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Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs are surprisingly common. While many are symptomless in men, ensuring you have regular check-ups can help you to know that you are clean. Most can be easily solved, but they are extremely contagious, so it is courteous to provide this knowledge to your recent sexual partners if you contract one so that they can take the measures to protect themselves. However, some STDs like herpes and HIV don’t go away, and it is important to tell your sexual partners that you have these diseases BEFORE you engage in intercourse as they can be transmitted and change that person’s life. Importantly, it is possible to transfer herpes when you are not having an outbreak so it is integral to tell your partner.

 1. As soon as possible

preview-full-disclosing-your-std_0It is hard to tell people that you have these conditions as it can ruin the sexual chemistry between you. However, there is nothing worse than having all your clothes off and then being rejected. If you tell someone as soon as possible, it is up to them to carry on with that information and make an informed decision whether they want to have sex with you or not. If you have gotten them to the point of naked and then tell them, they are likely to be angry and feel cheated.

 2. If there isn’t an appropriate moment, create one

It is difficult to get the words out of your mouth and often you are looking for the right time to blurt it out. Looking for a break in a conversation that may turn your way is going to be challenging. With this in mind, if it doesn’t seem to come up, it is your job to make it a conversation topic and warn them ahead of time.

 3. Say it straight

While you may feel like you are breaking the news of a death sentence, adding the extra emotion to the conversation will pile stress on your partner. Instead, mention it to them in a more matter-of-fact tone and explain that you understand how it might make them feel but you are telling them to give them the choice.

 4. Give them the option to go

preview-full-illinois-how-to-tell-a-new-partner-about-your-stdIn many cases, despite you being the carrier of the disease, you are also a victim. Perhaps you didn’t know that your last partner had an STD. Perhaps the condom broke. Either way, you may feel that it is unfair that you have to explicitly mention this every time. Moreover, you may experience a great deal of rejection because of it. While this is heartbreaking, you need to give people the informed choice and let them walk away if they don’t want to take the risk. Trying to convince them it is safe is an unfair way to revoke someone’s autonomy.

 5. Don’t avoid it altogether

Maybe it feels like it’s getting too late, or maybe you are just too embarrassed. There is no situation where you shouldn’t tell someone beforehand. It is vital that the partner knows before you engage in intercourse and leaving it until afterward or never is morally wrong. It can also come back to haunt you later if they have a test and find out they are positive.

 Having a permanent STD is a hard enough problem to live with as it is. Embarrassing and life-changing, while you may hate the idea of having it, would you push it on to anyone else? Taking a supplement like Ultimate Man Once a Day will also help to prevent flare-ups, at least easing the physical issue a little.


If you are trying to up your healthy stakes, you may find that you are trying to cut out white carbohydrates from your diet. White rice, white bread, white crackers and so on all contain simple carbohydrates that instantly break down to sugar in your body. While this gives you an instant boost of energy, it does not keep your full for very long, leaving you wanting to snack a few moments later. In this case, you are probably looking for more healthy alternatives for your diet.

Quinoa has introduced itself to the Western world in the last couple of years, becoming quite a popular healthy staple in people’s diets. Originally a staple in South America, this healthy whole grain is high in iron and magnesium as well as dietary fiber, keeping you fully for longer. But how do you spruce it up to give it a little more flavor, instead of being a boring lump of brown on your plate?

For breakfast

preview-full-stellar-quinoa-burgerQuinoa is a versatile food product that can be served both sweet and savory. One excellent way is to serve it for breakfast as a nice, healthy porridge alternative to oats. To make 4 servings, try mixing together 1.5 cups of almond milk and 1 cup of uncooked quinoa in a medium saucepan. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon, a spoonful of honey, and a dash of almond extract with a pinch of salt. Bring to boil and then cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Place in a bowl with the juice of a lemon and a sprinkle of antioxidant-rich blueberries.


