What Diet Tips to Avoid

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What Diet Tips to Avoid

There are an overwhelming amount of diet tips out there, so how do you know which ones are right and which are wrong? This is a very common struggle for both men and women. Many of the past diet ideas are wrong and should be left in the past. Here are some of the worst diet tips and why you should avoid them.

“Avoid fat.”

Guys, good fat does not make you fat. Your body needs it to perform at its highest. Now, eating saturated fats like what can be found in your local junk food aisle, may not be good for you, but unsaturated fats, like what is found in salmon, is very good for you! A healthy diet will consists of good fats. When you completely avoid fats, you are missing out on some really good things for your body.

“Quit snacking.”

Yes, quit snacking on junk food, but to keep your metabolism up, you should have at least two snacks a day. You should eat in small amounts throughout the day to help keep your portion sizes right and keep track of the food you are eating. By cutting out snacking this is almost impossible. You will actually lose more weight if you eat three, correctly portioned, meals a day and two healthy snacks, than if you cut out snacking all together.

counting calories of food and learning about Progentra“Count your calories.”

Yes, you should count your calories, but they should not all be evaluated the same. Not all calories are the same, there are many calories out there that are actually good for you and should be evaluated differently than bad calories. Your body reacts differently to calories found in junk food and calories found in fruits. You should evaluate your calories differently for everything you eat. Good calories are not a waste, but bad calories are.

“Get rid of carbs.”

Please, don’t do this. Your body needs carbohydrates to perform at its best. You should not eat a lot of carbohydrates like those found in white bread, but you should still eat the ones that come in whole grain breads. You should aim for better carbs in your diet, not cut them out altogether. Good carbs, like those found in fruits and vegetables, will not hinder your weight loss, but will actually help it.

“Eat all the protein you can.”

Sorry guys, while protein is good for your diet, you need to be careful with how you use it. Your body needs more than just protein to help lose weight and keep a healthy diet. It needs protein, carbohydrates, and fats to create the perfect diet. By just loading up on protein, you will get nowhere with your weight loss.

“Get rid of gluten.”

Well, if you’re allergic to gluten, obviously get rid of it, but if you’re not, don’t immediately cut it out of your diet. There is absolutely no evidence that suggests that gluten is a fatty ingredient. The key to this is to cut out refined grains, like those found in white bread, and instead substitute whole grain options into your diet. Gluten can help to provide many different nutrients to your body that it needs to stay healthy. Always talk to your primary care physician before cutting things like gluten out of your diet.

“Your stomach should be empty when you exercise.”

Are you kidding me? That’s how you pass out at the gym. It is such a bad idea to do anything on an empty stomach. Now, you should not be so full you feel like you are going to burst when you hit the gym, but eating a snack before can be very beneficial. You should try eating a handful of almonds or a fruit bowl before you hit the gym. It will help you stay focused and give you the nutrients that you need to get a great workout.

guy on a binge treating himself on weekend and tries out Progentra“Treat yourself all weekend.”

No. Just no. You should be able to treat yourself every now and then, but by giving into your cravings for a whole weekend? Now, that’s a bad idea. You might order a pizza on a Saturday night, but you still should have been somewhat active during the day. Now, you may not be in the gym, but getting outside for even 30 minutes is a good way to balance this treat yourself mentality. You need to stay consistent with your diet and exercise program, otherwise you will never see results.

“Swear off foods.”

As stated above, it is okay to indulge yourself on some occasions. It is really bad to swear off foods completely as this will just make you want them more. You will be more likely to stay on your diet plan if you let yourself have one brownie a week, compared to trying to completely resist them. It is like a reward system for yourself, instead of a punishment. Once your diet becomes a punishment, the more likely you will be to quit it.

“Don’t eat breakfast.”

Breakfast can help to boost your metabolism in the mornings. The only way that eating breakfast can hinder your weight loss plan is if you are only eating sugary things for breakfast. You should add whole grain cereals, oatmeal, eggs, whatever you like, instead of the brightly colored kid’s cereals. By eating breakfast, you will stay fuller for longer throughout the day and get some of the crucial vitamins, minerals, and proteins you need to get through your day.

“Detox all the time.”

This can be good for your body, but only if you are doing it every so often. You should not be doing more than one detox a month, if even that. Your body does need the bacteria that builds up inside you to stay healthy. I know that sounds funny, but by keeping this bacteria in your body, things like your kidneys, will have an easier time preventing themselves from getting infected. Plus, you already have many organs in your body that detox for you.