It’s a given that yoga helps with your flexibility and provide you a sense of harmony. But these aren’t the only things yoga can do for you; it delivers other health benefits that would motivate you to enroll in any yoga class near you right now. Yoga isn’t just a fad that people get themselves into. It helps those who practice it improve their health and overall life. Here are 5 surprising benefits yoga has in store for your body and general health:

It helps improve your immune system

A research in Norway found that practicing yoga modifies gene structures that improve immunity at a cellular level. To top it off, you don’t need to wait a long time to enjoy its benefits. Even when you’re still on your yoga mat, the effects kick off in the body, improving one’s immune system.

Of course, yoga helps enhance your immunity by simply boosting your general health. When you’re able to move, breathe, and circulate more efficiently, it’s only right that your organs do their jobs properly.

It alleviates migraines

Studies have shown that practicing yoga in 3-month duration can result to fewer and less excruciating migraines. While it’s not fully known what triggers migraines, most experts in the medical community believe it’s due to a combination of stress and physical misalignment.

When you’re on your computer or mobile phone, your body is aligned in a way that places your shoulders up and your head forward. This results to the overlifting of the trapezius and contraction of the neck. With the head pulled forward, there are muscle imbalances that can lead to headaches and migraines. In this case, yoga can help by correcting these misalignments.

It increases sexual functions

Multiple researches have demonstrated that practicing yoga for 12 weeks can enhance sexual desire, self-esteem, orgasm, and overall sexual pleasure in both sexes. This is achieved because yoga enables the improvement of blood flow into the genitals. Apparently, this is crucial for sexual stimulation.

Yoga also incorporates proper breathing and strengthening of the mental faculties, which can also help enhance one’s sexual functions and overall performance.

It helps you get better sleep

In a study conducted in Harvard, it was revealed that eight weeks of performing yoga on a daily basis helped people suffering from insomnia increase the quality of their sleep. Given that yoga is effective for managing stress, it also helps alleviate your difficulty in getting a restful slumber.

The more you’re able to deal with stressors, the easier it is to get a good night’s sleep. Moreover, breathing techniques and mental workouts enable the mind to take a breather, so that you’re more relaxed.

It helps combat cravings

When you regularly practice yoga, you’re more able to fight food cravings that usually result in overeating, accumulated calories, and severe guilt on your part. This has been substantiated by a study conducted at the University of Washington. Consistent practice of yoga also enhances attentiveness of physical and emotional feelings connected to eating.

With stronger breath awareness, the mind-body correlation is further solidified, which helps you regain control of your body and its needs. Furthermore, this awareness can help you associate feelings with certain desires for food. The breathing techniques learned in yoga can also help you be more conscious of your food options when cravings kick in.


 About BSN Syntha-6

BSN Syntha-6 is a fitness supplement that claims to increase the user’s energy levels, stamina, and shorten one’s recovery period. It contains high levels of protein to supply the body with its needs. This way, you’re sufficiently fueled when working out.

This particular supplement seems to be a reliable product when it comes to protein supplementation because most of its consumers are happy with its results. This must be because of the high-quality components it contains.

What are the Components?

preview-full-shutterstock_270033200Basically, Syntha-6 is the kind of product that is complete with proteins. It’s also one of the few to be so. Its taste is well-liked by users because of its delectable taste. More importantly, it contains all the suitable kinds of proteins and components. For this reason, the product easily catches the attention of those people who want to improve their training performance.

Basically, Syntha-6 is a blend of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolates, caseinate proteins, and egg proteins.

Since it utilizes multiple kinds of protein, the supplement is able to provide more gains. For instance, some of the protein it contains is taken in more swiftly. As the assimilation process is hastened, the positive results are also felt immediately. In contrast, other kinds of protein have longer absorption process, which makes it slower for the effects to be felt.

Aside from the multiple proteins in Syntha-6, the proteins in this product are also of premier quality. For example is the whey protein isolates, which is considered one of the best kinds of protein out there. The good thing is that Syntha-6 has high content of this protein.

More Info on Syntha-6

Syntha-6’s per serving contains 22 grams of protein. It is recommended for men to consume 1-2 scoops of the product daily combined with 4-10 ounces of cold water. Women, on the other hand, are suggested to consume 1 scoop of Syntha-6 mixed with 4-5 ounces of cold water.

Several protein products are intended to be consumed post-workout. Syntha-6, on the other hand, functions more efficiently when consumed in the morning or prior a training session.

Moreover, the product has nine flavors for you to select from. Most customers appreciate these flavors, stating that Syntha-6 is more delicious compared to other similar products. Syntha-6’s per container contains 2.91 lbs of powder. The cheapest deal you can find online is $24.