This pancake recipe is great for breakfast and dinner and is full of nutrients and fiber to help you stay fuller for longer. To make 8 pancakes, boil a pan of water and then add ¾ cup of uncooked quinoa, 2 garlic crushed cloves, and salt. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Put the mixture in a large bowl and add 2 egg whites, ½ a cup of parmesan cheese, 10 leaves of chopped basil and a sprinkle of pepper. Measure ¼ cup of the mixture for each pancake and fry them for 2 minutes on each side using olive oil. Transfer to the oven and bake for 5 minutes.

Risotto with Hazelnuts

preview-full-heathers_quinoaA great recipe for introducing probiotics, proteins, and fats, this makes a solid dinner to keep you full. For 6 servings, bring 6 cups of water to boil containing 2 sprigs of thyme, a pinch of salt, and a bay leaf. When boiled, at 1.5 cups of quinoa, cover and simmer for 5 minutes. In a separate medium-size sauté pan, heat a tablespoon of olive oil and fry 1.5 cups of sweet onion. Add the quinoa and cook for 2 minutes. Add the warm water from the quinoa pan ½ a cup at a time, making sure it is absorbed before adding the next cup. Stir in 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar. Spoon the risotto on to plates and add a dollop of Greek yogurt on top and sprinkle with hazelnuts.

The great thing about quinoa is that it can be used in place of rice or oats, making it a great addition to any breakfast or dinner. Equally, it works as a good flour, can be made into burgers, and is an excellent fibrous addition to salads. It can even be used to make cookies and muffins. If you are trying to drop the pounds, adding quinoa to your diet, supplemented with a natural remedy like Flat Belly, you will be well on your way to dietary success.


Do you find that you get more depressed in the winter seasons? Often coined ‘the winter blues’, you may find that the cold months and lack of sunlight really make you feel down, especially if you are located far from the equator. This has recently been labeled a genuine condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), affecting around 1% of men. It has been classed as a legitimate form of depression that affects people seasonally and showcases similar symptoms to regular depression. This kind of condition can have damaging effects on your relationships both personal and professional and your physical and mental health. The reason for the disorder is that the lack of sunlight means that the body’s circadian rhythm is disrupted, followed by an overproduction of melatonin, which makes you feel sleepy, and an underproduction of serotonin, the happy hormone.

But how do you recognize it and what do you do to treat it?

The Symptoms

preview-full-did-you-have-a-blue-christmasIf you have found that you present any of the following symptoms, you may want to consider talking to your doctor. If you constantly feel fatigued and want to sleep all day, or you feel like carrying out daily tasks is an effort due to your tiredness, you may be experiencing the first stages. Often this is coupled with appetite changes, where you may like you crave sugary foods or starchy snacks, accompanied by weight gain. Strangely, people who suffer from SAD often complain of unexplainable aches and pains in the muscles and joint. Equally, you may notice changes in your mood such as irritability, low sex drive, feeling more stressed and overwhelmed, with an inherent feeling of despair and hopelessness. You may find yourself acting differently such as becoming more avoidant, wanting to spend time alone without people, feeling apathetic toward activities you usually enjoy and people you usually like to keep company with. Feelings of sadness and guilt are often associated with these emotions too. All these indicators point toward Seasonal Affective Disorder when you only seem to feel this way in the darker winter months.


Close up Disappointed Young White Man Sitting at Street Side with Grassy Landscape at the Background.

There are a few ways to treat SAD, both with medication and without. The first is to try and get as much sunlight as possible when it is available. During light hours, try to spend your time outside, maybe working outside or even taking short breaks to go for walks in the sunshine. You will want to also make sure you try to increase natural light in your home and workspace, placing yourself closest to big windows. There has been the development of a new light which mimics the sun’s rays, which has proven to help people with this disorder.

Exercising regularly helps to produce more hormones in your body that help to combat SAD. By getting the body moving, you increase serotonin development in the brain and it also releases endorphins. Exercise is a good way to deal with many forms of depression but it can be hard to encourage yourself to do it when you feel overwhelmed and down. Start by taking short walks outside.

