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FCK Power Review: Is it the real deal?

FCK Power Inquiry

FCK Power is advertised as the definitive sex weapon which will wipe out the need for any other supplement. This maker states that it has developed the optimal blend of components to dramatically boost stamina; improve the size of erection; and increase firmness.

It declares that these compounds kick up the libido and stimulate testosterone production. These elements are said to be specifically chosen because they are proven to intensify nitric oxide levels and streamline healthy penile circulation.

The maker further testifies that it has formulated this blend with high quality, extreme levels of all of the properties. This is an assessment to explore the producer’s claims and the research data about them.

FCK Power Properties and Functions

Mucuna pruriens

Horny Goat Weed, sometimes referred to as Epimedium, is a scientifically proven vasodilator which enhances healthy circulation throughout the entire body, especially the penis. Two key function of vasodilators are erection firming and penis size enhancement. It believed to magnify the libido and amplify sexual performance.

Muira Pauma is also quite frequently added to male enhancement products. It too comes from South America and has been utilized for centuries. It supports a healthy heart and circulation while correcting impotence issues.

Mucuna Pruriens is also referred to as Velvet Bean and is an official member of the legume family. It was proven to enhance sperm count and motility. This bean delivers dopamine which improves testosterone and oversees cortisol reducing stress.

Yohimbe is often called high octane fuel for the ale libido. It promotes the health flow of blood throughout the entire body, but is especially beneficial to the penis. It is derived from a tree native to Central Africa.

Maca Root has been used for centuries because it correct issues of low T and assist users in achieving firmer erections. It is one of the most commonly found ingredients in male enhancement products.

FCK Power Usage

The label tells users to take 2 pills in the AM about the same time for the greatest results.

FCK Power Credits and Debits

Laboratory Trials

FCK Power Credits

  • The maker gives a 30-day refund.
  • The compounds in this blend are scientifically confirmed.
  • There is a large amount of positive feedback from FCK Power consumers.
  • A trial offer is offered by the producer.

FCK Power Debits


  • Customers requesting a refund must pay the S&H.
  • Consumers can only order this product online
  • FCK Power is a popular enhancement option; however, user should stock up because the company runs out fast.

FCK Power Purchase Spot

Individuals may order this supplement from the FCK Power distributor website. They can get the first bottle free once they pay S&H.

FCK Power End Note

All of the compounds in the FCK Power supplement have been confirmed effective by the scientific community. The company provides a free bottle for only the cost of S&H. FCK Power also honors a 30-day refund policy. These elements seem to point to this being a wise enhancement purchase decision.

Formula 41 Extreme Review: Is it the real deal?

Formula 41 Extreme Inquiry

Guys worldwide are seeking answers that offer penile enlargement and sexual performance boosts. They generally want increased stamina, size enhancement, and improved firmness. The company which produces Formula 41 Extreme states that it has formulated the most effective solution to be found on the male enhancement market.

The distributor claims that its special growth technology significantly magnifies penis size; hardens and firms; and kick starts the libido. They further assert that this formula amplifies stamina and boosts energy levels. They claim that these actions will help users and partners achieve a much more satisfying sex life.

Formula 41 Extreme Properties and Functions

Ingredients of Formula 41 Extreme

Astragalus oversees the regulation of hormones; amplifies energy level; and supports circulation.

Oyster properties contain copious amounts of zinc which is also another individual ingredient in this formula. Zinc inadequacies have been correlated with limited testosterone levels and amplified estrogen production.

Catuaba bark comes from a tree that grows indigenously in Brazil. It helps users build high levels of stamina and provides intense fuel for energy. It renews the health of the nervous system and amplifies sexual performance.

L-Arginine supports proper circulation; promotes levels of nitric oxide; amplifies the libido; and enhances sexual performance. This includes penile circulation and these enhancements have demonstrated an ability to improve the size of erections.

Devil’s Weed, called Tribulus Terrestris by Controlled Labs, is a commonly used ingredient in supplements. This is because it increases sexual desire; enhances sperm motility; and improves erection.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, is another popular property in male enhancing supplements. Ancient Indonesia has long known its powerful libido boosting abilities. It can improve low T by overseeing the conversion of several types of androgens including DHEA.

Maca Root has been used for centuries because it correct issues of low T and assist users in achieving firmer erections. It is one of the most commonly found ingredients in male enhancement products.

Muira Pauma is also quite frequently added to male enhancement products. It too comes from South America and has been utilized for centuries. It supports a healthy heart and circulation while correcting impotence issues.

Formula 41 Extreme Usage

The package tells customers to swallow two gel-caps at about the same time every day.

Formula 41 Extreme Credits and Debits

Increase sexual performance

Formula 41 Extreme Credits

The manufacturer offers a 90-day, 100% refund policy.