The only issue Syntha-6 has is that it rarely offers satisfaction guarantee, which means there aren’t refund guarantees involved. If you purchase directly from the company, they only accept refunds for those items that haven’t been used. Thus, there’s no way that you can try this supplement first. However, you may find other online stores that’ll give a refund even for used products.

What Users Have to Say?

preview-full-shutterstock_536206537One of the ways you can to get to know a supplement’s efficiency is by reading user feedbacks. As for Syntha-6, it seems customers like it. Researching online, we found around 1,900 feedbacks for this supplement. It also has an average score of 9.2 out of 10, which is pretty excellent.

Many customers are also stating that Syntha-6 is tastes better, as well as performs more efficiently compared to other protein supplements they’ve used. It’s also great that Syntha-6 is reasonably priced, which is important for those customers who have tight budgets.

What’s the Final Recommendation?

Syntha-6 seems to be promising in being a protein supplementation. It has high levels of proteins that are also of great quality. Because the ingredients well taken care of with adequate dosing, it’s no wonder it works. Its effectiveness is further testified by many customers who have used it. Its delicious taste is also well appreciated by many, as well as its reasonable pricing.

In order to maximize Syntha-6’s results, it’s recommended to partner your supplementation of consistent workout routine, such as basic exercises or even strength training. A lot of users already like Syntha-6 in terms of its taste, affordability, and effectiveness. So, chances are that you will, too.


Fitness is in these days, whether it’s to have an amazing body or just be healthier, it’s definitely in. While we know that getting that ultimate physique is hard work, it’s even made harder by fitness myths that, more often than not, only mislead people. It’s a challenge to meet your goals when you’ve been following fitness advice that turns out to be misconceptions. Get to know these fitness fallacies that actually do more harm than good:

1. You only need to exercise 1-2 times a week to keep fit

Working out 1-2 times per week is not enough if you want to experience optimal health benefits. At least three times every week is best according to fitness experts. Technically, you have to be active every day, not just once or twice a week. There’s nothing specific, really, just get moving.

2. It is ideal to exercise in the morning

The idea time for an exercise is whenever you’re free to work out continuously. It’s best to make physical fitness an everyday habit, so if late night visits to the gym is all your schedule can afford you to, that should be fine. If you want to work out first thing in the morning because, that should be fine, too.

3. Weight lifting can make fat convert into muscle


The truth is you cannot turn fat into muscle. They’re two dissimilar tissues, physiologically speaking. Adipose or fatty tissue is situated beneath the skin, squeezed between muscles, and around internal organs like the heart. Muscle tissue, on the other hand, can be disintegrated into three primary forms, and is found throughout the body.

What weight training actually does here is help increase the muscle tissue in and around any fat tissue. The greatest way to lessen fat tissue is to practice a healthy diet mostly consisting of veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats, such as olive oil and fish.

4. Puzzles and games are the best brain exercises

Even physical exercises are great for the brain and can even surpass any kinds of mental puzzles. Studies have found that aerobic exercise or workouts that elevate your heart rate and get you moving and sweating for a consistent span of time can be advantageous for the brain. These workouts aren’t just good for the heart, they’re also incredible for the brain.

5. Workout is the best way to shed pounds

preview-full-shutterstock_402142285If you want to shed pounds, you should not presuppose that whatever fatty and sugary foods you eat would be flushed out by working out. Weight loss experts say losing weight often begins with substantial changes to your eating habits. When it comes to weight loss, diet plays a greater role than workouts. Still, regular exercise is vital in the whole process of losing weight. Plus, exercise can also be beneficial in terms of mood enhancement, memory improvement, and brain protection against age-associated mental deterioration.

6. Sit-up is the most effective method to have a six-pack

Sit-ups only target your abdominal muscles, so they’re not enough. Getting a six-pack abdomen means you need to challenge multiple groups of muscles along your sides, front, and back.

7. Weight training is only for the guys

Weight training is ideal for strengthening muscles, regardless of your sex. Nonetheless, women generate less testosterone than men do, and testosterone plays a crucial part in shaping the body’s muscle-building mechanism.

8. It takes two weeks, at the minimum, to get out of shape

Mostly, muscle tissue can begin to break down within a week of not exercising. When you cease doing your regular workout regimen, your body starts to undergo visible de-conditioning, or the initial signs of de-conditioning, even as briefly as seven days of total respite.

9. Running marathon is the best way to keep in shape

You don’t need to hit the five-mile mark in order to reap the benefits of long-distance running. Running, even for just 5-10 minutes per day, can deliver some of the same health benefits that can be provided by long-distance run that can last for hours.  Studies also show that even brief bursts of workouts can give some of the same health gains that can be provided by long exercises. Plus, short exercises can be done with more ease.

