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About MyoKem Thyrovate

This supplement is a weight loss product that claims to burn fat without side effects because it doesn’t possess any stimulants in its formula. MyoKem Thyrovate is promoted as an efficient solution in boosting the body’s mechanism to shed pounds. This is done by repressing your appetite, increasing fat loss, and enhancing the body’s capacity to combat stress. In addition, MyoKem Thyrovate also claims to target the abdominal area for a leaner stomach.

In order to know whether MyoKem Thyrovate is a value for money or not, let’s get to know everything about it, including its ingredients and features.

What are the Components?

This particular supplement contains numerous components that are claimed to be potent in getting rid of the body’s fat. MyoKem Thyrovate also has a product label, which means it has a complete list of ingredients alongside its respective quantities. This is vital information among customers as this helps weigh a supplement’s potency and side effects.

Here are MyoKem Thyrovate’s active components:

Japanese Mugwort: This component is considered to be potent in increasing the body’s mechanism to burn fat. This was revealed in an animal study, which was obtained through the boosting the oxidation of fatty acids.

iFAS503: This is a proprietary blend present in MyoKem Thyrovate. This consists of tuber fleeceflower, green tea, and parasitic loranthus. This blend is claimed to be effective in decreasing your desire for food, as well as helping you control your weight by slowing down fatty acid synthase.

Sensoril ashwagandha extract: This component, on the other hand, may enhance cardiorespiratory stamina among people who undergo workouts. As a result, this particular element could have the potential to boost your overall functions when exercising. This also leads to increased torching of fat.

In addition, this weight loss supplement also contains wakame, which is seaweed that’s been revealed to facilitate fat loss by decreasing white adipose tissue.

Also, there’s Bioperine in the supplement to boost the assimilation of the components in the system. This optimizes the potency of the components, resulting to greater physical outcome.

MyoKem Thyrovate’s ingredient profile is kind of remarkable since it has components that have undergone clinical researches, proving their efficiency in aiding for fat elimination through the oxidation of fatty acids and control of your cravings.

MyoKem Thyrovate Precautions & Warnings

It is typical for fat-burning products to contain stimulants, which are known to generate side effects. Thus, further caution is necessary when taking such supplements laced with stimulants like caffeine. On the other hand, MyoKem Thyrovate strives to be different by claiming that the product’s formula doesn’t have any stimulants. Hence, no adverse reactions are to be anticipated. As long as you follow the instructions, you will not have any problem with using this supplement. Nevertheless, the product does have a disclaimer saying that because the organizations’ constraint differ from one another, it’s better to discuss with your doctor prior to taking this supplement or any other weight loss product for that matter.

Proper Use of MyoKem Thyrovate

It is recommended to take 2 capsules in the morning and another two at night. These also have to be taken with food and not on an empty stomach. It is not advised to take MyoKem Thyrovate more than two servings or 4 capsules within a day.

Taking MyoKem Thyrovate alone won’t be sufficient to generate significant benefits. In order to maximize results, it’s recommended to take this supplement alongside making lifestyle adjustments, such as eating a healthier diet and exercising on a regular basis. Your body’s mechanism to burn fat increases with dieting, exercise, and supplementation of MyoKem Thyrovate.

Bottom line

For one, it’s great that MyoKem Thyrovate’s weight loss mechanism does not rely on stimulants like caffeine. Stimulants may be useful in kick-starting the process of torching fat, but stimulants are not for everyone due to the side effects they bring.

It’s also good that MyoKem Thyrovate has positive reviews online. When it comes to finding a supplement that can control your appetite and facilitate getting rid of fat, MyoKem Thyrovate has the potential to help.

Body Mass Index or BMI is a value which we calculate by dividing our body mass by our height squared. This is something doctors, dieticians, nutritionists and the health community as a whole uses to determine our general health.

This BMI chart determines whether or not you are either underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese based on these numbers. This formula and chart was first developed to give people a general idea to whether or not they need to lose weight.

The BMI scale is a great tool to give us a quick insight to whether or not we should lose a few pounds, however there are some things you need to know about the BMI index, and how it could potentially give you misleading information.

You still see this chart hanging in doctor’s offices in pretty much every practice, because it can give us a good idea of how susceptible we are to other diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. These diseases are linked with being overweight and obese, so the BMI chart can be useful in that regard.

The problem with the BMI index is that it can be inaccurate in some cases because it is a general tool, and doesn’t take things like muscle mass into consideration when determining whether or not someone is obese.

Three Potential Issues with the BMI Scale:

May Give False Impressions to Athletes and Weight Lifters

If you are someone who lifts weights regularly, plays sports or are someone who just has more muscle mass because of genetics, the BMI scale may not be the best tool to determine whether or not you are obese or overweight.

As mentioned earlier, the BMI scale is based on your height versus your bodyfat. It doesn’t take things like muscle mass and bones mass, and on average an athlete is going to have more of both than your everyday person.