The company ensures delivery within a discrete wrapper.

Formula 41 Extreme provides a discount for those who purchase multiple bottles in a single transaction.

The official website dedicates a page of posts concerning the properties and related scientific functions.

Formula 41 Extreme Debits


This formula may not be purchased in physical stores.

There is no free trial available of Formula 41 Extreme.

Shipping and handling is not included in the return policy.

Formula 41 Extreme Purchase Spot

Customers may visit the company webpage and a handful of other supplement sites to obtain Formula 41 Extreme.

Formula 41 Extreme End Note

This product seems to be worth its day in court. The company provides a return policy and the ingredients within the Formula 41 Extreme blend have been scientifically documented.


BioLabs Ultimate Erection Booster Supplement Review: Is it the real deal?

BioLabs Ultimate Erection Booster Supplement Inquiry

BioLabs publicizes this supplement as the most powerful male enhancement formula on the entire market. It asserts that these properties were specifically picked only after devoted clinical research.

This mixture of herbs is touted to correct many issues of male virility. The creator attests that this formula will trigger testosterone production; enhance the quality and size of erections; and amplify the libido.

It further asserts that these compounds were incorporated to elevate energy levels; increase stamina; and boost endurance. Ultimate Erection Booster is sold lessen erection response latency and to amplify sperm count.

BioLabs Ultimate Erection Booster Supplement Properties and Functions

Properties of BioLabs Ultimate Erection Booster Supplement

Horny Goat Weed, also known as Epimedium, is a vasodilator which promotes healthy circulation. These functions dramatically enhance both the size and the quality of an erection. It believed to amp up the libido and boost sexual prowess.

Mucuna Pruriens was proven to enhance sperm count and motility. This compound delivers dopamine which improves testosterone and oversees cortisol reducing stress. This lessens performance anxiety while boosting the libido.

Yohimbine is referred to as high octane fuel for the libido. It facilitates the healthy flow of blood throughout the whole body, but is especially advantageous to the penis. It is harvested from a tree indigenous to Central Africa.

Maca root, clinically known as lepidium meyenii, is an ancient traditional medicine of the Andes that is still implemented to increase sexual desire today. It was scientifically proven to foster testosterone levels and boost sperm count. Maca was also shown to improve erection response latency.

Saw Palmetto is derived from a palm and is another popular supplement additive due to the fact that it blocks conversion of androgens into dihydrotestosterone. It is proven to reduce blood pressure and improve sexual dysfunction through the enhancement of testosterone serum.

L-Arginine promotes levels of nitric oxide; amplifies the libido; and enhances sexual performance. These boosts have been clinically proven to enhance the size and firmness of erections.

BioLabs Ultimate Erection Booster Supplement Usage

The company instructs users to swallow two tablets per day.

BioLabs Ultimate Erection Booster Supplement Credits and Debits

Clinical trials

BioLabs Ultimate Erection Booster Supplement Credits

A 30-day money back guarantee is offered by this company.

Scientific trials to test efficacy have been performed on these ingredients.

These properties have great feedback posted for them.

Consumers can visit the official site for the functions of these herbs.

BioLabs Ultimate Erection Booster Supplement Debits

Consumers with heart issues should be cautious while using this product.

Physical stores do not sell Ultimate Erection Booster.

BioLabs Ultimate Erection Booster Supplement Purchase Spot

Customers may order a 30-day supply of BioLabs Ultimate Erection Booster for $59.95 from the official page. A 90-day supply will cost $119.95 and a 180-day will be $179.95.

BioLabs Ultimate Erection Booster Supplement End Note

Scientific trials have proven the effectiveness of the ingredients in this formula and the distributor offers a 30-day money back guarantee. This supplement is worthy of a day in court.


Trimassix Review – A Leading Men’s Enhancement Supplement with Loads of Sexual Health Benefits

Men who are looking to get better performance in the bedroom and a bigger, harder penis should look to Trimassix today. This is a male sexual enhancement supplement that not only provides the benefits just mentioned but many other sexual health benefits including intensified erections too!


With the APEX (Accelerated Penile Expansion) Technology that is used in Trimassix, it is no wonder that men are buying up this supplement. This male enhancement supplement has been tested clinically and it has been proven to not only increase the size of the penis by 40% but it also shows permanent positive changes too. Think about what it would be like to go from having a 5 inch penis to having an 8 inch penis! You can impress any woman with this and you can feel greater about yourself too! We all know size matters and by taking Trimassix you can make your size beat out many others!!!


Trimassix is a male sexual enhancement supplement that is going to give you everything that you need to make the most out of your sex life every single day that you are sexually active and the days that you are not as well. Thousands of men have already purchased and tried out Trimassix and they have loved the results they got and you can too! This is a proven, tested formula that actually works!

