Safe sex shouldn’t be a foreign notion for anyone who is sexually active. Even though sex is a part of a healthy life, unprotected sex can disrupt anyone’s health. Without safety, people can contract STDs and STIs, or unwanted pregnancies. Neither of these situations are fun to be in.

Condoms and birth controls are effective ways to practice safe sex. While birth controls only protect against unwanted pregnancies, condoms can protect against both pregnancies and STDs. The downside is that condoms are much less effective than birth controls because they can break or slip. Birth controls can cause hormonal shifts in women, though. It’s up to the people involved to decide how much protection they need and what kind to use.

Different brands and types of both products are available, but they are not all the same. They each have their pros and cons. It’s all about the person’s body. The same way some women can be allergic to certain birth controls, they can develop allergic reactions to condoms.


Condom allergy is not that uncommon. Both men and women can develop it, but it’s more common among women. Symptoms include vaginal irritation, burning, and itching. In more severe cases, the person can have rash, swelling, and hives in places that were not in contact with the condom.

These are signs of a condom allergy if they happen after every sexual encounter. They don’t have to happen immediately after sex. Sometimes, it takes about 48 hours for any signs to appear. Most of the symptoms are also related to other infections, so it’s best to consult with a doctor to be certain. In rare cases, the person can have anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening reaction that includes difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing and swelling of the face.

Condom allergy is mostly due to the latex fabric in the condom. It may also be due to the spermicides found in lubricants. The allergic reaction is not a reason to forgo safe sex, though. There are plenty of another type of condoms available for people who are allergic to the common latex ones.

Female condoms (FC2)

Female condoms provide the same level of protection as male condoms. They protect against both pregnancies and STDs. They’re the only type of condoms women can wear. The size of the man’s penis doesn’t matter since it’s quite large and flexible. They don’t slip as most male condoms do. They also provide better heat transmission and simulation, and a natural feel.

They have a flexible, soft plastic pouch that can be inserted inside the vagina. They have two lubricated rings (one on each side) to help with staying in place. They are made with either nitrile or polyurethane. Neither of these chemicals causes allergic reactions. There’s also no latex odor. They can be inserted prior to any sexual activities, so everything will be ready when it’s time to move things to the bedroom.

Lambskin condoms

The most important fact about lambskin condoms is that they are not effective against viruses. Therefore, they should only be used if STIs and STDs are not an issue. Other than that, they are a good alternative to latex condoms. They are made from lambs’ intestines, specifically the cecum, and are completely natural. They are the only option made entirely of animal products. They don’t have the irritating proteins found in latex condoms. However, they have many tiny holes that make it too porous against viruses.

Those condoms are the best at conducting heat inside them. They have a really tight fits and can be used with any lubricant. They feel almost like a second skin to the men wearing them. They are also biodegradable, so think about the good it’s doing for the environment and the animals. Lambskin condoms, also known as natural condoms, are the oldest form of condoms. They’ve come very far now. Trojan is the only brand that is currently carrying them. They are made very thin, even then they cannot conquer the smell. They’re also more expensive than most other condoms. They are simply not for everybody.

Polyurethane condoms

Although polyurethane condoms are the most popular non-latex condoms, their price tag goes along with the lambskin condoms. They are made from s special type of plastic. They don’t cause allergies and can reduce the risk of both pregnancies and STDs.

These condoms are thinner and more elastic. They can be stored longer than most other condoms. They are less sensitive to temperature and UV lighting. They also transfer heat from condom to the skin for a better experience. The one downside is that it’s not as form fitting as other condoms. They are looser, so they slip and break more easily. Thus, they are unsuitable for any act that’s on the rougher side. It’s recommended to use them with water-based or silicone-based lubricant.

Polyisoprene condoms

Polyisoprene condoms are the newcomers of the condom world. They just got approved by the FDA in 2008. They are less known and sold in fewer locations than the others. They are very similar to latex condoms. They are made from the same materials, but lab scientists have an engineered a way to destroy the proteins that latex condoms have. These proteins are the main cause of the allergic reactions.

Polyisoprene condoms are thicker than other condom options, but they are more resistant to breakage. Their thickness doesn’t take any benefits away from them. They are also stretchier and provide a better fit. They are as soft and enjoyable as other condom options.

Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, not painful. It’s part of life, and it’s important to assure that it’s as healthy as possible. Getting to know yourself and your body is the only way to be healthy and happy.

Condom allergies are real, and they can become vital if you let. That’s why it’s important to consult with a healthcare provider as soon as you notice any of the stated symptoms. It may as well be a matter of life and death.

So, you’ve landed a high-ranking exec who wears that business suit like he owns the world and you’re wondering what the sex will be like because he’s not telling. Well, you might be getting yourself a sexually submissive man who’s turned on by your domination, but how do you know and why is he?

Many men who are sexually submissive don’t “look it” in their everyday lives. They’re not meek, suspender-hitching guys who play video games all day. Though, those guys are amazing, too. Many times, these men are high-powered executives, doctors, or lawyers. They might want to relinquish all that control when it’s time to let loose. Making decisions, absorbing failures that may not be their direct fault, handling legal issues, and constantly having to put their best foot forward is exhausting. So, when it’s time to relax, bathe in their arousal, and enjoy their partner, they’d love it if you make the decisions, control the events, and blow their minds. Take control so they can enjoy themselves.