Another thing to consider when looking at your body fat and how it affects your overall health is where exactly the fat is located. Fat located around the stomach, or visceral fat which accumulates around our organs is much more cause for concern then just having too much body fat period.

In a similar vein, BMI doesn’t take in to account the body type of the person, where some people just have a bigger frame than others. These people  have more bodyweight than others because of that additional bone mass. This can throw off the BMI scale for these people, which may indicate that they are overweight when they are in fact of healthy weight.

Could Potentially Give Inaccurate Readings to the Elderly and Aging

One thing that happens to everyone as we age is the loss of bone mass and muscle tissue. We do our best to minimize this by keeping active through exercise, however the loss of some muscle and bone as we get older is inevitable.

This loss of muscle and bone tissues are something to consider when using the BMI scale to determine whether or not an elderly person is of healthy weight. Many elderly people who have too much body fat still score in the healthy range on the BMI scale due to their reduced overweight because of the muscle and bone loss.

There are other tools and instruments out there which can give you a better idea of what your body fat actually is, from high tech scales and gadgets, to low tech measuring tape.

The Health Risks Aren’t the Same for Everyone Based on the BMI Scale

What we mean by this is that just because you are overweight on the BMI scale, doesn’t necessarily mean you are at risk for developing more diseases than those that fall in the healthy ranges. This is not to say that if you are obese you aren’t at risk for these diseases, as this just applies to those who fall slightly in the overweight range.

If you happen to be one of these people who falls in this range and are uncertain about how healthy your overall health is, again you want to look at where that fat is distributed.

If you have a little extra body fat but still are maintaining a good waistline, you shouldn’t be concerned. On the other hand if you are generally of average build but have a big belly, you are going to want to make some changes to reduce your body fat to improve your health.


Getting to Know Pro Power Cleanse

Pro Power Cleanse is a supplement that claims to promote cleansing so as to induce weight loss. This dietary product touts to be the most natural means of giving your body ultimate cleansing and purification in order to get rid of toxins. The result is positive with boosted energy, lessened gassiness and bloating, leaner stomach and enhanced confidence.

Apparently, these are huge assertions, which is pretty much usual for most supplements out there. Read on for further enlightenment.

More Info on Pro Power Cleanse

Based on the information on its official site, the company behind Pro Power Cleanse purports that surplus toxins lead to interstitial fluid enveloping your cells. This eventually stops vital nutrients from being transported. In order to fight this, Pro Power Cleanse says it makes use of natural components for the purpose of thoroughly cleansing your body. As an outcome, you feel an extra burst of energy, confidence, and other positive effects.

Given this, this dietary supplement states to function in three methods:

Use Pro Power Cleanse by sticking to its suggested dosage.
Practice proper nutrition and regular workouts.
Be amazed at the positive changes in your body and overall health.

Money-Back Guarantee & Cost


We think the construction of the product’s costs can be a bit baffling, so here’s the summary:

In order to get your initial bottle of Pro Power Cleanse, you only need to sign up for their free trial and shell out $4.95 to cover the shipping charge. You will then be registered to a 14-day trial. If you’re pleased with its performance, you don’t need to do anything. After the trial expires you will be billed for the whole cost of Pro Power Cleanse, which is $99.98. Afterwards, you will regularly get your monthly supply of Pro Power Cleanse with your credit card being billed each time for the same amount, which is $99.98. But if you want to discontinue your trial before it ends, or if you want to opt out of the autoship plan, you need to call customer support at 800-217-5064.

What Users Have to Say?

As of this writing, Pro Power Cleanse doesn’t have a lot of customer reviews yet. This is possible because the supplement and its manufacturer both seem new in the market. Right now Pro Power Cleanse’s manufacturer is not yet registered with the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, we learned the company behind this supplement is mainly headquartered in Aventura, Florida, but that was the only info we were able to gather.

Is Pro Power Cleanse the Real Deal?


For one, Pro Power Cleanse, or at least its company, makes huge assertions about its features and capacities in terms of weight loss when there isn’t any scientific evidence to substantiate them. On the other hand, Pro Power Cleanse’s company mentions to researches on their official site:

There is one research on the subject of Senna macranthera’s results on rats, specifically its laxative and antioxidant outcome. The other is about this Japanese nutritional product called preB, but we’re uncertain of how this is connected to Pro Power Cleanse.

Furthermore, the official site of this weight loss supplement does not record Pro Power Cleanse’s comprehensive list of components nor does it give a product label for the consumers to review before making a decision. Unfortunately, supplement companies are not mandated by the FDA to divulge the components used in their products. Still, there are manufacturers that are still transparent with how their supplements are made by providing a product label. Not only are we given the list of ingredients, we’re also informed of the specific dosage of every ingredient. This way, customers are able to assess the suitability of the product for their personal use prior to making a purchase. This helps with the informative buying process that customers should be entitled to, hence, the necessity of important information.