10. Sport drinks are the best means of re-hydration

In reality, sport drinks are mostly water and sugar. There’s nothing nourishing in sports drinks that can make them perfect for rehydrating. Experts suggest to just sticking with simple, which is plain water and snacks rich in protein since protein aids in the reconditioning of muscles after training.


Elite Test 360 Overview

Elite Test 360 is a testosterone enhancer that touts to bring remarkable results with the use of Tribulus extract and AAKG. The combination of these components leads to providing your body sufficient fuel for making the most of your time at the gym.

The company behind Elite Test 360 further purported that this product is capable of boosting testosterone levels, as well as enhancing blood circulation and oxygenation to the muscles. Strangely, these assertions have since been deducted from the official site.

In any case, you’re probably eyeing this review because you’re interested in knowing more about this particular supplement, whether it can deliver the positive gains it claims it does.

How Efficient Is this Product?

Based on the information on the official site, Elite Test 360 makes use of 2 components:

Tribulus Extract (45% saponins) 400mg
AAKG 440mg

preview-full-shutterstock_124480024 (1)Despite the huge assertions made by the company, its website does not deliver any references pointing to the product’s safety and efficacy. Plus, WebMD stated that neither Tribulus Terrestris nor AAKG has sufficient proof as to their claimed health advantages, especially the benefits used by Elite Test 360’s company as features.

Actually, Elite Test 360 is only recorded as potentially efficient for boosting athletic functions, as well as for sterility, while arginine is said possibly effectual for treating impotence and high blood pressure. In order to obtain these gains, the dose of arginine has to be between 700mg and 5g in order to generate notable effects. On the other hand, there’s no sufficient info as for the proper dosage of tribulus terrestris.

Nevertheless, Elite Test 360 only has 440mg of arginine in every serving. As stated above, the proper dose should be from 700mg to 5g, thus, the arginine in Elite Test 360 may not be adequate to provide significant benefits.

Will there be Adverse Reactions?

WebMD also said that tribulus is generally considered harmless when orally ingested for up to 8 weeks. However, it is not known whether this is harmless when continued to be taken for a prolonged period of time, or what the adverse reactions will be.

Likewise, arginine is also considered harmless when orally consumed, though some consumers could also encounter side effects, such as stomach pains, bloating, diarrhea, gout, blood problems, allergies, swelling of airway, and low blood pressure. Those with asthma could also notice their condition worsening. Given this, if you have asthma or low blood pressure, Elite Test 360 is not ideal for you.

What Users Have to Say?

preview-full-shutterstock_125274674In this website, Elite Test 360 only got an overall rating of 1.5 stars, indicating poor customer reviews. Typical grievances cited are inefficiency and the trouble customers experience when canceling free trials and autoship plans. There were also criticisms about its inefficient consumer feedback.

We also found reviews on Amazon as of this writing where it got 2.5 stars as its average rate. Usual grievances were mostly about ineffectiveness, steep cost, and issues with the free trial and autoship program.

Moreover, Elite Test 360’s company is mainly headquartered at Del Mar, California. It is listed with the Better Business Bureau where it has C rating. This is based on 37 closed complaints. Most of these complaints are the same grievances other customers have.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that there are several customer reviews that aren’t actual feedbacks. They’re rather reviews made by affiliates as means of promoting the product.

Elite Test 360’s Arbitration

It is also important to note that when you make a purchase directly through the supplement’s official site, it’ll have you automatically be linked to their arbitration contract. Being under this constitutes to your legal rights as customer to being massively deducted in the case that your use of this product results to physical or health impairments. With your reduced legal rights you can’t go to any trial by jury or participate in a class action court case.

Product Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

This particular supplement can be acquired though four various purchasing selections. Here they are:

14-day trial* for $4.95 S&H, where you’ll get a full 30-day supply of the product.
1 Bottle: $89.99
3 Bottles: $119.94, plus $4.95 S&H
5 Bottles: $149.94, plus $9.95 S&H

Selection the trial program means you’ll pay the full price of $89 once this trial finishes. Afterwards you will also be registered in the company’s autoship plan. With your enrollment, you will keep on getting a 30-day supply of Elite Test 360 and with every monthly delivery your credit card will be billed $89.

We generally advise customers to practice utmost caution when it comes to dealing with free trials and autoship plans. This is because there are some companies who only had free trials to get the customers’ credit card information and make them pay for recurring shipments through autoship programs.

Still, whatever purchasing selection you go for, Eite Test 360 is also offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee, just less shipping and handling fees. This way, customers can return the items if they’re unsatisfied with the supplement’s performance.

To ask for a refund or have your free trial or autoship plan registration discontinued, call customer support at 877-433-2774.

Is this Product the Real Deal?