Reach out to people who can help you. Try talking to your friends and family and ask for their support, maybe in helping you exercise such as accompanying you on a walk. If you feel like you need more support, talk to a doctor about medication and other methods to help combat the disorder.

You can also try taking a natural supplement such as ‘Brain Gain’ which helps to promote natural harmony in the body and mind, bringing your body into rhythm, while boosting energy and cognitive processing.


Have you been back to eating unhealthy? Do you find that you were doing great eating vegetables and fruits for a snack but now you are back to eating chocolate and candy bars? If this is the case for you, it is time that you jump back on the nutritional train. You really are what you eat and you need to keep your body on the right track. Organic foods are always the best. Today you will learn about foods that will help you stick to a nutritional plan.

Eat More Eggs

preview-full-eat-more-eggs-e1481127154845One of the best and most nutritional foods you can eat are eggs. These are very low in calories and they are full of protein. If you are looking for the number one food to add more protein into your diet, eggs will be what you need. One egg only has seventy-eight calories, half a gram of carbs and five grams of fat. You can make scrambled eggs, eggs over easy or even mix eggs into another meal as well.

Eat More Broccoli

You already know that vegetables should be at the top of your shopping list. You should put vegetables into every meal you eat. There are many ways to incorporate vegetables into your meals and broccoli is one of the vegetables you should eat most often. It is full of minerals and will fuel you for the rest of the day after eating it. Just one cup of broccoli has only thirty-two calories, eleven grams of carbs and half a gram of fat.

Ultimate Man Once Daily

Alright, so Ultimate Man Once Daily isn’t exactly a food. However, this supplement is all-natural and will help you to supplement the vitamins and nutrients you are missing. When you take Ultimate Man Once Daily supplements you will get the energy you are lacking, have a stable intake of those missing vitamins and feel better as well.

Eat More Chicken

preview-full-IMG_0319editWhen jumping back on that nutritional train, you should do your best to eat more chicken. You can eat chicken alone, put it into soups, add into in a salad, put in onto a sandwich and add it to other recipes as well. This is a great way to get protein and avoid a higher number of calories as well. Just one breast of chicken has two-hundred eighty-four calories, no carbs and six grams of fat.

Eat More Oranges

In addition to the vegetables talked about above, you need to make sure you get enough fruit as well. One of the best fruits to eat are oranges. You can add these into yogurt, oatmeal, pasta dishes and eat them alone. They will give you a lot of Vitamin C and fiber which you need to maintain your nutritional path. Just one orange has only sixty-two calories, fifteen carbs and less than half a gram of fat.

Eat More Tomatoes

Yes, some people just hate tomatoes but there are actually many ways to make tomatoes that you might actually like. You can mush them into tomato juice and add them to a stew. You can roast them up and add them to a chicken dinner. These are just a couple of ideas of how you can make tomatoes so they taste better for you. If you already love tomatoes, that is great. Eating tomatoes will give you an excellent source of Vitamin A. Just one tomato only has twenty-two calories, just under five grams of carbs and about two grams of fat.

As you can see, just here you have some excellent choices for foods that are high on the nutritional list. This is a short list and there are many other great foods out there as well. If you are just starting to get back into nutrition again, starting with these foods here will be a great idea. After you have started to incorporate these foods into your diet more, you can add in other healthy foods as well. One great tip is to look up recipes that use these ingredients. You may be surprised at how many recipes you find but then you will have a variety of recipes so you can shake things up a bit.

preview-full-six pack 2

Achieving flatter abs is one of the most common fitness and weight loss goals amongst men. If you have some excess weight around your stomach, you need to lose that if you want to have noticeably, muscular abs. This can happen and today you will learn more about making that happen.

Eating Fiber More Often

One of the first things you need to do if you want to lose weight and achieve flatter abs it eating fiber more often. If you don’t eat enough fiber, you are bound to get a bit more fat around your stomach. If you are going to achieve your goals of losing weight and getting flatter abs, you must eat around 30 grams in fiber every day. Fiber is similar to a dried sponge. When combined with water inside your system, it will move things along in your body much quicker. This helps your body to release foods faster instead of holding it in as weight. Additionally, fiber fills you up more so you won’t eat as much.