Another point is that Pro Power Cleanse’s manufacturer has intentionally concealed its identity from the viewing public since the registration info for their site’s URL is veiled. What’s more is that its manufacturer has tried to take up the first few pages of search engine results. How did they do this? By enrolling numerous domains, making unreal blogs, and coming up with counterfeit review websites.

Lastly, Pro Power Cleanse’s cost is too high. Yes, a price of almost $100 that you need to maintain every month for a supplement is quite high. Consider that it’ll take you three months in order to experience notable results from using this supplement, which means you need to spend $300, is not reasonable especially if you’re not sure if this will work. That’s a lot of money you’re shelling out in order to try an unfamiliar supplement. There’s also the issue that the claims made by Pro Power Cleanse are not clinically verified.



The back consists of one of the largest muscle groups in the body and is also part of the core of our bodies, which is important when it comes to posture and stability. Most people don’t think of the back muscles working together with the ones in the front of the body like the abdominals but they do.

These muscles control virtually every movement we make from sitting, standing, walking to more complicated ones like those we do in sports or exercise.

When it comes to our overall fitness, starting at the core is of utmost importance. Without a strong and developed core, you will more than likely develop a problem elsewhere. Getting a strong core and developing those back muscles can also help get rid of that nasty back fat you’ve been looking to lose as well.

Studies have shown that more fat accumulation around areas of the back puts more stress on our vertebrae which leads to bad posture and back pain. Back fat not only looks bad but can have negative health consequences as well.

So now that we know that engaging our back muscles will help with our posture, looks, and overall health, we have to know how to go about getting there.

1-Start Off Burning Back Fat By Doing Cardio


There is one thing everyone should know by now when it comes to weight loss in general, you can’t spot remove fat. This means that if you are looking to lose back fat you shouldn’t exclusively do exercises that target your back, that is not how it works.

Your body removes body fat by taking stores from different areas not dependent on the area that you are working. This means that just because you are doing back exercises doesn’t mean that you will be burning back fat only. You will be burning some, but the fat loss is equally distributed throughout your body.

Most people hate doing cardio but at least there are plenty of options out there. Since the weather is getting nicer due to summer bring here, make the best of it and get outside to do some swimming, cycling or rowing.

You want to consider cardio when it comes to losing back far for two reasons. First the obvious is that doing the workout itself is going to burn calories and in theory burn off fat as well. Doing a cardio exercise can eliminate an entire meal’s worth of calories.

Second however is that running for at least 30-45min a day will keep your metabolism boosted all week long. You not only get the initial fat burning benefits from doing the cardio, but you get that extended benefit over time, which burns off more calories in the long run which means more back fat loss.

2-Add More Muscle Tone to Get Rid of Back Fat

preview-full-shutterstock_561077248Another effective way to get rid of back fat is to lift weights. Weight training will not only burn calories which will help you to lose that back fat, but it puts on muscle as well.

Muscle requires more energy for it to run, so putting more muscle on means you will be burning more calories at rest. Weight training to lose back fat is like killing two birds with one stone here, where you are getting double the benefit from doing one thing.

Something to keep in mind while weight training is to keep up the intensity. This means not only lifting enough weight, but not taking too long of a break in between sets. If you feel that the exercise is too easy, then you need to be adding more weight or doing more repetitions to get the most benefit out of your workout.

The idea here is to maintain an elevated heart rate so that you get the cardiovascular benefits as well.

3-Take A Supplement to Help Accelerate Fat Loss

Sometimes we need an extra boost which can be found in the form of a supplement. There are planty of safe natural supplements on the market like Lipogenix Elite from Men’s Healthy Lifestyle.

This supplement is specially formulated with natural herbs to give you a natural boost of energy which will not only burn that fat but get you motivated to go to the gym as well.


Kaizen Raze Introduction

This particular product is a fat torching supplement that works primarily through thermogenesis in order to torch fat. This is said to be achieved by mixing thermogenic components alongside nootropic and appetite controlling components.

In the weight loss industry, there rarely comes any assortment to their components. This doesn’t stop manufacturers from announcing their supplements to be cutting edge and innovative though. Most of these products are basically the same, but each one claims to be different from the rest. As for Kaizen Raze, this seems to the case as well. It purports to be an advanced formulation in the weight loss industry that can make the fat burning process easier and quicker. However, upon assessing the components of Kaizen Raze, we don’t see anything that’s distinctive in its formulation, aside from numerous components that are still in the theoretic stage of fat torching.

In this case, it means that some ingredients in Kaizen Raze are still in the experimental phase. As a consumer, would you go for a supplement that has ingredients you’re already familiar or a product that has unknown ingredients that are still in their testing phase? Kaizen Raze says it’s better to try the second. The company behind this product also uses a marketing scheme that tries to establish hype by promoting Kaizen Raze as a highly potent product that will result to serious side effects if you consume more than the prescribed dosage. They give out this caution in order to create fuss about it. This type of marketing ploy has been utilized and taken advantage of many companies for the longest period and it is still used even up today.