As mentioned, there’s no sufficient proof that this product can deliver the fitness gains it’s claimed to have. Its price is also expensive, which discourages among customers who have tight budgets. Customer reviews are also essential in order to help you determine a supplement’s effectiveness, but Elite Test 360 mostly has negative feedbacks online and the rest are affiliate reviews.

But if you’re only interested about the product’s components, which are tribulus and arginine, you can also opt to buy them separately. This way, you can consume these ingredients at much reduced costs. Of course, you can purchase Elite Test 360 at your own risk as the only way you can know if this works is by trying it yourself.


Cellucor NO3 Chrome Overview

preview-lightbox-shutterstock_533447626Cellucor NO3 Chrome is a nutritional supplement that claims to help you become more productive with your workout sessions. It touts to be effective in increasing your energy levels, stamina, as well as heighten your chances of muscle building by boosting your nitric oxide levels. Generally in the supplement industry, it is common for manufacturers to promote their products with exaggeration. You’ll always hear great things about supplements and how they can help consumers in their specific goals. In this case, it is muscle building. As for evaluating products, there are three factors that we usually see as basis – the credibility of the brand name, the component profile, and the customer feedbacks. This review will do the same for one particular nitric oxide enhancer, the Cellucor NO3 Chrome.

Essentially, the company Cellucor is a familiar name in the industry. In fact, it is one of the most well-known manufacturers there is and the supplements they’ve manufactured experienced success among customers, too. The said company is behind popular supplements, such as C4, Super HD, and Alpha Amino – all of which are recognize products in the market for muscle enhancement. Of course, it’s not just the brand that matters. Here, we’re going to tackle Cellucor NO3 Chrome much further to know if this particular product is a value for money or not.

Getting to Know NO3 Chrome

Basically, NO3 Chrome is a supplement that mainly works through the process of vasodilation. It is primarily intended to increase the flow of blood to the muscle to help with muscle building. The said supplement makes use of vasodilator components to boost the body’s nitric oxide levels. This way, the blood vessels expand and more blood flows to the muscles. The result is augmented pump or the constricted feeling in your muscles which occur when blood rushes to the muscles. The said muscle pump is that makes the muscles seem larger and fuller after an exercise session.

NO3 Chrome Consumers

NO3 Chrome, being a nitric oxide enhancer is mostly utilized by both recreational athletes and bodybuilders since it generates muscle pumps and ultimate muscle development after working out. The product is also promoted by its company as one that has creatine and doesn’t use stimulants to avoid triggering side effects.

Does NO3 Chrome Really Work?

preview-full-shutterstock_116182309The greatest component found in NO3 Chrome’s formulation is Arginine Nitrate. It is a mixture of the semi-essential amino acid L-Arginine and Nitrates. These two are said work hand in hand for boosting the nitric oxide levels in the body. Plus, this blend also has CitrullineMalate, a kind of Citrulline that’s a precursor of L-Arginine for augmenting the nitric oxide levels in the body.

Though it is vital to contain nitric oxide enhancers in a formula, it is also essential to remember that there aren’t any reports suggesting that the said combination of L-Arginine and Nitrates can enhance general muscle strength and recuperation of the muscles, which are two of the most significant purposes that supplementation in itself hopes to obtain.

Furthermore, it is also substantial to bear in mind that the recommended serving size for NO3 Chrome is three capsules, which means that a bottle containing 90 capsules can only last for around 30 days. With this suggested dose per day, you’re looking at spending more than $1 each day in order to maintain taking this supplement.

What’s the Bottom Line?

The manufacturer Cellucor may be a reputable company in the supplementation industry, but it doesn’t automatically signify that all their developed supplements are some of the most excellent muscle developing products in the market. We’re a bit concerned about the total cost it entails if you’re going to maintain its recommended dosage daily. We think there are other effective products for muscle building that are much cheaper compared to this product. Still, if you want to use this particular product because the brand works well for you, then there’s no stopping you since Cellucor supplements are also known for their effectiveness.


Getting started when it comes weight lifting is difficult, but once you are over the initial hump getting complacent can be easy. Many people continue to do the same exercises over and over again, yet wonder why they aren’t seeing progress.

If you want to take it to the next level, you are going to have to change up your routine, it is that simple. This means not only incorporating new exercises in to your routine, but also kicking up the intensity a notch as well.

Here is some essential advice that every weightlifter who wants to keep progressing needs to know:

New Takes On Old Exercises

shutterstock_525625858 (1)

The easiest way to see progress when it comes to your routine is to include some variation in to the old familiar exercises you usually do.  Beginners are just looking to get the basic movement patterns down so that they can get a start on building muscle and strength.

As you progress further, you need to incorporate new equipment and techniques in to your routine to work the same muscle groups you’re used to working, just differently.