Here are 11 hints that suit-wearing uber-competent man would love you to tell him what to do and how.


While this man may like his own success, he loves yours. Submissive men get very excited when talking about “high-powered women” such as female business leaders and politicians. If he follows up inquiries about a woman’s occupation with, “Does she run the show?” this man finds fully-realized female power very sexy.


Whether you are asserting yourself in public or sending back food you don’t like, he enjoys watching your strength and hopes that will include making all the decisions about outings and dates. While some men may think you are neurotic and controlling, the submissive man will find you “magnificent”. He’s secure in his own power and isn’t ashamed to bow to yours.

sexy woman in underwear and high heels#3 HIGH HEELS

He loves seeing you strutting around in high heels, especially the Louboutins. These red-bottomed calf-killers can make a submissive man drool with lust. He might dislike flats or other comfort shoes. For him, heels are female power and dominance come to life.


Many submissive men love feet. They don’t particularly care about the specifics of what’s attached to those feet, for instance, if you are overweight, but he may ask if you have gotten a pedicure and he will compliment you on your toes. This man may really enjoy giving foot rubs.


If you hear him say that penetration “isn’t his thing” he could be a submissive man. Sexual intercourse may be a big turn-off for submissive men while sexual rejection may be a big turn-on. This behavior indicates he is straight and submissive, not of some other orientation. Though a submissive man can, most certainly, be the other half of a homosexual or bisexual relationship.


Part of his erotic desires, a submissive man enjoys looking up to you. When he is physically below you he gets excited. He may sleep on the floor beside your bed or ask you to sit in a seat while he sits below. When you hover over him, he may feel protected, desired, and turned on.


He may shave his body hair often. If he gets undressed and his chest, legs, and pubic area is smooth, this is a hint you may be falling for a submissive man. Though, if he’s a competitive swimmer, you’ll want to look for other signs.


dominant woman with whip and submissive man who takes ProgentraNot content to just be in his children’s lives, a submissive man is often an amazing father. He may travel long distances to his children’s games or activities and greatly enjoy being a father. If the two of you were to get divorced, he’ll often begin a custody battle. As much as you care for your children, he cares for his children just as much.


A submissive man won’t sit around watching you do all the work and have the nerve to comment, “You missed a spot.”, no, he will clean the home happily. Menial chores which may include dusting and laundry excite him and are a pleasant part of his day. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t share in some of the duties.

He may also like small spaces, as they make him comfortable.


A gentleman, through and through, he is deferential to women. He may show chivalry with grand gestures that include opening doors, pulling out chairs, and when at a restaurant, asking if the meal, seating, and atmosphere was to your liking. He values women, greatly, and it pleases him to please you.


Most likely, he is vocal about female superiority. He may go on a long speech about how women hold the majority of the wealth, are better at tolerating pain, and in general, are the superior sex. Not to mention, all the ways women are becoming leaders in politics, business, and other areas. Rather than threatening his masculinity, this will excite him beyond all measure. As mentioned in #1, he loves female success and power. The submissive man doesn’t dislike men, or being a man, but relishes in the power of women, and so he may not understand why men rule the world when women are the logical choice.

Submissive men don’t have one look to them, but they often come with an expensive suit, polished shoes, and a very successful company on their shoulders.

          Are you a lark or an owl? Larks are morning persons while evening persons are owls. This morningness or eveningness is referred to as chronotype. Whether you’re an owl or a lark will depend on your biological clock as well as your psychological circadian rhythm. It all varies depending on the individual, and it may change, over time, too.

          What’s interesting about chronotypes is that it also applies to one’s preference for when to have sex. If you think back, do you really prefer having sex at night, or is it just because that’s the way your partner wants it? A recent study looked at whether chronotype similarities between partners influenced sexual and relationship satisfaction. Here are the key takeaways from the study.

Preferred Time For Sex

3 AM – 6 AM.

The researchers used 3-hour intervals to measure the participants’ preferred time for sex, from 3 AM – 6 AM, 6 M – 9 AM, 9 AM – 12 PM, and so on. It was interesting that of the 91 couples (91 males and their female partners), none of the participants in the study chose 3 AM – 6 AM either as their preferred time for having sex or the actual time for having sex.

6 AM – 9 AM vs. 9 PM – 12 AM.

For male morning persons, the preferred time for having sex was between 6 and 9 in the morning, as reported by half of those who had high scores on morningness. For those who scored high on eveningness, on the other hand, more than 70% reported they preferred having sex between 9 PM and midnight. This shows that there is an actual significant difference in the preferred time for having sex between men who are morning persons and men who are owls.

For the female participants, however, their chronotype did not appear to influence their preferred time for sex.

couple getting intimate in kitchen in the morning higher sex drive with ProgentraThe only trend the researchers found was that women who were morning persons were likely to prefer having sex before 9 PM, whereas female evening persons preferred having sex after 9 PM.

Female preference influenced actual time of sex.

The researchers found that it was the female partner’s preferred time for having sex that heavily influenced the actual time for sexual activity. Thus, for most of the couples, sex usually happened at night at around 9 PM.

Lower satisfaction in morning men.

In couples wherein the male had morning chronotypes, there was a huge gap between preferred and actual time for having sex. The researchers observed that men who were morning-types were less likely to be satisfied, both with the relationship and sexually. This is because of the huge gap in the preferred time for sex between partners. As one might imagine, a morning-type man desiring sex early in the morning will have to wait for more than half a day just to be able to have sex at around 9 PM when his partner is more receptive to sexual intercourse.