Eat Some Healthier Carbs

preview-full-getty_rm_photo_of_man_with_flat_absMost men who are trying to lose weight and achieve flatter abs think they must eliminate all carbs from their diet. This isn’t true. In fact, you should eat some healthier carbs. Your daily calorie intake should be approximately 50% healthy carbs. If you aren’t getting enough or you can getting too many carbs, your body is going to become bloated and you will retain water which adds on more weight around your stomach instead of losing it. Adding vegetables and fruits to your diet on a daily basis will help you get more carbs. These are the healthy carbs you need. Some of your carbs should be from healthy fats and lean protein as well.

Drink Water More

Another very important tip for losing weight and achieving flatter abs is to drink water more. Most of the time people think of water and think of bloating. However, when you have more water in your diet you can get sodium out of your system and that brings a reduction in your bloating. You need to get about half of weight in ounces of water. For example, if you weigh 160 lbs., you should be drinking 80 ounces of water.

Manage Your Intake of Sodium

Another tip you must follow if you want to achieve flatter abs and lose weight is to manage your intake of sodium. You need to have some sodium because it helps manage blood pressure and bodily fluids. You should be getting about 1 tsp. sodium each day.

Lighter Foods Later in the Day

preview-full-abs-flat-as-a-book-main-2015As you are nearing the end of your day, you should eat lighter foods. This should include your dinner and your late-night snack as well. When eating heavier foods later in the day, if you are going to weigh yourself in the morning, you will see a larger number on the scale than you should. You need a balance in all of your meals. Check and think about what you are eating for dinner and that late-night snack. If you want to lose weight and wake up with less of a full-feeling, you need to eat lighter foods. Another great idea is to make sure you eat five times every day. The body does need to eat approximately every 3 ½ hours. Don’t eat three big meals. You should eat lighter foods in five smaller meals. Also, it will help if you are eating approximately 2/3s of your daily intake of calories ahead of dinner time.

Don’t Stress as Much

Stress is bad for the body in about every way possible. It can lead to disease, headaches, problems in your personal life and cause you to gain weight as well. When people are stressed, their body releases more cortisol which increases their appetite and causes fat to stick around in their stomach. When you are feeling stressed, keep moving. Exercising will help to lower your stress, lose weight and achieve those flatter abs much sooner.

These are some of the ways you can lose weight and achieve flatter abs. If you have had trouble with reaching this goal in the past, follow these tips to get the stomach you have desired.


Are you starting to miss that fire from your sex life? Do you see lately that your sex life has become a bore? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, you need to fix the problems at hand. You need to light the fire in your sex life with the tips you read about here today. Once you can follow these tips, you will notice that fire start to rise and get hotter in your sex life once again.

Be Comfortable with Your Naked Body

preview-full-shutterstock_139884175There are many men who just aren’t comfortable with their own bodies when they are naked. If you aren’t comfortable with your body when naked, you are going to have low self-confidence when having sex with women. You need to feel great about your body when naked. There are many ways you can do this. You can take Xtreme Testosterone and build your muscles up during work outs. You can spend time thinking about the parts of your body you are comfortable with to make you feel a bit better. Once you can get more comfortable with your naked body, you will be more comfortable showing off your performance during sex.

Connect Your Mind and Body

If you want to light the fire in your sex life you need to connect your mind with your body. You need to get in touch with how your body works and what turns you on. What does your body feel like when your blood is on fire from a work out? How does your body and mind feel after you have ejaculated? The more you think about how your mind and body feels when having sex or when working out your body, the more pleasure you will start experiencing during sex.

Cut Out Sex for a Bit

How are you supposed to light that fire in your sex life if you are not having sex? Well, you don’t have to cut sex out of your life for a long time. However, there are many studies that show that by not having sex for even a week while you and your woman are teasing each other during that time, greatly increases the pleasure and stimulation you both get when you finally have sex again.