In this evaluation of the product, we’ll scrutinize Kaizen Raze further in order to check how efficient this supplement really is when measured up to similar products.

Is Kaizen Raze Effectual?

preview-full-weightloss-0XPoh0 (1)Those customers who have experiencing taking this supplement said they encountered effects courtesy of the caffeine in the formula only within minutes of consuming this product. Just like other weight loss supplements that contain caffeine in their formula, the physiological manifestations brought by caffeine are typically the initial results that consumers encounter. Of course, these effects are not the same for all customers as it depends on how tolerant a user is of this ingredient. As for Kaizen Raze, it has 200mg of caffeine in every serving. This is approximately equivalent to 2-3 cups of coffee.

The manifestations of caffeine in the body don’t go greatly for everyone. Some consumers report side effects, while others say they’re fine. It is also wise to examine the supplement’s product information if you’re thinking of taking other products alongside Kaizen Raze because you might be doubling or tripling your intake of caffeine. As you may know, high doses of caffeine could result to sleeping problems, anxiety, nervousness, and many others.

Apart from the first effects brought by caffeine, some consumers have also felt an alteration in their cravings. Some who consumed Kaizen Raze had side effects with the simultaneous intake of protein supplements. This is because protein supplements are recognized to be stomach irritants, and since Kaizen Raze delivers a repressed appetite, it may worsen the stomach pain caused by protein supplementation.

What Are the Components Involved?

The ingredients are the core of any supplement’s formulation. As for Kaizen Raze, here they are:

White Willow Bark
AMP Citrate
Coleus Forskohlii

preview-full-weight-loss-questionsBased on the information provided by Kaizen Raze’s manufacturer, caffeine and coleus forskohlii, as well as white willow bark, function in collaboration with each other to boost one’s energy levels. On the other hand, other components in Kaizen Raze, such as AMP Citrate, L-Theanine, and 5-HTP are intended to enhance mental focus.

This blend could be promising, if only the exact dose of each component per serving is also included in the product information. Several companies select to conceal the full details of their components in “exclusive blends” instead of providing the full information, which is unfortunate because having comprehensive supplement facts can help consumers make a conscious and an information decision.

What are Kaizen Raze’s Product Features?

It is claimed to work through the process of thermogenesis.
Kaizen Raze is touted help users control their food cravings.

What’s the Final Recommendation?

We’re concerned about the fact that its ingredient profile lacks the information on the dosage of every ingredient for a single serving. This prevents customers from making an informed decision. This is quite precarious since many people not only use fat burners for weight loss, but also for muscle building and overall health and wellness purposes.


1. Eat More, Not Less

This may sound counterintuitive, but studies show that depriving your body of food you crave makes the individual eat more out of hunger defeating the purpose of cutting calories. A better option instead is to incorporate healthy foods that you will enjoy, foods that have high fiber with moderation.

Berries, grapes, cherries, raw bell peppers, celery, and broccoli are good snack choices.  These are foods that can be eaten on the run, or at work for a snack. Healthy snack choice that can be substituted for a trip to the vending machine will help you cut calories and save money all while remaining satiated.

Since we are going to be eating the same amount or slightly more, it is a good idea to try and schedule in an additional workout or exercise routine to offset these extra calories.

2. Make Exercise Enjoyable

preview-full-shutterstock_298755221If you are one of those people that just cringes at just the sound of the world exercise, then you are probably better off avoiding the gym. This is especially true if you are a beginner, the gym can be intimidating and can be overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the equipment.

If this sounds like you, try taking up “activities” instead. This includes bike riding, paddle boarding, surfing, swimming, volleyball etc. Any recreational activity that requires effort is going to burn you calories, and you will have fun doing it.

Exercising with a friend or group of friends by participating in some kind of sport or leisurely activity makes it that much more fun, and something you look forward to doing as opposed to dreading the gym.

3. Drink More Water

Water not only helps to fill you up, but being hydrated helps you to burn more of those calories off, and quicker as well. Many people who drink a glass of water prior to eating feel that it helps them eat more appropriate portions, due to the limited remaining room in the stomach.

Keeping a bottle of water around for the person who likes to nervously eat or just does so out of habit with watching tv or movies is a good idea as well. Instead of grabbing some chips, pretzels or some other snack food that has no nutritional value outside of calories you can substitute that with water which is healthy and has no calories.

The same idea works with fruit juice, sports drinks, energy drinks and soda. Drinking an excess of calories is a lot easier to do from a mental perspective than it is to eat excess food, so keep a glass of water handy.