Chronotype similarity works for the women.

When it comes to similarities in chronotypes, the researchers found that when the couples are both morning persons or both of them are evening persons, the female partner was more likely to be express relationship satisfaction. However, chronotype similarity did not appear to influence the men’s relationship satisfaction.

Sexual satisfaction depended on lower discrepancies between preferred and actual time for having sex.

The researchers noted that if the preferred and actual time for having sex was almost similar, the participant was more likely to report sexual satisfaction. The opposite of this is the trend observed among men who were morning persons. Since their partners preferred having sex at night, there was a huge discrepancy between the men’s preferred time and the actual time when they engaged in sex. Thus, these morning men reported lower sexual satisfaction, as compared to evening-type men who were more in sync with their partners.

Other Observations Regarding Preferred Time For Sex

Women looking for long-term relationships prefer men who have the same chronotypes as they do.

couple morning sex in bedroom thanks to Progentra resultsComparing the results of the study with previous studies, the researchers noted that for women, chronotype similarity was important if they were focused on having a long-term relationship. However, if it’s only a short-term relationship, chronotype similarities did not matter as much to women. Hence, for short-term relationships, women preferred men who were evening persons. This is also related to another study’s findings that evening-type men had more mating success, meaning they had more female sexual partners than morning-type men did.

Women are more influenced by culturally approved norms for sexual activities.

Citing a previous study, the researchers observed that the female participants preferred having sex at night regardless of whether they were evening-type or not because nighttime is the “culturally approved” time for having sexual intercourse. Men, on the other hand, were less likely to be influenced by culture or social variables when it comes to their preference for when to have sex.

Men’s sexual desires are stronger and more frequent.

Because of this, men are more likely to adjust to their partner’s preferred time for having sex and are willing to wait for the time when their female partners indicated they were willing to have sex. Moreover, the researchers considered that women reported having a lesser interest in sexual activities when they were in a bad mood. Men’s sexual desires, on the other hand, were less likely to be affected by whether they were in a bad mood or not. In short, even if a man is having a bad mood, his desire for sex is not necessarily diminished.

The Bottom Line

          Although this study may not necessarily reflect time preference for having sex in different countries or cultures, it still offers valuable insights. Once you know whether your partner is a morning-type or an evening-type person, you can make adjustments to your actual time for having sex to improve your relationship and sexual satisfaction.

          Of course, communication between partners is very important in any relationship. Talking with your partner about your chronotype and preferred time for having sex may help you both gain a better understanding of your sexual desires, and hopefully, increase your sexual satisfaction. Moreover, improved communication between partners also contributes to better relationship satisfaction. Feel free to share the results of this study with your partner.


Jocz P, Stolarski M, Jankowski KS. Similarity in Chronotype and Preferred Time for Sex and Its Role in Relationship Quality and Sexual Satisfaction. Frontiers in Psychology. 2018;9:443. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2018.00443.

SEX: everyone knows about, everyone does it at some point in his or her lives, and it’s generally seen as a pretty fun activity for the consenting adult.

        However, the lead up to the sex itself can be one of the most nerve racking experiences you will ever come across. This is particularly true if you’re about to have sex with someone you genuinely care about and want to please sexually. That need to be an enjoyable experience for the other person as well as yourself, can be one of the things that actually harms your performance.

        With men, there’s a societal tendency to drill into their heads that they must be confident sex machines, ready to go regardless if it’s your first time or not. If you’re a man in your mid-20’s, who’s currently in a relationship that you’re ready to take to the next level, and are feeling nervous about what you’re going to do, fear not.

Below are some helpful tips and tricks to help you relax before your lovely night with your significant other.

#1. Safety can be relaxing

woman tearing open condom pack with her mouth        Every teenager learns in school that sex can result in STI’s and unforeseen pregnancies (often more than they learn about the actual act itself) and while the chances of this happening to you may have been exaggerated a touch, that risk is still very real. And if it makes you nervous, that’s okay. Before having sex, check with your partner about having protection. This can be either a condom, or a morning after pill, or several other methods of protecting yourselves. If you think you may have an STI, check with your local Planned Parenthood clinic for a free test. There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about playing it safe.

#2. Don’t think, feel

        So, you’ve made it into bed. Your clothes are off, and the sex has commenced. But unbelievably, the sex prep hasn’t necessarily ended yet. What this means is that there is a good mindset to put yourself in before the sex begins so you can negate any feelings of nervousness you may have. Two words: deep breaths. Focus on deep breathing exercises during sex.

        Now, it should go without saying that you should remember to breathe when having sex, but this actually helps in a different way. As you breathe while having sex, turn your focus away from the thoughts of screwing up, or self consciously judging everything you’re doing, or wondering whether they’re enjoying it etc. and instead focus on how it feels to have the other person’s body pressed up against yours. Focus on how their hair feels between your fingers, or the sound of their voice. Whatever you’re feeling, focus on that, and just feel the stress and nervousness melt away into nothing.