One important simple tool that every advanced fitness fanatic needs to know how to use is the dumbbell. Most everyone has used this piece of equipment but are unaware of how versatile it can be.

For example, the first exercise that comes to mind when most people think of the dumbbell are dumbbell curls. This is an exercise where you hold the weight with your palms facing outward, and you curl the weight upwards pivoting at the elbow.

This exercise is great for working the bicep but focuses more on the inner head than the outside head of the biceps. You can easily change this in to a new exercise by simply rotating your wrist 90 degrees to where the dumbbells are perpendicular to the floor.

The new exercise commonly referred to as hammer curls, works the outside head more and will help you to achieve that bigger more developed bicep everyone wants to have.

Dumbbells are a great alternative to both machines and the straight bar for other reasons as well. Machines control your range of motion not working the muscle to the full potential. Using straight bars usually leads to one arm or shoulder being stronger than the other due to favoritism of the dominant arm.

If you go to a gym, the next time you are looking to use a machine or piece of a equipment and it is occupied use the opportunity to try a new exercise or variation.

Learning new exercises and variations can help you eliminate all that downtime you have between exercises when you are just waiting to use a machines.

Isolate Each Muscle Group and Focus on One or Two Daily


Another good strategy to employ when it comes to increasing your results is to focus on one muscle group per day, but keep the duration of the exercise the same. What we mean by that is instead of doing say 2 chest exercises and 2 leg exercises for your routine, you should do 4 chest exercises instead.

Hit one muscle group extremely hard, yet only do so once a week instead of probably every other day like you did when you first started out.

If your chest exercise routine consisted of flat bench and flys, make sure to vary it up if you want to progress to the next level.  The next time it is chest day try doing incline bench press, decline bench press, weighted pushups and bent over flys to switch things up.

When you really get the hang of things you can really start to maximize your efficiency when it comes to gains and time as well by incorporating combination exercises in to your routine.

This allows you to hit each muscle group twice a week which means more time spent on each group with less overall time spent at the gym.

The Number One Thing to Keep in Mind When it Comes to Gains-Challenge Yourself

The main idea here is to always keep challenging yourself. Your body is designed to adapt to change over time so exercises should become easier over time, it is a sign of your body becoming more efficient.

You need to change up your routine once you feel that you are becoming acclimated to the exercise. Keep challenging your body and you will continue to see change.



Is this Product Safe & Effective?

This muscle-building product known as Deer Antler Maximum Strength is claimed to be efficient in helping your muscles recuperate after intense training. Its effectiveness roots from the fact that it is especially created for the purpose of muscle recovery. As its name signifies, Deer Antler Maximum Strength has Deer Antler Velvet, a scientifically-verified component utilized in alternative medicine and nutrition for around five centuries.

This particular supplement touts to comprise the greatest levels of IGF-1, also known as the Insulin Growth Factor. This significantly manipulates how the body restores itself and constructs muscle tissue. The main component, Deer Antler Velvet, has been tested and shown to rectify cartilage, muscle and tendon impairments. This includes those that have been led by recurring trauma. The product, Deer Antler Maximum Strength, is specifically designed to help with muscle development and recuperation in order to provide users the benefit of quick muscle mass growth.

Getting to Know Deer Antler Maximum Strength

preview-lightbox-shutterstock_552196252As mentioned above, this muscle-building supplement has IGF-1. Using Deer Antler Velvet began more than five centuries before, while its use in performance and athletic purposes only started about 40 years ago.

Back in the 1980s, Soviet scientists and nutritionists performed an experiment about the use of Deer Antler Velvet for sports and performance. The outcome was a remarkable discovery as far as muscle mass and power is concerned. This milestone led for the Russian athletes to win in athletic tournaments and break records in the Olympics.

Deer Antler Maximum Strength Users

This muscle-building supplement can be utilized by anyone with the goal of obtaining swift muscle mass and power improvement. Strength athletes, bodybuilders and athletes in general can use Deer Antler Maximum Strength for help them with their performance and muscle recovery. This product functions after a training session where it helps in muscle recuperation. This prompts to a faster growth of myofibril and the outcome is the growth of the muscle mass.

How Effectual is Deer Antler Maximum Strength?

We weighed the efficiency of the product with these three groups as basis:

  1. Quality of the ingredients comprised in the formula
  2. The technique with which the content is delivered, for instance, through pill, powder, and others.
  3. Customer Reviews

Samples of Deer Antler Maximum Strength were provided to our laboratory for evaluation. Our research indicated that the product has the greatest level of Deer Antler Velvet concentration among other similar products we’ve reviewed before. Our assessment also showed that the main ingredient in this product, which is the Deer Antler Velvet, is absorbed by the body in significantly high amounts, which means that the per-ml proportion works better.

preview-lightbox-005 Triceps BENCH DIPMoreover, our scrutiny divulged that this muscle-building product has calcium, zinc, magnesium, and amino acids. Even as the quantities of these components may not be adequate to generate notable results, these components characterize the very essence of a true Deer Antler Velvet supplement. This is because only Deer Antler Velvet of excellent quality would have these ingredients in its formulation.