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How does the popular Trimassix work?

Trimassix uses a five-step process that helps all of the ingredients in the formula to work together in a way that no other supplement does. In addition to the five-step process, APEX technology is used to make sure all of the results are top notch and fully functional.

trimassix-review-howitworks-increase-libidoThe FIRST STEP of the five-step process happens when the aphrodisiacs trigger other events created from taking the supplement. The aphrodisiac mixture within this supplement is able to get the body amplified for preparation in contracting the blood vessels and having the blood flow focused into the groin. This step, on its own, is going to be enough to give the man who is taking it an erection.

The SECOND STEP works by dilating blood vessels very quickly, especially in the arteries that are supplying blood into the penis. The extra blood that gets sent into the penis can create erections that are way more intense than you have ever had before.

The THIRD STEP works by combining PDE-5 and calcium inhibitors so that sexual endurance is increased through the repeated intense erections. This is the step where you will start seeing permanent enlargement of your penis.

The FOURTH STEP is where you will see more permanent penis enlargement happening if you have been regularly and consistently using Trimassix as directed. During this step, more blood volume flows into the penile chambers to expand the penis for permanent growth.

The FIFTH STEP works by hormone balancing agents combining to fully enhance the users control over their orgasms. Can you just imagine being able to control your orgasms? That is going to allow you to have much more intensity to them. The oxytocin and prolactin works to increase the other effects created by this supplement too. This means you get even greater stamina, performance during sex and great sexual desire too.

Penis GrowthUp to 5 Inches of Growth


Semen Volume

Orgasm Quality

These steps and the APEX technology are just what you need to have a GREATER SEX LIFE STARTING WITH YOUR FIRST DOSE!!!

What ingredients are prevalent in Trimassix?

There are some very important ingredients that are combined in perfect portions in the Trimassix formula. While many other supplements from other male sexual enhancement supplement brands use some or all of these ingredients, they don’t use the correct portions so they don’t work like Trimassix does.

trimassix-review-ingredients-l-arginineThe L-ARGININE works for promotion penis enlargement. When this ingredient starts to work it is actually a leader into the Nitric Oxide which then is able to cause dilation to penile blood vessels. This means that the L-Arginine is able to provide more blood flow to the penis, increase the circulation and creating a larger and firmer and even harder penis with regular use of Trimassix!

trimassix-review-ingredients-tribulusterrestrisThe TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS is a great booster for all free testosterone and it is widely used in many male enhancement supplements but again it must be used as it is in Trimassix for it to create its full effects. When the free testosterone is bound to the male hormones, its effects are great and help to result in amplified sexual desire.

trimassix-review-ingredients-tongkat-aliThe TONGKAT ALI is a potent aphrodisiac that is all-natural and it is another commonly used ingredient. When using in Trimassix, it is able to replicate the same effects that erectile dysfunction drugs provide and it can also raise the levels of libido the user has. In addition, it helps to provide greater sexual endurance too.

trimassix-review-ingredients-maca-rootThe MACA ROOT is hormone balancing agent that is used in Trimassix and it has been used for years and years to improve fertility within livestock. In recent times, this is an ingredient that has been used to take care of many issues with sexual health. When this ingredient works in this formula, it starts inhibiting prolactin and oxytocin to allow you to COMPLETELY CONTROL YOUR SEXUAL ENJOYMENT AND YOUR SEXUAL STIMULATION!!!

trimassix-review-ingredients-muirapuamaThe MUIRA PUAMA is helpful in boosting the free testosterone as well. When this ingredient is taken in, the body is able to absorb it in about a half hour. That means you get benefits almost immediately after taking Trimassix. This ingredient gets the body prepared for effects of all the other potent ingredients that are in Trimassix too!

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Why should men be buying up Trimassix?

trimassix-review-why-are-men-buyingMen need to be buying up Trimassix today! You need to be getting your order of this wonderful male sexual enhancement supplement! This is a supplement that has actually been clinically tested to offer men amazing sexual health benefits. It has even been tested and compared against other male sexual enhancement supplements and it has beaten them with results every time! Trimassix also uses delayed response which means you get AMAZING RESULTS EVERY TIME! The increase of testosterone Trimassix provides helps you to have more energy and sexual desire. The increased hormonal response helps you to become more stimulated and have a permanently enlarged penis. There is no reason you shouldn’t be buying Trimassix!

What sexual health results will happen with Trimassix?

If you are looking for sexual health benefits and results, you are going to be getting them by taking Trimassix. The list of results offered by this male sexual enhancement supplement are outstanding and by ordering Trimassix you can experience them!

Permanently Larger Penis

When you consistently take your dosage of Trimassix, you can expect to permanently grow your penis by up to 40%. This is accomplished because the ingredients in the supplement help to expand your penis by raising the blood volume and flow that go into the penis.