#3. Bring plenty of lube

        Now, that may raise your eyebrow somewhat, but rest assured, this is going somewhere. Men are sometimes liable to bad mouth lube because some see it as an indicator that one or both parties aren’t sufficiently aroused. But lube is a great benefit to those inexperienced with sex (even if they’ve technically had sex before). Adding a little lube to your penis can make the act of coitus several times more pleasurable for both you and your partner. Lube is also important if you follow #1 and use protection. If there’s one thing that latex (the material primarily used for condoms) hates, it’s friction. Something you’re going to be making a lot of tonight. If you’re suspicious at all about the structural integrity of your condom tonight, a little lube will ensure that the rubber will do its job.

#4. Above all else; foreplay

        Foreplay is a cornerstone of sex; make plenty of it before getting to the sex. This is especially true of straight couples, since, despite the two being in the same anatomical vicinity as one another, vaginal intercourse brings very little stimulation to the clitoris. And the clitoris is where a lot of women’s sexual pleasure derives. And even then, you should make sure to thoroughly learn all of your partner’s most sensitive areas (how you do this is up to you) and then focus on pleasing the areas that get the most reaction. Remember, above all else; foreplay.

#5. Partner’s pleasure > your technique

lovers in bed having sex, foreplay        When engaging in sex, your first priority to each other should be the other’s pleasure. How you “perform” by some arbitrary scale is irrelevant. If you believe something will pleasure your partner, or has already done so, keep doing it. The great thing about sex is that it is almost unfairly easy to tell if you’re actually doing well. Is your partner enjoying himself or herself? If so, then you’re doing great. Focus on that, and you have nothing to be nervous about.

#6. Keyword: consent.

        Always make sure you get consent and give consent before you start sex. And this isn’t just normal consent, but enthusiastic consent. There is nothing more nerve racking than doubting whether you or your partner actually wanted to go through with this at all when you’re already inside them. Make sure that it’s already well established that you and your partner don’t just want to have sex, but that you really want to have sex. Words cannot describe how much of a load this is off of your nerves.

#7. Set expectations low

        We live in the age of the internet, where there is terabytes of content freely available, and a mere google search away, featuring people paid and trained to be better at sex than anyone can reasonably be otherwise. Porn has its place, but you should always keep that in mind, that it is all an act, and rarely does anyone know what they’re doing when sex actually starts.

        If this is your first time, then you are guaranteed to be awkward, messy, and most of all: human. Remember that this is alright. Be sure to look yourself in the mirror before you and your lover get into the bedroom, and reassure yourself that it’s not going to be like it is on T.V. and that is okay. A good subtle way to do this is to flat out not watch porn for the days leading up to the date where you plan on taking the next step. After all, should all go well, you won’t need it anymore.

        As a man, you might be less than willing to admit that you’re nervous about having sex. All this means is that you care about the experience with the other person, which is fine. Just take the above listed steps, and above all else; have fun.


Physical activity comes with some inherent risks. That’s why we warm-up before we exercise. It’s why we stretch before a run. Why we warm up before lifting weights. Why we make sure to cool down after too. We need to prevent injury. And empirical data supports that, what is in my opinion, the best kind of physical activity — sex — causes just as many injuries as physical workouts. In fact, 6 out of every 10 people has suffered a sex-related injury.

That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Sex IS a workout. It’s solid cardio with a rapidly increased heart rate. Like yoga, you contort your body into weird shapes and angles. You’re basically wrestling with another human being. And it’s actually the most vanilla of all sexual positions — missionary — that causes the most injuries.

A plurality of those injuries, for men, was related to the penis, while a majority of women report injuries to the vagina during missionary sex. This likely has little to do, statistically, with the activity, angle or anything else inherent with the position, but rather it’s likely because of the popularity of the position and how often people are in it during sex.

Of course the penis isn’t the only body part at risk to injury during missionary sex.

The next most common injury that men reported was to their backs. This is a repetitive movement and stress-related injury that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if you put some though into it. Notably, men experienced more joint injuries when performing sex doggy-style — with reports of injuries to elbows, shoulders, and knees.

man taking Progentra pills in bed with sexy womanSome of these injuries — up to 13% — sent men to the emergency room for treatment and required immediate medical care. And a majority of men reported that the injuries ended up sending them to seek medical treatment some time later, including seeing a specialist.

If something like this happens to you, it’s important that you be completely honest and truthful with your doctor about what happened. You probably don’t need to give them all of the gory details of how you ended up having that injury, but you do have to provide them at least the base, foundational idea of the actions that led to your sex-related injury.

If they need further details, they’ll ask. But be forward with the info. Even the best diagnostician can’t figure out what is wrong with you just by looking at you. And lying about the source of the injury will only cloud things and keep them from — potentially — being able to actually properly help you.

Doctors know how common injuries like this are.

Furthermore, they’ve likely already seen and heard things far worse than you could possibly share with them. And if you’re really worried about sharing, comfortably, details of your sexual exploits, know that there are laws in this country that will protect your privacy.

Doctors know all of the code words and phrases for sex-related injuries and can usually tell when you’re not being totally truthful about some injury that you’ve suffered. They know what a fall in the shower looks like. They’ve seen plenty of those. They know it doesn’t look like that hip strain from that recent tussle in the sheets with your partner.

So, what should you do about any of this?