To add, this product is used orally through a dropper. This is in contrast to oral and nasal sprays. Research has determined that Deer Antler Velvet is largely absorbed by making use of a dropper rather than an oral spray. This is because the process of spraying could not provide 100 percent amalgamation.

Lastly, we gathered the reception from the customers and found that 95% of the users are pleased with the performance of Deer Antler Maximum Strength in general. 93% state that they’ve seen a notable muscle mass enlargement as immediate s 14 days right after using the product. Hence, customer reception as to the use of Deer Antler Maximum Strength is mainly positive.

What are the Components?

This particular product has a Deer Antler Velvet that’s in excellent quality.  It is created from the antlers of male deer during the phase when it is surrounded by soft fur-like coat. Based on the company’s information, the deer antler velvet they use is harvested by qualified veterinarians to guarantee the excellent quality of their products.

Bottom Line

This product is certainly a remarkable addition in the muscle-building industry as it helps those people who find it challenging to obtain muscle mass and force. While your workout regimen can help a great deal, hormones like IGF-1 influence how much muscles you could grow and how much muscles you could restore.

Without a doubt, Deer Antler Maximum Strength is one of the most excellent muscle-building products we’ve ever reviewed. It is also remarkable that this product does not work against other supplements for muscle developing that you may be taking.


About BSN Hyper FX

This particular product is a pre-workout product created by the manufacturer BSN. It is promoted as a supplement that can help you increase your levels of energy during your workout sessions. With heightened energy, you’re able to perform more effectively at the gym. It also helps your body endure extreme workouts from top to bottom.


The company BSN is recognized for their production of nutritional supplements of excellent quality. Shockingly, its pre-workout product, Hyper FX, is not as well-received as the company’s other supplements. The reasons for this are varied. There are some customers who criticize the product’s true capacity, which is said to be not as effective as its manufacturer claims it to be. Other grievances from users include its poor taste and the side effects brought by the caffeine in the formula.

Nevertheless, there are still several positive feedbacks that discuss the supplement’s efficiency in helping users have increased energy for better physical or athletic performance. In these testimonials, consumers stated their appreciation of Hyper FX’s overall features, functions and performance.

But how effectual Hyper FX really is? Are the positive gains you can get from taking this supplement worth any negative repercussions, if there are any? This article will explore the product further to help you come up with an informed decision prior to proceeding with your purchase of this supplement. This way, you’re sure of the product you’re using and you’re money is not wasted on the wrong brand.

How Efficient Is Hyper FX?

Users of Hyper FX who used it the first time immediately thought that the powder is not easily mixed like many pre-workout products. For example, sometimes the powder clusters, which leads to a cluttered powder blend that has grainy aftertaste. In general, powder mixes that don’t blend greatly become very difficult to absorb in the system. This could be behind why other customers didn’t notice any remarkable results like Hyper FX’s company has promised.


Several consumers also claimed that the grape flavor of Hyper FX kind of stinks, while other customers said they experienced gassiness with the use of this product. Aside from these, there are also reported side effects that include vomiting, nausea, and tingles.

Just like other products that have caffeine, Hyper FX also has side effect brought by its caffeine such as boosted alertness. While it is a welcome effect for some, for others it is not as it also means higher blood pressure, palpitations, sleep problems and angina. Also, it is important to note that the high surge of energy that the manufacturer guaranteed was not present in several of the user tests.

Moreover, Hyper FX has a gentle thermogenic effect that only works while the caffeine kicks in. With this, you can anticipate your core temperature to increase but this effect is fleeting. Those individuals who have caffeine sensitivity also encountered their energy plummeting as quickly as two hours after their consumption of the supplement.

What Are the Components Present?

The company has categorized its primary components into Hyper-FX™ Peak Proprietary blend. These are:

Endura Fusion:

Betaine Anhydrous
Magnesium Oxide
Boron Citrate
Zinc Gluconate
Thermic Matrix:

Choline Bitartrate
Caffeine Anhydrous
Shock Composite:

DMAE Bitartrate
Thiamin HCl

All these components are intended to give customers a 3-part mixture of stamina, energy and drive. However, the concentration of the aforementioned components is not divulged by the company.

What are the Product Features?

The supplement is said to have excellent ingredients that induce thermogenesis.
It comes from a reputable company; hence, the brand is more trusted.