Bring on the Thrill

preview-full-829-1024x673You need to keep having some thrill in your relationships. Whether it is a one-night stand or a twenty-year marriage, you need to keep up that thrill. You must keep up the energy in your sex life. When you stimulate each other, your brains will release dopamine which further improves your sexual desire. You should bring on the thrill during sex and when you are out of the bedroom as well. Challenging and teasing each other will help to bring on the thrill.

Make That Move

Whether you are just starting to see a woman or you have been seeing her for a while, you should make that move. Women are generally more shy about making the first move, whether on the first date or during the day when they have been married for ten years. You need to make the move. Don’t leave it up to her. Show her that you want to engage with her and make things fun. Kiss her, wrap your arms around her, swirl her around, just make that move.

Have Excitement with Chores

There are many ways on a daily basis you can light the fire in your sex life. If there are chores in the house to be done, have excitement with them. When you are doing the dishes with her, spray her with some water. If she is vacuuming, walk behind her and push the vacuum with her while you are pressed up against her.

Your sex life never should be boring or out of fire. If you need to light the fire in your sex life again, the tips here today are going to bring that on for you. If you can start using even just one of these tips, you are going to see that fire spark right up. The great thing is that you can mix and match these tips so that you can always find something exciting to do to light the fire in your sex life.


When looking online, you may find it difficult to find quality fitness information. There is a ton of it on every fitness site you look. How are you going to know if it is the information you need or not? Well, what if you could find simple to understand information that worked for you? Today that is what you have found. Here you will get tips that allow you to have more fitness in your life starting right away. If that is what you have been looking for this is just what you need.

Use Your Goal as Motivation

preview-full-shutterstock_367087844Whenever you are trying to have more fitness in your life, you need to have proper motivation to keep it going. You may look long and hard for just the right motivation. What if your goal could be your motivation? That is possible if you have the right goal. Think of what you really want to get out of your fitness exercises? Do you want to lose a certain amount of weight? Do you want to build your arm muscles? What do you want to see with your progress? When you make a goal based on what you want to see in your body, this is going to help you stay motivated.

Do More Push-Ups

There are many people who are working out to get fit who think they need to do fancy push-ups and other complicated exercises. You don’t need to do that. The normal push-ups are enough to help you tone up and work out your triceps. As long as you keep the angle of your body at about forty-five degrees along with the palms of your hands, you will have more progress in your triceps in just a few weeks.

Strength Training is Based on Your Goals

There are many people who think they need to do strength training every day. The thing is that the amount of that you do strength training should actually be based on the goals you have made for yourself. If you want to build strength and muscle, you should limit your strength training. If you want to get ripped in your body, you need to do a lot more strength training. This is just another reason why it is so important that you clearly define your goals before deciding which work outs you will be doing and how often you will be doing them.

Continuous Progress on Your Body

If you are one of the thousands of men who want to keep making continuous progress on your body, it would help you to have a personal trainer. Having a personal trainer is not for everyone. However, if you want to keep seeing your muscles get bigger and stronger or if you want to keep losing weight, you are going to benefit from the advice and guidance of a personal trainer.

Make Your Workouts More Effective

preview-full-MensPushUps-e1385329540188If you want to make your workouts more effective, you need to stretch before, during and after your workout sessions. Stretching has been shown to help people increase their strength and muscles by around twenty percent. Every time that you finish a set in a workout you should stretch for about twenty seconds. This will give you time to breath a bit and allow your muscles to recover enough for your next set.

Making Reps Easier

When you are doing the reps for any workout, you can make them easier. The best way to do that is by counting your way down from the reps you would like to do instead of counting up. This will motivate you more because you will hear yourself getting closer to that goal instead of counting up and feeling like you still have a long ways to go.

Schedule Your Workout Sessions

If you want to get more fitness in your life starting right away, you should also schedule your workout sessions. By doing this, you will be more apt to stick to your plan of getting fit. If you don’t have a workout session on your calendar, you will be more likely to have an excuse for why you aren’t doing it today. Get those sessions on your calendar for one month ahead of time. If something does come up, make sure you replace the session you missed.