What can you do to prevent embarrassing injuries that could send you to the doctor having to explain your recent sexual exploits to a nurse or specialist? Well, I doubt you want to break out the full calisthenics before getting it on. That could totally ruin the mood that you’re putting some effort into trying to set. Doing back bends and touching your toes are not necessarily the sexiest moves to be pulling off right before you’re about to get into bed with your partner. You should be focused on pre-gaming for the big event, warming things up sexually to make sure you’re ready to go, and getting her into the right frame of mind.

couple under covers satisfied with Progentra effectsInstead, your best bet is to work some stretching or some yoga into your normal exercise routine.

Make sure that you’re staying limber and building core strength to support yourself. And, as with any injury that could occur at the gym or with any physical activity, you should limit yourself to what you’re capable of. When you’re at the gym, you know when to push yourself to see some gains, but you know not to go too far. You’ll hurt something or, at least, suffer some set back that will sideline you for enough time as to put a dent in any gains that you’ve seen. This goes for sex too.

With sex, we’re not as regimented about the physical activity that is inherent in the act of sex. We will push and stretch beyond our physical limitations because we’ve been told that it feels good. You’re adventurous and exploring new things, but failing to take into account that you’re still bound by your own body and what it can and cannot do.

If you make sure to keep in mind that this is a physical activity with all of the same risks associated with sports and exercise that bear a striking resemblance to it when you really think about it, you’ll save yourself a lot of pain and aggravation later. Hey — you’ll even save yourself, potentially, some serious cash considering the cost of medical bills and the potential hit to your insurance bill if it ends up being a chronic condition.

If you keep in mind that sex is a physical activity with all of the same inherent risks as any other exercise that includes cardio, stretching, contorting your body into different shapes and basically what can look like ancient Greco-Roman wrestling, then you’ll be a lot safer. And you’ll already be several steps ahead of that guy in the ER right now who “slipped in his shower and fell on a shampoo bottle.” Every doctor has heard that one. So, don’t be that guy.


Since the earliest days of the burgeoning internet, porn has been a lure used by hackers and scammers to trap unwitting (and horny) web users.

Your porn habits are a secret — or at least closely held — thing. So, if while you’re taking some personal time to surreptitiously sneak in some porn on your laptop or smartphone, you get nailed by some malware or ransomware, you’re not very likely to go not he offensive to stop it from happening or report the full extent of the circumstances that led to the infection. If you did that, then you’d have to admit to the, admittedly, banal, but still stigmatized act of looking at porn. If you got a virus — you need to address it. And the best way to handle it and make sure nothing like it happens in the future is to be able to explain the full circumstances of what happened.

Porn is still the most popular lure used to get internet users to fall for hacks and for phishing scams. Macs may not get as many viruses as PCs, but they still get them — and the numbers are growing. Android devices are vulnerable to malicious programs and everyone is susceptible to potential phishing scams.

porn on computer of a Progentra userThe most common phishing scam out there affecting people browsing for pornography on the internet is one in which a malicious website is set up with the purpose of stealing the website’s visitor’s porn credentials. You go to a website that’s made to look like a mock up of your favorite porn site — Naughty America, Pornhub, Brazzers, Playboy, Hustler — and then you enter your log in user name and password into the boxes and click “OK.” Then the hackers have your info.

They’re stealing your porn!

Yes, in fact, the most common phishing scam is to steal your porn. They get your credentials and then sell it on the dark web. And even though we’re frequently reminded not to use the same credentials across multiple platforms, humans are inherently laze and we do it anyway. Then, your log in and password for any number of things — your e-mail, your work computer, your bank’s online services — they’re all out there for the selling.  The best way to protect yourself from this kind of hack is to be observant. Make sure you’re not entering your login information into a pop up. Also, make sure you’re entering the name of the website correctly at the top of your browser, and make sure you see all of the right security notifications before you put in anything.

Tell tale clues for any kind of phishing scam are the misspelling of the website name you’re trying to access, and the use of a pop up to collect your credentials.

If you run into that, most likely you’ll have no problems as long as you quickly exit out of the window and that website. Malware and phishing are not passive. You need to take affirmative action for them to harm you, but the sites can be very clever and get you to click on links and download things that you would otherwise avoid. Phishing sites that use porn obviously have a leg up because downloading is a part of the name of the game of enjoying porn on the internet.

Speaking of pop ups that are trying to trick you into clicking on them, they will often try to mimic your virus checker or prompt you to scan your computer for a virus. Then by clicking the link, you get a virus. Or it’ll tell you that you need an update to your flash player to view a video. Then you click on the update — it’s a virus or some malware. Malware can slow down your computer by taking up resources to do things in the background but it can also record keystrokes and send them to people you don’t want them going to. Then your personal information or your credit card numbers can end up in the wrong hands. There are different levels of malicious when it comes to malware. It’s best to avoid it altogether in general.

hacked through porn sitesThe best way to avoid any viruses or malware that are disguised as updates to programs on your computer is to check with the official site first before clicking anything.

If the site is claiming that you need an update to view something, such as adobe flash, close out the website, go to the official adobe website and check to see if you have the most recent version. If you do need an update — best to get it from the source while you’re there rather than download it from some third-party site. Just to be safe.

If you get a pop up about a virus being detected or your computer needing a scan, turn to your friendly neighborhood virus scanner: whichever you have on your computer at the time. Those kinds of pop ups are nearly always a scam, but if you want to be overly careful, scan with your own program. It’s usually pretty quick.

There are three basic and easy ways to practice safe pornography on the internet.