4. Share Meals When Eating Out

preview-full-shutterstock_107411942Let’s face it, if you live in the United States and have ever gone out to dinner, chances are that your plate is overfull from the huge portion sizes that they serve. We simply do not need to eat this many calories, so it would be a good suggestion to share meals.

Sharing meals not only cuts down the portion sizes and of course the cost of your meal; but also makes you consider the health of whoever you are eating with as well. This may not seem like a huge issue, but when a person is choosing a meal that is not only for themselves but for someone else as well, the person in question will choose a healthier option.

To put it simply, we tend to hold the health of others in higher regard than our own when it comes to food choices. Bringing along a friend or partner can help you to choose better options on the menu.

Another thing to consider that can easily be overlooked when dining is the size of the dishware itself. Putting a smaller portion of food on a larger plate gives our brains the impression that there isn’t a lot of calories on the plate, leaving us craving more.

Conversely, if you were to take that same size portion and put it on a smaller plate, a different effect will result. Our brains will think that there are a lot of calories in this same portion because of its size relative to the plate. So the same size portion of food could either leave you satiated or unsatisfied solely depending on the dish that it is served in.



SlimXo Clitramine: At a Glance

This weight loss supplement, SlimXo Clitramine, is said to be a cutting-edge solution for losing weight. It is touted to help those who are overweight and those suffering from obesity by letting them lose up to three times more weight compared to just dieting and working out solely. This is achieved by strapping to soluble and insoluble fat during digestion and removing it from the body.

Based on the information from the supplement’s manufacturer, the trademarked formulation of SlimXo Clitramine helps curb your appetite, lessen your unhealthy food cravings, boost your levels of energy, alleviate stress and lose the extra pounds. It is claimed that these benefits can be obtained without the need to modify your everyday eating regimen and without working out. With this, SlimXo Clitramine declares itself as “the most effective and powerful weight loss formula in the market”.

What are the Components in SlimXo Clitramine?

The product uses the following components:

los-mejores-termogenicos-para-mujeres (1)Gum Acacia: it has glycoproteins and polyscaccharides that could potentially help you shed pounds.
Cactus Root: this is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, which could aid in slowing down aging while you also shed pounds.
Trigonella: this has natural proteins that may help increase the body’s mechanism to lose weight.
Furthermore, SlimXo Clitramine touts that’s been featured on some TV programs like Dr. Oz, Daily Mail and BBC. The supplement is said to be clinically shown to generate weight loss effects without adverse reactions.

Surely, it is frustrating to undergo rigorous fitness regimen and practice a strict diet without seeing any substantial weight loss outcome. With this said, can SlimXo Clitramine make a difference? You can think of the following considerations:

Verifying the Clitramine Issue

Weight-Loss-Tips-for-WomenFor one, the principal ingredient in SlimXo Clitramine is not Clitramine, but a compound called Litramine. Litramine is the product mentioned in an episode (Flush Fat Fast) of Dr. Oz that was aired on May 7, 2014. Both compounds are patented, but there are no details on the SlimXo Clitramine page explaining the difference between Clitramine and Litramine.

Aside from this, the official page of the product doesn’t have a product label. Hence you cannot verify if the product really contains the ingredients it says it has, or what the precise quantity is included in every serving.

Given this, Dr. Oz suggested to find for the one that’s 100 percent pure on the label. A total of 3 grams each day is also suggested, 1 gram every meal. With regards this recommendation, the SlimXo Clitramine site mentions that it is 100 percent natural, but not 100 percent pure. There’s also no information on the precise quantity each dose has. Moreover, a bottle of this supplement has 60 capsules that is said to last for 30 days. Thus, it would appear that the company behind SlimXo is not being consistent with Dr. Oz’s recommendations.

The Influence of Dr. Oz

Following the aforementioned feature on Dr. Oz, the number of Litramine products has increased, which many call the Dr. Oz Effect.

Given this, SlimXo Clitramine URL was listed in October 2014. This implies that the manufacturer of SlimXo Clitramine is only following the trend.

Is there Clinical Proof?

The only clinical proof there is showing Litramine’s efficiency is on a German research conducted in 2012. In this study, the following conclusion came to be: “Compared with placebo, IQ [Litramine] also showed significantly greater reduction in BMI, body fat composition, and waist circumference. IQ [Litramine] was well tolerated with no adverse reactions reported.”

On the Dr. Oz TV program, the host said that said research was published in Obesity journal and asserted that dieters taking Litramine shed around a half pound more every week, or around 5.3 pounds over the course of the study, which was 12 weeks.

It is also important to note that this is the only research conducted on Litramine and it doesn’t mention the SlimXo Clitramine’s formula. To further, this study doesn’t really support the company’s assertions that SlimXo Clitramine can help you shed pounds three times more.