Sexual Endurance Improved

By taking Trimassix you can also see your sexual endurance climb up high as well. The ingredients in Trimassix are able to increase your stamina and balance your hormones out too. When you are sexually stimulated, these effects help you to increase your sexual appetite and help you maintain an erection for longer too.

Firmer Penis

If you are hoping for more benefits and results, you are about to find out more about them. Trimassix is able to help you get a firmer penis. When the ingredients cause your penis muscles to relax, the blood flows through much better, causing much firmer erections.

Orgasm Control

If you have always wished that you could control your orgasms, you are able to when you take Trimassix. This supplement balances hormones, allowing you to not only have more intense orgasms but allowing you to increase how many orgasms you have too. If you have experienced premature ejaculation, you won’t after taking Trimassix!

Refractory Period Lowered Big Time

Have you been tired after sex and had to wait a long time to get another erection? Well, after you start taking Trimassix regularly you won’t have to worry about this anymore either. The ingredients in this supplement help you to increase your sexual appetite which means a lower amount of time before you have to wait to have sex again.

Say No to Fatigue

When using Trimassix you don’t have to experience mental or sexual fatigue anymore. The Trimassix ingredients help to improve your sexual stimulation as well as your libido. Say hello to a more active sex life.

Sexual Stimulation Increased

There are aphrodisiacs in Trimassix and these help you to have more sensitive sexual stimulation. What does this mean for your sex life? It means that you can say goodbye to erectile dysfunction and say hello to greater, more intense and more pleasured sex!!!

Longer Erections

If you have hoped you could make your erections last longer, this is another wonderful effect you will get from Trimassix. The free calcium inhibitors help you to prevent erections from becoming flaccid too soon. You get to stay harder for longer during sex.

What conclusion is drawn from Trimassix?

trimassix-review-productThe conclusion that is being drawn from Trimassix…..is everything you see above. To sum it up quickly and shortly…..YOU GET A GREATER SEX LIFE, MORE ENERGY AND A PERMANENTLY LARGER PENIS!!!


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Male enhancement products can cover anything from increasing muscle mass with testosterone boosters to increasing penis size to getting your mojo back in the bedroom. Figuring out which supplement is right for you can take a lot of time and research, though. To help you make the right decision, we’ve done the research for you and uncovered 5 of the best male enhancement supplements on the market. We’re going to go through the most effective ingredients and what they can do for you. These 5 make the list because they work, but they also make it because they’re safe and side-effect free.

These are the most effective and safest products available in the male enhancement industry. We believe they provide real results based on scientific research and clinical studies.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Tengenix: Get bigger, get harder, perform better, increase ejaculate, and intensify erections.

Tengenix is a male enhancement supplement known for its accelerated penis expansion formula, a formula that can result in four to five inches of penis growth. If you’re looking for the classic male enhancement supplement, this is it.

tengenix-review-3-boxTengenix works by combining aphrodisiacs with vasodilators and PDE-5 inhibitors. Aphrodisiacs like Tongkat Ali and Maca Root jumpstart your sex drive and ability to get a rock hard erection, riding you of pesky erectile dysfunction issues that halt so many men from fully enjoying their sex lives. Vasodilators relax and expand blood vessels, allowing for the ultimate amount of blood flow to your penis for larger and harder erections. PDE-5 inhibitors keep your penis hard for longer, and you can go for as long as you want to with an explosive orgasm to finish it off. Over time, penile tissue adjusts to this pressure and muscle develops for penis growth.

Here’s a big bonus for you: if you don’t get the results you want from Tengenix, there’s a 100% money back guarantee.

View Tengenix Pricing!

Biomanix: Increase erection size and overall penis size for the best sex you – and she – have ever had.

BiomanixLet’s go straight into what Biomanix promises to do for you:

  • Increase overall penis size in length and girth
  • Increase hardness
  • Last longer
  • More powerful ejaculations
  • More frequent ereections

Biomanix does more than promote penis growth – it vastly improves your sex life overall. This is thanks to aphrodisiacs like Tribulus Terrestris and Muira Puama, vasodilators, PDE-5 inhibitors, and even testosterone boosters. The more testosterone you’ve got, the more energy and endurance you have for the best sex you’ve ever had.

One of the most powerful ingredients in Biomanix is L-Arginine, a naturally-occurring amino acid which stimulates vasodilation and in turn penis growth. It also increases natural testosterone production and male hormone production.

Like Tengenix, Biomanix is backed up with scientific research and clinical studies. It’s also got a 100% money back guarantee.

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FCK Power: Monster cock in 4 weeks. 