You want to stick to the websites you know are safe. Go to the same sites that you trust and patronize them. Going off into the woods with no protection will only end in tears.

While we’re talking about trusted sources, only download programs and applications from trusted sources. If you don’t know the source of a program or its in an attachment in an e-mail from an address you’ve never seen promising loads of porn, don’t open it. You’re setting yourself up for some potentially extreme viruses, malware or, potentially, ransomware — perhaps the worst of them all.

And finally, don’t patronize dark web sources for credentials to porn sites. If you want premium porn content — pay for it.  First, there’s no guarantee that what you pay for will work, let alone for how long it will if it does. Second, you’re incentivizing the continued practice of stealing and selling of porn log ins, leading to more scams using smarter and uglier means.

General Idea

Naturally, men want to increase their testosterone levels. With boosted amount of hormone, you’re able to experience a lot of benefits, including increased energy, lean muscle mass, libido, and so on. Because testosterone levels decline with age, there are so many testosterone boosting supplements out there to reverse the unpleasant effects. In the present, these testosterone boosters have changed into male enhancement products.

One of these supplements is Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier. It claims to help men boost their sexual functions as well as sports performance, so it’s also ideal for athletes. This is said to be accomplished by augmenting testosterone receptor concentration, which is why Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier is also ideal for those steadfast bodybuilders. Of course, the supplement is also fitting to those guys out there who want to improve their performance in the bedroom.

Ingredient Profile

It is claimed that Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier is not like any other testosterone booster out there because it does not really increase the manufacturing of testosterone in the body. What it actually does is use an active substance said to be proven by science. This active ingredient is L-Carnitine.

In a study, it was shown that L-Carnitine can substantially boost one’s pre-workout testosterone receptor concentration. This causes for the testosterone cellular uptake to be much improved. This is important because when it comes to muscle building, maximizing the utility of the testosterone present is what matters.

Aside from L-Carnitine, Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier also has the following ingredients:

Aspartic Acid – this is for boosting the release of Luteinizing Hormone, which leads the body to generate more testosterone.

Massularia Acuminate – this is an herb considered to boost testosterone levels in the body.

There are also the minerals calcium and zinc, which aid in the procedure of testosterone generation.

The recommended dose for Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier is 2 servings each day with 4 capsules per serving – one serving before breakfast and one serving before lunch. It is suggested that you also consume 8-10 glasses of water per day, as well as utilize this supplement while you’re performing a steadfast workout routine.

Product Features

Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier utilizes a science-backed mechanism and formulation to produce steadfast outcome.
There are many positive customer feedbacks.
The supplement is also affordable.
The main component in the formula has been scientifically proven for its potency.

Nonetheless, there are reported side effects, which include headaches and elevated heartbeat. While the primary component has undergone a clinical study, the supplement itself hasn’t. There’s also no refund policy provided.

Place to Purchase

Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier is accessible online. One bottle containing 168 pills can last for a month with a cost of around $20-$27.

Final Verdict

While Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier seems to make huge claims that would possibly bring out remarkable results, its lack of a satisfaction guarantee makes prospective buyers hesitate. In trying a new supplement, a money-back guarantee is vital because it gives users a sense of security that their money would still be returned to them in the case that the product doesn’t work. On the other hand, it also appears that Hexatest Testosterone Amplifier’s manufacturer is pretty much confident that their product would generate notable results.


General Idea

Natto 5 purports to generate a lot of physical and health benefits, such as optimizing your growth hormone levels, eradicating fat and blood clots, as well as stabilizing your cholesterol.

As a result, your heart health will be reinvigorated, your muscle mass will increase, your endurance will improve, and your sex drive will bring you the greatest sex of your life. Plus, it is also said that your body’s mechanism to recover from intense exercises is improved.

What are the Components?

There’s no product label, but we learned that Natto 5 contained the following components:

Vitamin B6
L-Arginine Hydrochloride
L-Leucine (and L-Isoleucine)
L-Lysine Hydrochloride
Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

Basically, all these components except for L-arginine don’t have sufficient scientific proof that they’re potent. L-Arginine, on the other hand, has been shown to be promising in addressing impotence. In order to enjoy its benefits, you need to consume at least 5 grams every day. But since there’s no product label, we’re not informed of the dosage of each ingredient, which means we don’t know if there’s enough arginine in Natto 5 or not.

What are the Adverse Reactions?

There wouldn’t be any adverse reactions as far as the components in Natto 5 are concerned. So, they should be fine for consumption since there aren’t any serious risks. If there’s any side effect, it probably would just be a mild stomach discomfort.

Increasing T Levels

preview-full-shutterstock_317462582Decreasing levels of testosterone is mainly associated with age. When one hits his 30s, his T levels reduce by one percent each year. As this continues, symptoms can be felt, which includes lower libido, impotence, hair loss, reduced muscle mass, and lower energy.

If you want to increase your T levels the natural ways, there surely are things you can practice and incorporate into your lifestyle, such as consumption of healthy fats and cholesterol, certain workouts, and getting sufficient sleep, to name a few.
But of course, these ways will only bring a little increase in your testosterone levels. If your T levels are seriously lower, you need to discuss this with your physician to get you the appropriate treatment based on your diagnosis.