Lastly, while a Dr. Richard Pletcher says on the product site that his patients shed an average of 5-8 lbs each week from taking SlimXo Clitramine, it’s validated that, according to the outcome of the clinical study mentioned earlier, these people were taking Clitramine in addition to proper dieting and regular exercise as part of a weight loss management plan. On the other hand, it wasn’t specified how much of the total weight loss can be credited to the use of the supplement alone and how much can be credited to living a healthy life.

SlimXo Clitramine Marketing Ploys

Another point we want to highlight is the fact that the SlimXo Clitramine site makes use of the standard weight loss website set-up. This includes the image of a great-looking model with its ultimate guarantee about its self-proclaimed effectiveness. You will also read the following: “Due to recently being featured on T.V. we cannot guarantee supply. As of today we currently have product IN STOCK and READY to ship within 24 hours of purchase.” This is obviously stated to give you the false sense of necessity.

To finish, SlimXo Clitramine’s manufacturer comforts your feelings by informing you that you still can get your very own SlimXo Clitramine making you feel lucky, which eventually gets you signed to their autoship program. As said before, the website is created to elicit an emotional response rather than a logical one.

SlimXo Clitramine Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

This supplement is offered through a 14-day trial that costs $4.95 to cover for shipping and handling. They will then send you a 30-day supply consisting of 60 capsules.

Cancellation is needed if you don’t want to continue using the supplement. If you fail to do so, you will be billed $79.97 for the full price of the item. You will also be enrolled in their autoship program, which means that your monthly supply of SlimXo Clitramine will be automatically replenished every 30 days charging you of the said amount every month. This will only stop if you opt for cancellation. To do this, call customer support at (888) 297-0964.

Final Verdict

SlimXo Clitramine is actually new in the industry and hasn’t established a solid reputation in terms of its efficacy. The scientific proof that its active ingredient Litramine can promote weight loss is also lacking and weak. Plus, it’s only offered through a free trial and a subsequent autoship enrollment, which is, based on our experience assessing customer feedbacks, only creates trouble than expedience. It’s better to consult your doctor about other healthier alternatives to losing weight.


Sinetrim Introduction

This weight loss product touts to be a trademarked, synergistic combination of polyphenolic compounds that are specifically developed to efficiently torch fat and promote weight loss. This is said to be obtained by freeing fatty acids, obstructing your body’s assimilation of carbs and giving an excellent antioxidant support. Given this, Sinetrim touts to be supported by clinical evidence to aid in the reduction of fat in the stomach and trimming down your waistline and hips.

Of course, you’re exhilarated when it comes to the possibility of you losing weight and looking lean. That is why sometimes we let our excitement get the best of us especially when we’re reading all these amazing things about a product. But before you just input your credit card data as you make your purchase, make sure that you’re already made your own research and read reviews like this.

How it Functions

loseweightforlifeThe manufacturer says that Sinetrim comes from a species of Mediterranean citrus fruit that has distinctive polyphenols. These are the ones that are said to have the potential to disintegrate fats via oxidation. When this occurs, the fat in the abdomen area is lessened, as well as your waist line and the size of your hips. Also, the Green Slimming Tea in this product is said to be helpful in reducing chronic and low-grade swelling. As a result, oxidative stress is also cut down. The White Mulberry in Sinetrim has also the potential to cause an obstruction so that the body doesn’t absorb carbs.

Given this, the product has these components working together to promote weight loss.

Sinetrol XPUR Mediterranean citrus extract 450mg: Grapefruit extract, sweet orange extract, blood orange extract, and guarana seed extract.
White mulberry extract 200mg
Green tea (leaf) extract 75mg

Sinetrim differs itself from its competitors by not putting too much stimulants in the formula. Its manufacturer further asserts that the product is produced in a laboratory in the United States that is GMP-certified. Plus, they also have a simple guide that you can follow to effectively lose weight.

Product Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

A bottle of Sinetrim contains 90 capsules and this is priced at $31.49. You also need to pay an additional of $5.95 for shipping and handling. It comes with a money-back guarantee as well, though the duration or the period of this satisfaction guarantee is not provided. To be sure, you can call the company at this number: 888-752-6615.

You can also buy this supplement from other resellers like GNC.

Is Sinetrim Effective in Providing Weight Loss Results?

Before proceeding with your plans to try this particular weight loss supplement, it is important that you have assessed the product completely. This way you’re sure that you’re buying the one that really works and is also safe. So, you might want to consider the following factors:

Is there Clinical Proof that Sinetrim Works?

gettyimages-Yes, the official site of the product says all components in Sinetrim have undergone clinical tests proving that they work in generating weight loss effects. However, you also need to know more about these claims.

For instance, two of the three primary clinical researches mentioning Sinetrim’s effects on the human body were funded by Fytexia, the same company behind Sinetrim. Also, WebMD says that there’s inadequate proof demonstrating white mulberry’s efficacy for any health gains other than diabetes. There’s also no strong scientific data that supports the claims that green tea can generate significant weight loss effects.