We’re going to be real with you: you’re here because you know size does matter. Women get way wilder sexual pleasure and orgasms when you’re deep inside her. Not to mention, just the sight of you will get her as wet as she’s ever been and reeling to drag you into bed. If penis growth is your top concern, FCK Power is going to become your best friend. Here’s the promise: four inches in four weeks.

FCK-PowerFCK Power literally packs your penis with potent ingredients:

  • Horny Goat Weed for erectile dysfunction and rock-hard erections that promote penis growth
  • Maca Root for overall sexual improvement
  • Macuna Pruriens for an increase in testosterone production and penile muscle growth
  • L-Arginine for awesome erections that promote penis growth

This is just scratching the surface – FCK Power contains a long list of time-tested and clinically-proven aphrodisiacs, vasodilators, testosterone boosters, and muscle-growth stimulators.

Here’s the last reason why we’re in love with FCK Power: it’s 100% guaranteed and FREE to try.

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Sexual Overdrive: Vastly improve your sex life and drive her fucking crazy for fucking.  

Sexual Overdrive is the male enhancement supplement you should reach for if you’re looking for a total overdrive in your sex life. It increases your libido drastically and gives you the endurance to give her the wild sexual experience you’re both craving.

Sexual Overdrive is backed up by clinical studies and testimonials – over 97% of test subjects said they saw an improvement in their sexual stamina, libido, and energy.
Sexual-OverdriveThanks to absorption enhancers, Sexual Overdrive hits you much faster than other male enhancement supplements and prescription pills like Viagra and Cialis. You can depend on it thanks to a long list of aphrodisiacs that have been used for centuries:

  • Epimedium Sagittatum Powder
  • Maca Lepidium Powder
  • Pausinystalia Yohimbe Powder
  • Macuna Pruriens
  • Polypodium Vulgare
  • Liriosma Ovata Powder

Supplementrant.com gives Sexual Overdrive a solid A+. When it comes to improving your sex life from all angles, Sexual Overdrive is the supplement you should go for.

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Blue Lightning: The ultra fast-acting and safe alternative to Viagra.

Blue-LightningPlenty of male enhancement supplements claim to increase your libido and sexual energy, but Blue Lightning is one of the few natural supplements that can get you ready for sex in thirty minutes or less. It works like popular prescription pills like Cialis and Viagra, but it is side effect-free.

There’s nothing worse than getting into the bedroom and not being able to perform. Don’t leave your partner disappointed – take Blue Lightning just before you get lucky, and prepare to get rock-hard. Here’s a bonus of taking Blue Lightning: if you struggle with low libido, it gets you in the mood just as quickly as it gets you hard. When she wants it, you’ll want it. And you’re both sure to be real damn satisfied.

No matter what you’re looking for in male enhancement, there’s a supplement out there for you. Give one of these 5 a try and become the strong and ultra-sexual man you’ve always wanted to be.

TenGenix Review – The Hype is Real

The last couple of months has been crazy for the male enhancement supplement industry. For once, the brainiacs have finally made a formula that works. Since Viagra was introduced in the 90s, companies have been trying to convince people that penis enlargement is possible, but no product has ever been produced to prove that it actually works – until TenGenix.

tengenix-review-3-bottleTenGenix is a new product that shook things up a bit in the male enhancement supplement market. Thanks to its ingenious formula, penis enlargement is finally proven to be possible through oral supplementation. It’s not like the science for penis enlargement hasn’t been around – it’s actually been around for more than a decade, but no other product has used the information to create a formula that works. Since the studies were far too complex to be put into practical use by an average consumer, supplement companies took a step back and invested in advertising instead of research and development.

TenGenix spent years in development. There are several unconfirmed reports that last year, TenGenix had their pills tested by average consumers, experts, and volunteers from the adult film industry. The formula was developed and tweaked to perfection, as reviews from these testers revealed that TenGenix not only improves your size, but your libido and sexual endurance as well.

The buzz that TenGenix created while it was still in its test phase created such hype that it was popular before it was made available to the public. Now that we have all the facts, we can definitely say that the hype is real, and TenGenix is indeed the next-generation male enhancement supplement. In this review, we will thoroughly discuss what makes TenGenix effective so you can draw your own conclusion.

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How TenGenix Works

While the science behind TenGenix is far too complex to go into detail, the concept behind the formula is actually quite easy to understand. It’s just a simple process of increasing blood volume and pressure to trigger an increase in penis size – much like how you would turn the faucet all the way up to fill your water balloons faster – TenGenix works the same way.

tengenix-review-3-how-it-worksThe normal process of an erection occurs by allowing the cavernous spaces in the penis to trap blood as it flows through the arteries and veins. This is done by a systemic vasoconstriction and vasodilation that focuses the blood flow to the penis. TenGenix works by rapidly improving the blood flo
w to the penis, subsequently amplifying the pressure and volume of blood that flows to the penis. The cavernous spaces in the penis would be able to trap more blood as the pressure and volume of blood increases. Over time, the elastic tissue in the penis would adapt to the change in blood flow by expanding, making the penis bigger in appearance.