Natto 5 Price

Natto 5 can be acquired through a 14-day free trial in which you will get a one-month supply of the product with you only paying the shipping cost of $4.95. After the trial finishes, you will be charged for the total cost of Natto 5, which is $79.95. You will also be enrolled to their autoship program, which entails you receiving a fresh supply every month with your credit card being billed for the full price automatically.

Moreover, Natto 5 is also offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling, plus $10 for restocking. However, this is only good for items that haven’t been opened yet.

If you want to discontinue your autoship enrollment, or ask for a refund, you can contact customer support at 800-304-0480.

Customer Reviews

preview-full-shutterstock_280860185It’s hard to find legitimate feedbacks about Natto 5 because the ones available are mostly from affiliates. These really aren’t real reviews from real buying customers. They’re more of promotions made by affiliates who get commissions from every sale they make.

In order to have an idea of how Natto 5 really is in terms of its effectiveness, you can look at testosterone supplements in general. On review sites, most testosterone boosters don’t really get a lot of appreciation from customers because most brands rarely work like promised by their respective companies.

Usually, customers criticize these products lack of potency and inefficient customer support. This is because consumers find it hard to get refunds or discontinue their autoship enrollments. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean we’re going to experience the same thing with Natto 5. But it’s worth mentioning so that customers proceed with further caution.

Final Thoughts

Natto 5 produces so many assertions. It promises better body, sexual functions, and heart health. These are really awesome promises. On the other hand, it is also important to note that most of the components present in Natto 5 are not clinically substantiated, so we’re not sure if they really work as promised.

The only ingredient here that has potential is arginine, but since there’s no product label, we cannot know if it contains enough of it to even produce significant results. Despite an ingredient’s potency, if it’s not contained in an adequate amount, its presence would just be in vain. If you think you really have low testosterone levels, it’s better to speak with your doctor about it before exploring on supplements that you’re not 100 percent sure to work.


Product Introduction

A man’s testosterone level lowers as he ages. It’s one of the natural changes that happen in a man’s body. As this goes on, his physical and sexual functions experience decline as well. This is where the supplement Adaptophen comes into picture. It is a natural supplement that touts to aid in the boosting of free testosterone level. It is also claimed to be intended for helping users augment their lean muscle mass, metabolism, and even their sex drive.

There are a lot of claims about what this product can really do, but in reality, can Adaptophen really deliver notable results in terms of your muscles and sexual functions? Let’s find out below:

More Info on Adaptophen

preview-full-shutterstock_463645373Based on the information on its official site, one’s testosterone levels start to experience slow decrease after hitting his 30s. This can lead to heightened exhaustion, reduced muscle mass, lessened sex drive, and many other effects. Given this, Adaptophen states that it can help you deal with these natural changes through its scientifically-formulated testosterone booster intended to increase your T levels. It also claims to help men fight the diminishing of testosterone as a result of growing older. Adaptophen’s manufacturer also said their product can help men notice impressive effects within a span of 4 weeks.

This supplement also touts to be precisely developed to be in the middle ground of high calorie protein powders and dangerous anabolic steroids. With this, it contains the following natural components:

Tribulus Terrestris: this is a plant originating from the Mediterranean that generates a fruit that could aid in the improvement of physical functions for sports, as well as aid in curing sterility.
Tongkat Ali Root Extract: this a tree originating from Southeast Asia like Malaysia and Indonesia is also touted to be effectual in boosting free testosterone.
Siberian Rhodiola Rosea: this component has great levels of rosavin, which is claimed to be useful in terms of boosting lean muscle mass, physical force, and other benefits.
Deer Antler Velvet: this component could boost IGF-1 hormone levels, which could aid in the boosting of muscle mass and shorten the span of recuperation after training.
5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone: this could boost muscle tissue mass.
ZMA: this is believed to be effective in augmenting free testosterone and physical force levels.
Alpha Lipoic Acid: it is an antioxidant that’s been demonstrated to cure nerve discomfort linked to diabetes.
Octacosanol: this is believed to be effective in boosting functions when it comes to sports.
Vitamin B6: it is a vital nutrient that’s required for brain health and normal cell capacities.
Zinc: it is another vital trace element that promotes normal assimilation of food.
Magnesium: this mineral can aid in the enhancement of regular bowel movement.

To start taking this supplement, take one capsule in the morning and then another one at noon.

Adaptophen Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

preview-lightbox-shutterstock_127136468If you buy this supplement via the company that manufactures it, it is accessible in three various packs:

Single bottle: $37
Buy 3, Get 1 Free: $111
Buy 6, Get 2 Free: $222

Whatever selection you go for, all purchases come with free shipping. Many companies now use autoship programs, but Adaptophen’s manufacturer doesn’t.

Adaptophen’s company also states that they provide a 100% perpetual satisfaction guarantee, with less S&H fees. To start the procedure, you can contact consumer support at 720-379-5823 in order to get a Return Merchandise Authorization number.

Customer Feedbacks

The supplement is made by Applied Nutritional Research (ANR), LLC. It is mainly headquartered in Westminster, Colorado. It is registered with the Better Business Bureau and has a C+ score. As of this writing, they have 13 closed complaints. These mostly cite ineffectiveness, bad customer support, and the challenge it takes customers to get their refunds.

Final Verdict

There are so many testosterone-boosting supplements available today, but only a few have the potential of being efficient. As for Adaptophen, the components it contains – such Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Magnesium – seem to be not related in terms of generating benefits for increasing testosterone, sex drive, and muscle mass.