About the Manufacturer

Basically Sinetrim seems to be a new product, thus, there aren’t consumer feedbacks online we can read to weigh the supplement’s safety and efficacy. Reading reviews from actual, buying customers are highly helpful to assess a product’s true potential, if there’s any. Since Sinetrim is new, we don’t have that capacity to do any evaluations based on real user experiences. Confirming our belief that Sinetrim is new, we learned that the supplement’s trademark was filed in June 2014. Also, the company of Sinetrim, BioGenetic Laboratories, which is mainly headquartered in Golden, Colorado, does not have a lot of data on the web. They’re also not with the Better Business Bureau.

Product Features

Sinetrim is said to be useful in the torching of fat and in the reduction of your waist line and size of your hips.
It is asserted that the components in Sinetrim went through clinical trials proving their efficacy.
There’s a satisfaction guarantee provided.

Final Verdict: Is Sinetrim the Real Deal?

First off, there’s no clinical proof substantiating that this weight loss supplement functions as it is marketed. It’s also new in the market, so its effectiveness is in serious question. Better consult with your doctor first before going for it, just to be safe.


Super Fat Burner Plus Super Citrimax Overview

If you’re searching for the greatest weight loss supplement out there, you’re surely going to have a hard time. There are so plenty of them in the market that it’s hard to know which one can really live up to its promise. As a matter of fact, there are over thousands of weight loss products worldwide, but only a few ones are really effectual. On the other hand, there are fewer of them when you also consider the safety. In finding a weight loss solution, you don’t also choose the one that’s effective; you also choose the one that’s safe. What’s the sense of losing weight if there were health risks involved? This makes the process of finding the right supplement for you even harder. In this article, we’ll evaluate one of the weight loss products in the market, the Super Fat Burner Plus Super Citrimax.

How the Product Function


Super Fat Burner Plus Super Citrimax is manufactured by Mason Naturals. This particular weight loss supplement can be purchased in several online resellers. This has a price of $8 for a bottle that contains 60 tablets. The instructions mention that users (who should be adults) must consume 2 tablets thrice per day. So, this means one bottle is only good for 10 days. Super Fat Burner Plus Super Citrimax is being claimed as a weight loss solution that can promote shedding of pounds through appetite control and a significant metabolism boost.

What are the Components?

The only way to know if a product is efficient is by analyzing its components. Super Fat Burner Plus Super Citrimax’s main component is chromium, known for its potency in controlling appetite. It is believed that this ingredient is natural, so it is generally harmless. To add, chromium contains characteristics that is able to stabilize the blood sugar levels. Other components involved in Super Fat Burner Plus Super Citrimax’s formulation are Citrimax, griffia seed extract, and a herbal mixture that works through thermogenesis. Unfortunately, the supplement has no site, so there’s not much data about it or how each component functions.

Super Fat Burner Plus Super Citrimax Product Features

preview-full-shutterstock_488751556This weight loss supplement can help repress one’s appetite, a feature that’s vital in any weight loss products.

It also has components that are useful in increasing the metabolic rates.

Super Fat Burner Plus Super Citrimax is reasonably priced compared to similar weight loss products.

You can find some positive feedbacks about the supplement on the web.

Super Fat Burner Plus Super Citrimax has been in the market for a significant period of time.

Bottom Line: Is Super Fat Burner Plus Super Citrimax Safe & Effective?

The case of its safety and efficacy is vague. One, it comes from a less known manufacturer. Two is that it probably didn’t undergo any study or research to test its safety and efficiency since there aren’t clinical trials posted. Though one can always say that it’s okay to try it, it’s really best not to, since it’s your health and overall well-being that is involved, especially if it ends up being bad for you. When the reasons aren’t strong enough to consider a supplement, it’s a sign that you should be looking for another option somewhere else. It’s wise to always ask your physician when you’re not sure about a product, so that you get the suitable advice.


GNC Total Lean Shake Overview

Naturally, you need to decrease your calorie consumption in order to shed some pounds. That’s how it basically works. But we also know that though it sounds simple, it’s really not. It involves utmost discipline and self-control on your part. Surely everyone knows what happens when we load our bodies with high-calorie foods, but as human beings we naturally love to eat, especially foods that are high in carbs. Though this may make you feel helpless, there’s actually an option in the form of meal replacement shakes. With this kind of dietary product, you meet our daily caloric requirement sans putting great effort. One example is GNC Total Lean Shake. This product is a well-known protein shake in the market. It’s one of those products with amazing customer response based on feedbacks on various websites such as Amazon.com. GNC Total Lean Shake also receives good comments from other review websites.

Defining GNC Total Lean Shake

preview-full-shutterstock_168307616This meal replacement shake is basically oat-based and is offered as a meal replacement product designed to help dieters lessen their caloric intake by substituting two of their meals with this product. GNC Total Lean Shake is developed to give the body a greatly harmonized proportion of protein, vitamins and minerals to sustain the body’s health and wellness.