What’s the Bottom Line?

It is not as impressive as other supplements manufactured by BSN, mainly because it has some negative feedbacks online questioning its true efficacy and even the quality of its powder mix. But while it has poor comments from some customers, there are others who are satisfied with its performance. Thus, its effectiveness may depend on the individual as the effects vary for every person.


PreOPS: At a Glance

PreOPS is a pre-workout supplement that’s created by the company Dark Ops Fitness. It is touted to enable the body expand its limits, so that your performance at the gym is enhanced. This is achieved through the use of components that are said to have undergone clinical studies, proving their potency and safety. In contrast with many muscle development products, PreOPS prides itself in being a pre-workout supplement that has no exclusive blends. Its components are basically an open book. Here they are:

morning-workouts-2Creatine Monohydrate 5g
Betaine Anhydrous 2g
Carnosyn Beta-Alanine 1.5g
L-Taurine 1.5g
Aminoblast Instantized L-Leucine 1g
L-Isoleucine 500mg
L-Valine 500mg
Beet Root Extract 350mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 200mg
White Willow Bark Extract (std. min. 25% salicin)

PreOPS is also said to be manufactured in a laboratory that’s been sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration, as well as in a place that’s GMP-certified in the United States. Plus, the product is also purported to be tested for spotlessness and superiority by a third-party laboratory.

With this, will PreOPS deliver its promise of giving you a lean, toned and ripped body? Or are these empty promises? Think of these factors:

The Components and their Efficacy

Basing on clinical information that’s accessible, some of the components in this product may be effectual for exercising, training or for boosting physical functions for athletic purposes.

WorkoutFor instance, the ingredient creatine may aid in the boosting of one’s athletic performance. But it comes tricky since creatine’s effects vary depending on the person who takes it and whether the dose is enough to create any significant changes. Carnosyn beta-alanine may also aid in the enhancement of one’s physical functions, particularly during rigorous workouts and strength training. L-leucine on the other hand, seems to be promising in its capacity to help, though more clinical tests have yet to be performed. Until then, it cannot be linked to muscle development and increased overall performance.

Lastly, beetroot has high content of nitrates. This may aid in the reduction of blood pressure and enhance the circulation of blood throughout the body. The outcome is a much better athletic functions and general performance. Meanwhile, L-isoleucine and l-valine are vital amino acids, also recognized as BCAAs, that aid in delivering energy to muscles, as well as contribute for muscle restoration and recuperation.

On the other hand, while caffeine may heighten mental alertness and give a momentary surge of energy, it won’t produce any permanent health gains. Worse, this may even prompt you to ‘crash’ after. This depends on your sensitivity to stimulants.

As for betaine, l-taurine, or white willow bark, the clinical evidence suggesting that these said components can result to any form of athletic or physical performance gains is weak and lacking.

What Users Have to Say About PreOPS?

This particular supplement is produced by Elite Provisions, LLC that is mainly headquartered in Addison, Texas. However, neither Elite Provisions nor Dark Ops Fitness is registered with the Better Business Bureau. The latter’s URL was even just registered in July 2014. Hence, we didn’t find any online feedbacks discussing the company or any of their products.

PreOPS Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not a member, below are your pricing selections:

PreOPS Canister (30 servings): $89.95
PreOPS Field Ration Pack (10 pouches): $49.95
PreOPS Pouch (1.5 servings): $6.95

If you want to get deals and promotions to get PreOPS at lower prices, you can opt to join and become a member. This costs $49.95 for every quarter, or $119.95 every year. But it wasn’t clearly stated how much money you’ll save by being a member.

Based on the information on the Dark Ops Fitness page, they don’t offer any refunds for orders that have already been delivered. For cancellation of orders and request of refunds before the item’s scheduled shipping, contact customer support at 866-392-8028.

Bottom Line

It’s a good thing that several of the components in this pre-workout supplement show benefits that can help you maximize your training efforts. But it’s only important to note that, at best, all it can do is provide you with an edge. Simply put, if you’re expecting to get a ripped and toned physique after a month just because you’re taking PreOPS and doing a couple of workouts weekly, then you’ll just be frustrated. It doesn’t work like that.

But if you’ve been training hard and practicing proper nutrition for a while and you feel that a bit of an extra boost is necessary, then PreOPS may help you achieve this. As mentioned, it’s just designed to give you a boost. In the end, you’ll be the judge as for this product’s effectiveness.