The best thing about TenGenix is that it does not only focus on blood flow; it also emphasizes on libido to improve the sensitivity of the user to sexual stimulus. Sexual arousal and better sexual endurance all contributes to penis enlargement by increasing the instances and duration of an erection.

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tengenix-review-3-boxThe TenGenix ingredients are selected with the idea of ingredient synergy in mind. To keep the ingredient count and the dosage size low, TenGenix selected ingredients that are known to go well with another ingredient in the formula. Low ingredient count and dosage size makes the ingredients compact and much easier to be absorbed by the body.

Here are some ingredients of TenGenix:

Tongkat Ali

tengenix-review-3-tongkat-aliTongkat Ali is the world’s most popular aphrodisiac. For decades, Tongkat Ali was known as the herbal alternative to the famed blue pill – and for a good reason. Aside from its powerful aphrodisiac benefits, Tongkat Ali has even better success as a PDE-5 inhibitor, which makes it similar to Viagra, Levitra, and other similar medication. Tongkat Ali potentiates erections by dilating the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. Combined with its aphrodisiac effects, it helps focus blood flow to the penis to force it to expand permanently. Tongkat Ali also inhibits free calcium, a type of calcium that causes a man to become flaccid in awkward moments during sex.


tengenix-review-3-ingredients-l-arginineL-Arginine is a key nitric oxide booster that helps dilate blood vessels. It is commonly found in our diet, especially in meat and poultry. Extracts of L-Arginine can be found in bodybuilding supplements that aim to increase pump and muscle strength, and in some hair products that aim to improve hair growth. A much more concentrated form of L-arginine could be found in TenGenix. This allows the formula to greatly increase nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide combines with GMP to form cGMP, an enzyme that helps the smooth muscles to relax and allow more blood to flow to the penis. Increased blood flow alleviates the major causes of erectile dysfunction such as stenosis, but a consistent increase in blood flow causes the penile tissue to expand, which makes the penis bigger in appearance.

Maca Root

tengenix-review-3-ingredients-maca-rootMaca root is a traditional Peruvian herb used for the fertility of livestock. Recent studies conducted about Maca concluded that it contains powerful compounds that could help improve the sexual health of both men and women. A highly-concentrated powder of Maca Root is used to maximize the effectiveness of TenGenix. Maca root works by inhibiting oxytocin and prolactin in the brain – the two chemicals responsible for prolonging a man’s refractory period. The refractory period is a sexual phenomenon in men where men feel withdrawn or uninterested with sexual activities. Through Maca Root, men can be sexually-active again in just minutes following an orgasm.

tengenix-review-3-other-ingredientsOther ingredients:

  • Epimedium
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Muira Puama
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa

What you should expect


Key penis enlargement can begin to take effect after taking TenGenix regularly for 3-4 weeks. To achieve peak penis size, take TenGenix for the full term of 180 days. Improvement in libido and sexual endurance can be observed 30-45 minutes after taking TenGenix.


tengenix-review-3-conclusionThe science alone makes TenGenix one of the most complex, yet effective male enhancement supplement today. If you’re playing it safe, TenGenix also has a 90-day money-back guarantee to help you see how it works for you.

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Review of Align Probiotic

Review of Align Probiotic

A probiotic supplement that utilizes a patented strain to produce good bacteria, Align promises to deliver healthier digestive functions and is also claimed to be at the top in terms of being recommended by doctors.

It is interesting to note that Cincinnati’s Procter & Gamble is behind Align Probiotic. It is also interesting to point out that this company managed to obtain an A+ Better Business Bureau evaluation even though it handled more than 280 closed complaints in the duration of three years. Still, the product itself, Align Probiotic mostly received fantastic reviews from customers with the complaints mostly about the lack in effectiveness, expensive cost, and the adverse reactions on the stomach.

How this product works?

Digestive wellness

When we don’t practice healthy eating and we face stress on a daily basis, the amount of good bacteria in the stomach declines, leaving our digestive system on the rocks. But Align Probiotic says it can be fought with through the use of more than 1 billion CFUs of good and live bacteria to ensure one’s digestive wellness.

In addition to this, Align also asserts that it is the only probiotic supplement to enforce the patented bacteria strain B. infantis 35624. It has been detailed on the product website that the said bacterial strain has been proven and tested clinically guaranteeing positive outcome. It has also been stated that the benefits of probiotics are strain-specific or are only determined depending on the strain. Still, the website didn’t mention the individual benefits this B. infantis 35624 possesses.