GNC Total Lean Shake claims to endorse balanced cholesterol levels and even muscle mass. This meal replacement shake boasts an exclusive mixture that’s high in fiber as well. This is to enable you to repress your cravings for food and limit your food intake.

Another feature this weight loss product has is that aside from the supplement itself, it also comes with relevant information about fitness plans that you can start doing in order to make your weight loss management plan be more effective. Based on feedbacks from users, GNC Total Lean Shake is a product that can support your body in forming lean muscles.

GNC Total Lean Shake Assertions

Naturally GNC Total Lean Shake asserts to be an excellent weight loss product as long as you also work out while taking this meal replacement shake. This protein shake aids in the building of lean muscles and giving a boost to your metabolism that positive results can be expected as claimed by the company behind GNC Total Lean Shake.

About the Company

Indicated in the product’s name, this meal replacement shake is manufactured by GNC or General Nutrition Center. The brand does not need introduction as it’s quite well-known in the supplement industry. Built in 1935, GNC is operated by 13,800 employees and produces an income of around $2 billion.

The company consists of more than 6,000 stores in the USA alone. It’s very likely that you see one everyday. The brand is ubiquitous, so this alone can be a guarantee that the company only makes quality products. They’ve already established their name, so they basically have nothing to demonstrate when it comes to their products’ efficiency.

GNC Total Lean Shake Nutritional Content

preview-full-shutterstock_437728531There’s a comprehensive list of components used in this product and there’s really a lot of them. It’s just essential to mention that GNC Total Lean Shake is an oat-based formula with a proprietary fiber-rich formulation, which allows you to control your hunger. This meal replacement shake also has premier quality of proteins and mixture of essential vitamins and minerals that sustain your metabolism’s healthy functioning and muscle growth.

The rest of the components are Vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as the minerals calcium, manganese, zinc, chromium, copper and magnesium.

How It Functions to Support Weight Loss?

The basic approach of meal replacement shakes such as GNC Total Lean Shake is to decrease your consumption of calories daily. A serving of this product only amounts to 180 calories, so this is really promising. This means that if you substitute two of your meals with GNC Total Lean Shake, the calories your body is consuming will significantly become lower. In the long run, this is helpful when the goal is to shed pounds. Results are even better when there’s also working out involved on a regular basis.

GNC Total Lean Shake Clinical Study

The official site of this product stated that there’s a clinical research conducted showing that GNC Total Lean Shake is effective. In this research, 98 participants were chosen randomly. The goal was to compare the outcome GNC Total Lean Shake had when compared to individuals who just lessened their caloric consumption to 1500 daily.

The study was performed in a 12-week period and revealed that the people who had taken GNC Total Lean Shake lost nearly twice as much in contrast to the ones who only decreased their caloric intake by settling to a low-calorie diet plan.

FDA Approval of GNC Total Lean Shake

There’s no information verifying any facts about its FDA approval. On the other hand, bear in mind that GNC Total Lean Shake is not a medication. Thus, it’s not required to be sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration before being sold to consumers.

GNC Total Lean Shake Refund Policy

Based on the information on the product site, a bottle of this shake which comprises of 16 servings costs $34.99.If you’re a member and has a gold card, you can acquire GNC Total Lean Shake with discounted rates, so that you only pay $24.99. It’s also good that this product provides a money-back guarantee to those users who are not pleased with its performance and results. In the case of inefficiency within 30 days, you can return GNC Total Lean Shake and have a refund.

GNC Total Lean Shake Product Features

GNC Total Lean Shake gives you a meal replacement that’s low in calories.

Its claims are supported by clinical studies and trials.

This meal replacement shake gets several good feedbacks on many sites.

A refund policy within 30 days is offered.

GNC Total Lean Shake Adverse Reactions

Thus far there’s no information implying at any way that GNC Total Lean Shake generates adverse reactions when used.

GNC Total Lean Shake Cost and Where to Purchase?

You can buy this product by making an order on its official site. The price is $34.99. You can acquire GNC Total Lean Shake via Amazon as well at a lower price of $23.98. If you have a gold membership card, you can also purchase this through the official site for only $24.99.

What Users Have to Say?

Luckily there are many reviews about GNC Total Lean Shake available on various sites. On Amazon.com for instance, this dietary product got a 3.8 rating out of 177 users. Over 100 users gave it no less than 4 stars. Additionally, there are some users who have stated that they’ve seen the effects within two weeks of using GNC Total Lean Shake. While there are a few reviews saying that GNC Total Lean Shake did not help at all in repressing their food cravings, most feedbacks are optimistic nonetheless.

Final Verdict

GNC Total Lean Shake is one of the meal replacement shakes that are highly recommendable. It comes from a reputable company, so its quality can be vouched for. Overall, it’s just worth the shot.