Introducing Muscle Pharm Assault

Muscle Pharm Assault is a highly potent supplement that’s designed to be taken before training or working out. This product is claimed to generate undulated results and aids in obtaining higher energy levels, so that you can surpass more intense and longer training sessions. Since Muscle Pharm Assault’s formulation is super potent, you can expect to attain an excellent deal with the purchase of this supplement. Its company also claims that this supplement is not only a comprehensive pre-workout solution, it is also the most innovate the industry has to offer. It is developed to provide athletes extraordinary physical functionalities and overall performance. This product is also formulated with remarkable accuracy. Its primary objective is to enhance your stamina to surpass rigorous training, boost muscle mass, as well as improve concentration, strength and energy for an overall better performance. Muscle Pharm Assault is ideal for intense workout sessions. Muscle Pharm Assault is also made in a way that all its components can be taken advantage of.

What are the Components?

preview-full-shutterstock_124480024It is explained that this product functions through a 5-phase carriage workout scheme. The ATP amplifier functions greatly at eliminating lactic acid as it simultaneously increases the levels of performance and stamina. This prompts more intense exercises. Next is the involvement of the ION-3 Nitrate technology, which is composed of creatine, arginine, BCAAs and Cinnulin PF. All of this aids in the expanding of the blood vessels for improved flow of blood and nutrient transportation into the bloodstream. Third is the 5-stage procedure where there is a remarkable mixture on cellular energy and insulin activator that’s composed of glycine and D-Ribose dextrose. Subsequently, energy levels are increased through caffeine. This ingredient also serves to sharpen mental focus. It is said to be more harmless in terms of attaining greater levels of energy and its health gains are more long-enduring. Finally, there is the hydration of the body through the help of electrolytes. Electrolytes are what sustain the levels of fluid in the muscles. These are composed of coconut water, one of the known extraordinary foods recognized for optimizing the consumption of nutrients, glutamine which substitutes the amino acids in the body and taurine in fish and meat, which supports glutamine to make electrolytes mobile.

When Will Results Show?

The manufacturer ensures that the positive effects of Muscle Pharm Assault are indisputable thanks to the active components in its formula. After consuming this supplement, you can instantaneously feel energy surge courtesy of caffeine and the stinging sensation, which is caused by beta-alanine. After this, you become tolerant of the product and obtains higher stamina that helps you last longer even in intense training. You’re also provided with sharper mental focus that helps you have the motivation and the discipline to finish your routine. If you use Muscle Pharm Assault consistently, it is only natural that you also encounter greater benefits.

Muscle Pharm Assault Product Features

This supplement does not let you crash after consumption.

Muscle Pharm Assault helps to increase your stamina, which slows down exhaustion and enhances your nimbleness.

It is also said that this pre-workout product can increase your mental focus so that you’re motivated and you’re on the right mindset to workout.

Has Muscle Pharm Assault Undergone Research?

preview-full-shutterstock_355330217It is said that Muscle Pharm Assault has undergone clinical studies and trials to test its safety and efficacy. The results of these studies are promising as it was shown that Muscle Pharm Assault can really facilitate greater power, stamina, as well as promote the increase of muscle gains and energy levels. Interestingly, Muscle Pharm Assault is one of the few supplements in the industry that has gained certifications given by Informed Choice as a product that does not contain any detrimental and prohibited components.

What are the Adverse Reactions?

The use of Muscle Pharm Assault can trigger some minor adverse physical manifestations like the stinging sensation. This effect is sometimes not considered as a side effect, but rather an indication that the supplement is functioning as it’s supposed to. Some customers have said that they experience diarrhea and stomach upset as a result to the component creatine.

How Much Is Muscle Pharm Assault?

This particular supplement is priced at $69.99. This is considered somehow expensive and had it not been for its extensive list of ingredients, the high price won’t be justified. Because the potent components have been tested to generate positive results including boosted levels of energy and greater stamina, the money you spend for Muscle Pharm Assault becomes worth it.

Safety Precautions and Health Reminders

Muscle Pharm Assault is not suitable for those below 18 years old and those with health problems. Combining it with alcohol or other foods and drinks with caffeine is strongly discouraged. If you’re suffering from a disease and you’re taking prescription drugs, you have to consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

What’s the Proper Dosage?

In order to maximize the positive effects of Muscle Pharm Assault, the prescribed dose must be done as directed. The proper dose is to prepare using half a scoop of Muscle Pharm Assault and combine with 8-12 oz of water. Drink 20-30 minutes prior to exercising. Once your body has worked on its tolerance, you can add the dosage. It can also be used alongside other products with the exception of those with stimulants.

Bottom Line: Is Muscle Pharm Assault the Real Deal?

Overall, it seems Muscle Pharm Assault is a legitimate pre-workout supplement that intends to increase one’s energy levels and endurance. This way, one can maximize his workout efforts and producer better results with greater muscle gains. Muscle Pharm Assault can also help you with your focus, so that your mind and body are harmonized in working out, allowing you to be fully motivated and impose discipline.