In contrast with other probiotics, Align’s bacteria is freeze-dried during its creation,

making it effectual up to 24 months without being refrigerated.

To start taking this product, take one capsule a day, which only amounts to one calorie. This is the reason taking Align can also be part of a weight loss program. With regards to negative reactions, there are no known severe side effects, just the usual ones like bloating and gas. These are also common side effects when taking other probiotics.

Pricing and Refund Terms

Ingredients of Align Probiotic

Align is pretty much accessible to users around the world. It is available through a variety of approved resellers, such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and even through Amazon.com and Drugstore.com. The price starts at $23 to $31 for a 28-capsul bottle, while for a 42-capsule bottle, the cost is around $34-$41.

Align tries to be customer-friendly by offering to use the supplement risk-free for up to 60 days. Nonetheless, this only applies to purchases of more than $46.99 including the postage and the refund will be a prepaid card. Certainly not the most convenient refund scenario, the prepaid card will be processed for about 6-8 weeks and you’ll need to call the customer service at (800) 337-5036 to begin this procedure.

The Truth Behind Align Probiotic

Sure, there are a myriad of excellent feedback on the internet about the product, but digging further, we found some issues that are somehow alarming.

The most serious issue is that Procter & Gamble faced legal action in 2011 for falsely advertising Align Probiotic as a product that’s very effective and that it has clinical evidence to back it up even when there’s none. Up to the time this review is being written, there’s not a resolution released.

Researching further, we found that the clinical studies published on the Bifantis website only attribute Bifantis’ benefits to health dilemmas like irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. Its antidepressant qualities were also explored, but not its possible benefits for a better digestive system to healthy people without the mentioned medical issues.

Align Probiotic was the highly recommended probiotic by gastroenterologists on Source Healthcare Analytics, LLC 2012 survey. However, its #1 standing is a result of gastroenterologists only endorsing a specific brand for the said survey. It is also unfortunate that no copy of this survey was ever located by our team.

Prime Time Health Vasoplexx Review: Is it the real deal?

Prime Time Health Vasoplexx Inquiry

Prime Time Health has manufactured a product to improve stamina and amplify sexual performance. The formula is labeled Vasoplexx and the company says it facilitates healthy vasodilation and boosts circulation dramatically.The distributor claims that this embraces blood flow to the penis solidifying firmness and fostering erection. It is said to increase sexual desire; amp up the libido; and stimulate testosterone production.Vasoplexx says the formula delivers enhancement in three stages using a blend of specifically selected ingredients which have been clinically proven to maximize sexual functioning. This is an examination to review the statements advertised by Prime Time Health and the scientific trial results concerning the properties. This list of points should uncover the facts.

Prime Time Health Vasoplexx Properties and Functions

Vasoplexx Ingredients

L-Citrulline has been clinically proven to increase the levels of L-Arginine. This function boosted energy and lessened the time needed between intercourse sessions. This amino acid acted to help improve sexual dysfunction via many mechanisms.

L-Arginine promotes levels of nitric oxide; amplifies the libido; and enhances sexual performance.

Oat Straw, scientifically known as Avena Sativa, has been a member of the holistic medicine family for many generations. It controls the levels of hormones in the body and increases testosterone and other luteinizing hormones. It fuels the libido by intensifying genital sensitivity.

Improve sexual desire

Peruvian Maca root has been utilized by ancient cultures for hundreds of years to strengthen the physical performance of native warriors. It can enhance the immunity and maximizes energy to push stamina.

Muira Pauma is another common components of male enhancement supplements. Ancient peoples of South America used it to promote circulation and protect heart health. They also gave it to individuals who were suffering from impotence.

Prime Time Health Vasoplexx Usage

The optimum dose is 2 capsules per day, but the company advises against taking more than 6 in one day.

Prime Time Health Vasoplexx Credits and Debits

Prime Time Health Vasoplexx Credits

The individual components in this formula hahttps://pills.reviews/natural-male-enhancement/ve been clinically studied.

The supplier offers a 100% money back return policy.

One opened bottle is accepted by the company on returns.

Those who order with multi-purchases receive a discount.

Prime Time Health Vasoplexx Debits

Clinical trials have never been conducted on the post market formula.

About 80% of the reviews or this product is negative.

This is a costly enhancement solution.

Users must consume one entire bottle before requesting a refund.

A prior merchandise return authorization number must be obtained to request reimbursement.

Prime Time Health Vasoplexx Purchase Spot

For about $40, consumers may purchase a 30-day supply from the company website. For $80 they receive 3 bottles; for $120, they get 5 containers; and for $160, customers receive 7 bottles.

