
  • Some felt the oils made them break out
  • Others did not like the scent

The bottom line…

How to apply

Looking at the ingredient list and great user feedback the bottom line about this product is that it is great for sensitive skin. Those users who have “tried everything” finally were able to settle on this for a great daily cleanser to remove makeup and daily grime. This is a great product to buy and support this company that uses fair trade ingredients only. In buying this product you will be supporting their mission to change the skin care industry for the better, putting an end to animal cruelty in more ways than one.