On the other hand, it’s great that customers won’t be registered in any types of autoship plans. Still, considering its efficacy is questionable, its high cost seems to be unjustifiable. Another issue is the absence of a product label. There is a complete list of components available for the consumers to review, but the amount or dosage used for every component is lacking.

Overall, it seems Adaptophen needs more strong features in order to be appealing to customers. But if you’re insistent on trying this product out, you can still do so since there’s a lifetime money-back guarantee.



Merevex is a male enhancement supplement that, just like other male enhancement products out there, claims to increase your sexual functions and overall performance in bed. The positive results, which includes boosted sex drive, stamina, and greater erections are said to be achieved by the supplement’s potent yet safe components. In this article, we’ll further discuss what Merevex is made of. We will dissect its components, the possible adverse reactions, and where it is available for purchase, and many other important factors.

About Merevex

This particular supplement is offered by the company Robbins Enterprises International, Inc. It is basically a male dietary producted intended for improving your erections, endurance, and control. According to its manufacturer, it is developed to begin functioning within an hour. Based on the instructions on its label, one capsule of Merevex should be taken before having sex. Moreover, it is composed of pharmaceutical-grade components that are said to be of premier quality.

What are the Components?

preview-full-231 (1)Basically, Merevex features an exclusive blend that consists of the following:
FructusLycii, FiosCaryophylli, Radix Rehmanniae, Semen Ziziphispinosae, Cortex Cinnamomi, Semen Sesaminigrum, Semen AlliTuberosi, Poria, FructusFoeniculi, Herba Epimedii, Radix Peurariaelobatae, Rhizome dioscorae, Rhizomapolygonati, and Rhizomacurculigimis.

The aforementioned components are unheard of. If you’ve taken some male enhancement products, you would know what components are commonly used in such supplements, and the ones mentioned above aren’t something many of us have come across with. Usually, the ingredients used in male enhancement pills are ginseng, gingko biloba, L-arginine, yohimbe, and the likes, since these are widely believed to be effective in improving one’s sexual capacities. Merevex aspires to be unique by not using the usual ingredients. It aims to be distinctive in the industry. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information on these components yet. From what we could assume, these ingredients function to rouse your senses and make you sexually aroused. It doesn’t have any components that can increase one’s testosterone levels.


Who is behind Merevex?

As mentioned, Merevex is offered by the company called Robbins Enterprises International, Inc. It is listed with the state of Florida as an S Corp. Interestingly, it’s one of the few, if not the only male enhancement supplement that is listed with the Food and Drug Administration. Still, it doesn’t mean it has FDA’s approval because no supplements are ever approved by FDA.

Visibility of Results

Based on the info on the label, you need to take Merevex an hour before sex, though some customers report that the results are more immediate than an hour.

Where is it Available?

As of this writing, Merevex is not available in retail stores. We called the company to make sure and it was confirmed that this supplement isn’t accessible in stores yet. We weren’t informed of when this will happen though.

Can you use Merevex with alcohol?

The company says it’s fine to use Merevex as long as alcohol intake is only moderate.

Is it also ideal for women?

No, Merevex is only intended for men.

How to take it?

You can take Merevex even on an empty stomach or with food. It seems that food and alcohol doesn’t really affect its functions.

Place of accessibility

As of this writing, the supplement is currently available on Merevex’s site One pill is priced at $9.95, including free shipping. If you purchase the supplement on bulk, you can save a couple of dollars with a 10-pack of it only costing $62.95, which means you’re only paying $6.30 per pill.

What’s the Final Verdict?


Surely, the claims on Merevex are great, but this is just normal with all the other male enhancement supplements. The only difference is that Merevex may have the potential to actually generate positive results. As mentioned, this supplement claims to improve one’s libido, stamina, quality of erections, and even testosterone levels. The overall outcome is greater sexual performance in bed. Based on some customer reviews, Merevex works. In fact, it was claimed by some users that this male enhancement pill works as quickly as 30 minutes. This is taken an hour before sex, so in this case you don’t need to take for an hour to have sex since it works really fast.

As for its components, though it is in proprietary blend, the ingredients are listed for the customers to see. However, the ingredients are new ones and unfamiliar in the male enhancement industry. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. But efficiency-wise, it seems the components do their job since customers report efficacy with Merevex.

When it comes to the adverse effects, the testimonials are varied, though most users said there weren’t any side effects that manifested after using Merevex. What’s great about this is that you don’t need to use it regularly. You only need to an hour before sex. So, this spells expedience for its customers. It’s really a huge hassle to take something on a regular basis.

Going back to the reviews, some users said they felt their erections improved greatly that they even thought the size of their penis also increased. Merevex also helped them last longer in bed.

Overall, Merevex seems to be an effective male enhancement supplement. If you’re lacking the sexual prowess, this supplement can possibly help you improve your sexual functions and overall performance not only to satiate your partner during sex, but to also satiate yourself. Besides, knowing you’ve pleased your partner improves a man’s confidence, too. So, Merevex can really be helpful not only in your sexual experience but also in improving your quality of life by feeling better about yourself.

The only issue Merevex’s has right now is its high cost. After all, you’ll need to spend almost $10 for every dose, around $7 if you buy in bulk. But since it may bring out amazing results in terms of greater sexual functions, this price may be justified by the effectiveness of the supplement.