Prime Time Health Vasoplexx End Note

This formula is very costly even with the discount for multiple bottle purchases. Consumers have to obtain an RAN to request any type of reimbursement. The end product has not been clinically studied and there are very few positive posts published for the Vasoplexx formula. This is not a wise male enhancement purchase decision.

Added Protection III Supplement Review

Added Protection III Supplement Review

What Can Added Protection III DO For YOU!

Added Protection III has a lot of product claims about creating a surplus of vitamin, minerals, and trace elements in the body to create a happier and healthier you. It is a highly concentrated blend of the things your body needs in their most organic and natural state. If you feel sluggish or like your metabolism has dropped over the years, this supplement packs a huge punch, with antioxidants like beta-carotene and amino acids methionine and cysteine. We have limited access to nutrition in our daily diets and busy schedules. Sometimes you need a little boost in your nutrition to help cells reach their maximum potential.

What’s Inside….Active Ingredients List

vitamin A, Beta carotene, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E succinate, Vitamin K1, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin, niacinamide, pantonthenic acid, Vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin b12,biotin, choline, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, chromium, selenium, molybdenum, vanadium, Boron 2, PABA, inositol, citrus bioflavanoids, DL-methionine and L-cysteine.

What’s NOT in Added Protection III

  • Artificial flavor
  • Colorants
  • Sweeteners
  • Preservatives
  • Synthetic chemicals
  • Toxins


Improve energy levels

Added Protection III is intense. It only takes one week to notice a difference and start experiencing the benefits the supplement has to offer. The more you take the product, the better your body can metabolize whatever you input. This means that the more you take the supplement the more your body can metabolize and put to use its wonderful ingredients.

Pros Cons
 Fast acting formula Have to take 6 x daily
No fillers or artificial ingredients Need to up water intake
Boosts Metabolism Side Effects
Improves Heart Health Medicine Interactions
Great Source of Amino Acids and Antioxidants Pricey
Trace Elements and Minerals Iron Dangerous for Infants



Do NOT take if you are pregnant or nursing

Consult a physician if:

  • you are on medication
  • you have a liver, spleen, pancreas, or heart problem
  • you are an infant

Reported Side Effects…

The possible side effect list for this product are: skin rashes, itching, discolored teeth, foul breath, body odor, headaches, nausea, stomach cramps, and dehydration. You need to drink enough water with this pill equivalent to half your body weight in ounces every single day if you would like to avoid all of the stomach related side effects.

The Bottom Line…

Side effects of Added Protection III Supplement

There are only 180 pills per bottle and you need to take 6 per day… you do the math. Taking this supplement regularly is going to be pretty costly. This is a powerful supplement, maybe too powerful. It definitely isn’t for everyone and has a lot of risks. I would recommend maybe just buying a multi-vitamin.


Does Ultra Herbal Multi Vitamin for Him Work?

Does Ultra Herbal Multi Vitamin for Him Work?

Finding a good multi vitamin that fits your needs can be totally life changing. It sometimes takes a bit of trial and error though. This one gives me bad tasting burps. That one makes me too energetic and jittery. It goes on and on. That is why were are dedicated to giving honest supplement reviews that will prevent you from all the trials and tribulations finding a good supplement for you involves.

Some men may have never considered getting a sex specific multi vitamin made just for men to support their health problems that can only pertain to them. Come 50, men need more heart health support and most likely suffer from an enlarged prostate. Taking a daily multivitamin that promotes prostate and heart health is starting to sound like a pretty good idea right?

Introducing Ultra Herbal Multivitamin For Him

This a supplement that is made for men by the 75 year old company Natural Products Association. It has Selenium and Lypocene inside which are specifically helpful to males. The unique multivitamin contains amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that will boost energy levels and help lower blood pressure.

How to take

What Does it Contain?

  • Selenium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin K
  • Lypocene
  • Saw Palmetto

The combination of Saw Palmetto and Lypocene specifically target prostate health.

The Low Down on Ultra Herbal Multi Vitamin for Him

You would think this supplement was created for ghosts by ghosts. There is literally almost no information about this product. There is not full ingredient list available anywhere. Is that even legal? The minimal ingredient list we did scrape up … well who knows how reliable it even is.

This supplement has really left no trace on the multi vitamin market and we can’t help but wonder why.

Does it even work?

Boost the immune system

There is no reason for us to believe that this supplement doesn’t work. Don’t knock it until you try it right? Although, trying it might be a little difficult because there is no online market seller right now, not even the manufacturer. Maybe this product will be relaunched in the following years which is all we can really hope for. This a solid company that just had some major issues describing this product. With out a definitive ingredient list I wouldn’t want to invest my hard earned cash into phantom pills. Selenium, lycopene, and Saw Palmetto are definitely great for prostate health. Hopefully what we can take away from this is what NOT to look for when researching multi vitamins and supplement.s