You can start having more fitness in your life starting right away. With this fitness information, you are on your way to get a greater body and a greater fitness lifestyle.


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Horny Goat Weed, also known as Epimedium, was shown to be a powerful vasodilator which enhance healthy body circulation. It believed to stimulate the libido; intensify sexual performance; and boost endurance. This herb, affectionately called Barrenwort, can be found blended into male health supplements all over the world.
Lepidium meyenii is an ancient herb from Peru called as maca root which was incorporated into medicine by peoples indigenous to the area to increase the physical performance of warriors. It has been medically shown to intensify sexual desire; magnify stamina; and amplify energy levels. This root was also determined to incite muscle growth; boost strength; and elevate endurance.
Tongkat Ali, or Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, is another popular property in male enhancement supplements. Ancient Indonesians have long known its powerful libido amplifying abilities. It can improve low testosterone disorders and reduce erectile dysfunction as well as intensify sperm potency. Tongkat Ali can correct issues related to low T by monitoring androgen conversion, including DHEA, into testosterone.
Oat Straw, or Avena Sativa, is known for its hormone regulating abilities. It enhances the production of certain luteinizing hormones which includes testosterone. Oat Straw has been used in holistic medicine for numerous years. Two main reasons are that it assists in heightening sensitivity and amplifies the libido.
Yohimbe can be found in numerous supplements for various types of male enhancement. It promotes free blood circulation while inhibiting adipose synthesis. This property is also a well-known, potent free radical destroyer.

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Muira Pauma is also quite frequently added to male enhancement products. It too comes from South America and has been utilized for centuries. It supports a healthy heart and circulation while correcting impotence issues.
L-Citrulline has been clinically proven to increase the levels of L-Arginine. This function boosted energy and lessened the time needed between intercourse sessions. This amino acid acted to help improve sexual dysfunction via many mechanisms.
sexrx-featuredGrape seed is traditionally seen as vitis vinifera on health supplement packages. One of the most common motivations is for its potent anti-oxidant properties. It was also shown to boost nitric oxide levels thereby enhancing penile circulation. This can also increase the quality and frequency of erections.
Oat Straw, or Avena Sativa, is known for its hormone regulating abilities. It enhances the production of certain luteinizing hormones which includes testosterone. Oat Straw has been used in holistic medicine for numerous years. Two main reasons are that it assists in heightening sensitivity and amplifies the libido.
Tongkat Ali, or Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, is another popular property in male enhancement supplements. Ancient Indonesians have long known its powerful libido amplifying abilities. It can improve low testosterone disorders and reduce erectile dysfunction as well as intensify sperm potency. Tongkat Ali can correct issues related to low T by monitoring androgen conversion, including DHEA, into testosterone.

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D3, also known as cholecalciferol, is a type of vitamin D which is not artificial, but natural and simpler to absorb. It is chief not only to bone formation and health, but to neuromuscular actions too. It is thought to boost fat loss and has been employed to increase performance since the late 20s.
Protein metabolism and muscle cell synthesis require magnesium. It is hypothesized that testosterone manufacture requires those specific proteins. Magnesium is essential to the required time for post work out recovery and repair as well.
shutterstock_91179803One important amino acid is known as D-Aspartic Acid and it has an integral part in the synthesis of key sex hormones; sperm development; its health. Scientists say it has been shown to amplify the human growth hormone and strengthen the production of testosterone.
Scientific studies have found that the property in Fenugreek, called Testofen, intensifies orgasm; amplifies the production of testosterone; and stimulates the libido. It acts by increasing the levels of testoids which the trials also found magnifies muscle strength and improves endurance.
Tongkat Ali, or Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, is another popular property in male enhancement supplements. Ancient Indonesians have long known its powerful libido amplifying abilities. It can improve low testosterone disorders and reduce erectile dysfunction as well as intensify sperm potency. Tongkat Ali can correct issues related to low T by monitoring androgen conversion, including DHEA, into testosterone.

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