Light the Fire in Your Sex Life with These Tips

Light the Fire in Your Sex Life with These Tips


Are you starting to miss that fire from your sex life? Do you see lately that your sex life has become a bore? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, you need to fix the problems at hand. You need to light the fire in your sex life with the tips you read about here today. Once you can follow these tips, you will notice that fire start to rise and get hotter in your sex life once again.

Be Comfortable with Your Naked Body

preview-full-shutterstock_139884175There are many men who just aren’t comfortable with their own bodies when they are naked. If you aren’t comfortable with your body when naked, you are going to have low self-confidence when having sex with women. You need to feel great about your body when naked. There are many ways you can do this. You can take Xtreme Testosterone and build your muscles up during work outs. You can spend time thinking about the parts of your body you are comfortable with to make you feel a bit better. Once you can get more comfortable with your naked body, you will be more comfortable showing off your performance during sex.

Connect Your Mind and Body

If you want to light the fire in your sex life you need to connect your mind with your body. You need to get in touch with how your body works and what turns you on. What does your body feel like when your blood is on fire from a work out? How does your body and mind feel after you have ejaculated? The more you think about how your mind and body feels when having sex or when working out your body, the more pleasure you will start experiencing during sex.

Cut Out Sex for a Bit

How are you supposed to light that fire in your sex life if you are not having sex? Well, you don’t have to cut sex out of your life for a long time. However, there are many studies that show that by not having sex for even a week while you and your woman are teasing each other during that time, greatly increases the pleasure and stimulation you both get when you finally have sex again.

Bring on the Thrill

preview-full-829-1024x673You need to keep having some thrill in your relationships. Whether it is a one-night stand or a twenty-year marriage, you need to keep up that thrill. You must keep up the energy in your sex life. When you stimulate each other, your brains will release dopamine which further improves your sexual desire. You should bring on the thrill during sex and when you are out of the bedroom as well. Challenging and teasing each other will help to bring on the thrill.

Make That Move

Whether you are just starting to see a woman or you have been seeing her for a while, you should make that move. Women are generally more shy about making the first move, whether on the first date or during the day when they have been married for ten years. You need to make the move. Don’t leave it up to her. Show her that you want to engage with her and make things fun. Kiss her, wrap your arms around her, swirl her around, just make that move.

Have Excitement with Chores

There are many ways on a daily basis you can light the fire in your sex life. If there are chores in the house to be done, have excitement with them. When you are doing the dishes with her, spray her with some water. If she is vacuuming, walk behind her and push the vacuum with her while you are pressed up against her.

Your sex life never should be boring or out of fire. If you need to light the fire in your sex life again, the tips here today are going to bring that on for you. If you can start using even just one of these tips, you are going to see that fire spark right up. The great thing is that you can mix and match these tips so that you can always find something exciting to do to light the fire in your sex life.