Male Ultracore Review – All You Need to Know


Reviewing male performance supplements is our favorite task to do. By the sheer number of male enhancement reviews that we published, it’s no secret that we are trying to look for the best and the worst in every brand that comes our way. This time, we’re going to review Male Ultracore – a new male performance supplement that promises to enhance your performance without increasing your erect penis size.

Wait – did we get that right? No size increase, but it promises a boost in performance?

Male performance supplements typically include at least a claim to increase the erect penis size, but Male Ultracore isn’t your typical male performance supplement. It does imply that you really don’t need size to make an impression; you already have what it takes to be exceptional in the bedroom, and you simply need to have the nutrients you need to pull it off.

Since Male Ultracore isn’t your run off the mill male performance supplement, we want to make this review as objective as possible. We opted to test the supplement ourselves to see if it can really revolutionize aphrodisiac supplements. We typically want to stay away from pills that do not increase the size, but at this point, we’re just curious as to why it doesn’t claim that it can increase size.

All in all, by the end of this review, you’ll learn a lot more about Male Ultracore, and you’ll have enough information to make an informed buying decision.

What you need to know about Male Ultracore

As previously mentioned, Male Ultracore isn’t a penis enlargement pill. We can probably say that it’s a souped-up version of an aphrodisiac. It’s actually surprising that men who used to buy penis enlargement pills now end up buying Male Ultracore after dealing with penis enlargement pills. It’s one of those mysteries that we tried to solve in this review.

What’s in Male Ultracore that makes men want to buy it?

If we would be guided by our previous choices in male performance, we’re inclined to think that Male Ultracore isn’t a special product at all since it doesn’t increase penis size. However, it rose to the top male performance lists in under a year, and that definitely says something about the product.

We read dozens of user reviews about Male Ultracore and discovered that Male Ultracore isn’t about increasing your hardware, it’s more about improving your sexual performance and experience altogether. You get to experience a heightened level of sexual arousal and satisfaction, and as a result, you automatically become a better lover in the bedroom, almost by instinct.

To cap it all off, Male Ultracore comes with a limited money-back guarantee for those who are willing to take the challenge. Basically, you have up to 90 days to try the product. If it doesn’t work as well as you hoped it would, you can simply return the remaining product for a full refund. It’s that simple.

How Male Ultracore Works

We consider ourselves experts in the field of sexual performance, but to understand the science behind Male Ultracore, we enlisted the help of one of our contributors who is familiar with the concept behind Male Ultracore.

According to our contributor, Male Ultracore is completely based on improving testosterone and retaining testosterone.

Testosterone boosters have been around since the 90s, and while it’s effective for a while, it dies off quickly. It’s one of the reasons why many do not take male performance pills seriously, because the results aren’t as impactful as the brand claims it to be.

However, with Male Ultracore, there is a significant improvement in testosterone that is sustained over time. Male Ultracore combines strong testosterone boosters with aromatase enzyme inhibitors to allow the body to retain testosterone more efficiently.

Testosterone is naturally converted into estrogen by the aromatase enzyme, and when testosterone production increases, so does estrogen. It’s like a yin-yang balance, but on a different scale. Estrogen causes erectile dysfunction and libido loss, which is probably why the first aphrodisiac formulas didn’t work as well as they thought it would. Male Ultracore, on the other hand, inhibits the aromatase enzyme, and thus effectively reduces the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Not only does Male Ultracore improve testosterone retention, it also reduces estrogen buildup, which eliminates another factor of poor sexual health in men. Altogether, the concept behind the product makes absolute sense, and we deemed it necessary to test the product itself to see if it’s as good as it is on paper.


We opted to test Male Ultracore for ourselves to objectively evaluate the pill. There is also a subjective factor to this review since we’ve tried the best pills that this industry has to offer, and we would know by experiencing the product for ourselves if it can match against the mainstream male performance pills available today.

Our experience with Male Ultracore was both odd and exciting. We didn’t feel like our subconscious was being controlled by our hormones – at least for myself, I can say that I felt nothing out of the ordinary when I took Male Ultracore. I was about to write Male Ultracore off, but my first sexual encounter after taking Male Ultracore definitely changed my opinion about the pill.

It was intense, it was pure, raw pleasure.

Having sex while on Male Ultracore was like sex on psychedelics – only you have full control over what you are doing and thinking, and your body simply experiences sex on a different level. It’s completely out of the ordinary.

I never felt so much pleasure and control at the same time. Imagine yourself at the peak of having an orgasm, yet you can control yourself completely to the point that you can hold it off indefinitely. That’s exactly how Male Ultracore worked for all of us who tried it.

As for performance, we learned that a man who experiences pleasure is more than capable of pleasuring their partners. We felt eager and motivated to make our partners experience the same pleasure that we are experiencing, which led to mutual sexual satisfaction.

Male Ultracore INGREDIENTS

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali, or Eurycoma Longifolia, is one of the most prolific male performance ingredients on the market today. It simply does everything from improving testosterone to prolonging your erections. Male Ultracore has one of the purest extracts of Tongkat Ali available, and it made Tongkat Ali its core ingredient to enhance sexual performance. Male Ultracore combines Tongkat Ali with known synergizing ingredients such as Horny Goat Weed and L-Arginine to maximize libido and erection strength.


L-Arginine is a nitric oxide booster that is naturally-occurring in a man’s diet. L-Arginine normally helps restore a healthy blood pressure by controlling the dilation and contraction of blood vessels. In Male Ultracore, L-Arginine helps by eliminating occlusion and stenosis of the blood vessels to prevent erectile dysfunction. It also synergizes with Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat weed to improve the erection strength of the user.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is perhaps the most common aphrodisiac in male performance. Its main component, Icariin, is responsible for increasing testosterone. It also has PDE-5 inhibitor properties that allow it to function like erectile dysfunction meds. Male Ultracore contains a 60% extract of Icariin, which is the purest form of Icariin that you can find on the market today.

Maca Root

Maca is an important ingredient in the formula as it helps enhance sexual stamina and control. Normally when a man experiences an orgasm, he cannot experience arousal for a certain period of time. Maca Root reduces this downtime after having an orgasm by inhibiting the neurotransmitters that prolong the downtime, allowing the user to become aroused even after having an orgasm.

Muira Puama

Male Ultracore can be taken as an instant erection pill, thanks to Muira Puama. Its fast-acting properties are absorbed by the body in just minutes, creating a pathway to kickstart the entire formula in less than an hour after taking a single dose.

Tribulus Terrestris

Perhaps the most important ingredient in the formula, Tribulus Terrestris puts everything together by prolonging the effects of testosterone in the body. It acts as an aromatase enzyme inhibitor to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, effectively maximizing libido and eliminating a factor that contributes to erectile dysfunction.

Damiana Extract

Damiana is a cognitive enhancer typically used to gain focus. When combined with a strong blend of aphrodisiacs such as in the formula of Male Ultracore, Damiana extract helps the user feel a stronger sense of pleasure and sexual satisfaction while maintaining focus to improve performance.


Male Ultracore is definitely not what we expected. We were prepared to be disappointed, but Male Ultracore took us on an experience that we were not prepared for. I personally didn’t think that sex could be as good as it was with Male Ultracore. However, it would have been better for Male Ultracore to include a size-boosting property to its formula, but we won’t hold it against those who created it. Although I am a strong believer that size contributes to performance, Male Ultracore had me thinking that performance isn’t all about size.