Probiotics are great for your gut health, but should you be taking a probiotic supplement? Or should you be taking a different type of supplement? Ever since probiotics were deemed good for you, it seems as if they are found on every store shelf. To know if they are right for you, here are a few examples.

You Have Certain Conditions

If you have gastrointestinal problems, you can probably take a probiotic to help. Many times people with irritable bowel syndrome can benefit from probiotics. Probiotics can also help to treat some allergies, anxiety, and potentially obesity. Since probiotics are good for your gut health, some conditions can truly benefit from them.

You Are On Antibiotics

Antibiotics kill bacteria, and probiotics are gut healthy bacteria. Once these are gone, harmful pathogens can start to build up. A good thing about antibiotics is that while you are taking them you are not at risk, but once you stop taking them it takes a while for probiotics to build back up.

No, If You Are Healthy

Probiotics won’t hurt you, but you also do not need to add more if you do not have to. To have healthy levels of bacteria in your gut, just let your gut do its thing. It won’t harm you to eat fermented foods like yogurt or kimchi, which are high probiotics, but you do not need to take a supplement. Fermented food can have some serious health benefits for you, but you should not be focused on only the probiotics in the food.

If You Want Supplements…

If want to start taking supplements for your health, here are some of the best ones out there.


Multivitamins can help with just about anything. They cover most of the basics that you need for your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. If you think you need to take supplements, start with multivitamins and play it safe. Make sure that you talk to your doctor before you start taking any new vitamins, but your doctor will most likely encourage you to take these.

Vitamin B and Vitamin D

Vitamin B and vitamin D can help if you are tired or feel out of sync. Vitamin D and B can help immune and bone health. Most cells have receptors for these vitamins, so they are good to take no matter what. If you are very active, these are great vitamins to help you feel good all the time.


Did you know that the most effective thing in your pre-workout supplement is caffeine? Especially before the gym, try caffeine. Caffeine is a good way to get your blood pumping before the gym. You should be drinking caffeine about one hour before you hit the gym. Do not overdo it with caffeine, as your heart can beat too fast while working out and potentially cause a heart attack. Caffeine in small amounts is very beneficial to you in the gym. You should be consuming only about 300 milligrams before you hit the gym.

Carbohydrate Supplements

When it comes to working out carb supplements are very beneficial to you. I would not suggest carb supplements if you are not an avid gym goer, but they can be beneficial if you burn a lot of carbs on a regular basis. Carb supplements can take the place of glucose polymers, which help your muscles after a workout or under stress. If you regularly have long workouts, carb supplements may be very beneficial to you. There are a lot of different brands and types of carb supplements out there. Make sure to do your homework before you go pick up carb supplements. You should be taking your carb supplements while you are working out, especially if your workout is going to last about an hour or more. There is no set amount, but talk to your doctor about how much of this supplement you should take.


Creatine helps your body to create ATP, which can help with energy, especially when you are working out. Creatine is perfectly safe if you are taking it in the right amounts. For example, if the recommended dosage is only one pill, only take one pill. As a small warning, men who eat a lot of red meat tend to not react well to creatine supplements. This is because red meat already contains creatine, so your body is probably already getting enough creatine. You should only have about 5 grams of creatine a day and this really adds up if you are eating red meat and taking supplements.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are good fats. They can help you out if you are feeling fatigued after a long workout. You can find omega 3 fatty acids naturally in fatty fish, like salmon, nuts, and many seeds. If you are very active, it is a good idea to add these fatty acids to your diet. They can help to reduce the soreness that you experience after a workout. They are very effective for endurance athletes, since they generally have long and demanding workouts. If you need more than what is naturally found in foods, you can take an omega 3 supplement. You should only be taking about 1,000 milligrams a day.


Magnesium is very helpful for your sleep patterns. Your sleep is essential to your health. If you are not getting enough sleep, your brain suffers and your body does too. Not only do you have memory loss and concentration problems, but your muscles will not have time to recover after a workout. The time that your muscles repair themselves the most is while you are sleeping. You need to make sure that you are getting enough sleep and magnesium supplements can help with this. You should be taking this about 30 minutes to an hour before bed.

Talk to your doctor before you add any new supplements to your diet. It is very important that you check with your doctor so that you do not have any ill side effects.


man doing crunches in the gym has more energy with Progentra


Whether you’re someone who has been disappointed in your results at the gym lately or are someone who is just always looking to push themselves, as always piece of advice out there we don’t know which can benefit us.

While we tend to lean on our friends, family, of people we see at the gym for fitness advice we can all agree that the professionals are going to be the best sources of this type of information. You are some of the most effective ways in which you can improve results to seeing at the gym with a few minor tweaks to your routine.

1.Combine Cardio and Strength Training

One easy and effective way in which you can increase the results are seeing from your exercise routine is to combine some cardiovascular exercise into your strength training routine. The easiest way to do this is to do some in term work in between your strength training sets to keep your heart rate and elevated which provides your body with the cardiovascular benefits.

trainer assisting man with dumbbell shoulder press

This is essentially the idea behind HIIT training, where you are exercising at a moderate to intense rate. This keeps your heart rate at an elevated level throughout the entire exercise which allows you to get a cardiovascular benefits from it in a short period of time.

Keeping your heart rate elevated throughout the exercise is not only key to gaining more cardiovascular endurance but is also key to keeping the amount of calories are burning throughout exercise high is well. Using this technique will not only help you to get more efficient at your routine, but will help you to drop a few pounds as well.

2.Focus Where it Counts

I can tell you how many people I see that the gym many of them being a long-term experienced people who do not revolve their routine around the right exercises. While you can get a better physique by doing isolation exercises alone it will be a much slower and more daunting processe and then if you were to focus primarily on compound exercises.

men who use Progentra working out in the gymDeadlifts and squats tend to be two exercises that many people are deficient in which can hurt not only their gains but progression in other areas as well. And being able to do a proper squat especially is essential and not just only developing new strength but developing a proper balance and dexterity as well.

If you’re someone that very rarely if at all does squats or deadlifts, you should not only look to start incorporating them into your routine but you may want to do so on a regular basis.

As long as you’re not listing too heavily here you can in fact to do different variations of these exercises almost every day if you wish to do so. The more often you do the quicker ease the lagging body parts are going to catch up with the rest of your muscle groups, so to do so would be in your best interest.

3. Work to Failure

On other huge mistake that many people make when it comes to their routine is that they don’t work to failure, which makes them miss out on plenty of potential gains. Working yourself to failure is a one definitive way that you know that your exercise has been effective-you are worked to exhaustion.

Why many of us are aware of this we don’t follow through because of two major reasons: one being that we’re too lazy to do so and the second being that were too afraid to do so. The first reason is no excuse however if you fall into category number to your best served in working out with a partner who can spot and help you.

Another option is you can use machines such as the Smith machine and other similar machines which have a safety mechanism on them so that you can work to failure without worrying about the bar or other piece of equipment crashing down on yourself.

4. Diet Supersedes Routine

Lastly but certainly not least you need to always remember that’s you’re never going to be able to how to do your meals with exercise. What we mean by this is that you can only burn a certain amount of calories throughout your exercise which essentially is a limiting factor.

On the other hand someone can eat an additional 1,000 calories with these are racing all that effort and more you put in the gym. Not only are you not going to be able to burn off all the calories you’re consuming, it’s going to hurt your gains in the process.

Make sure to focus your diet around whole foods and lean and proteins which are going to best help you build a muscle without adding additional pounds of fat in the process.

Switch Up Your Commute

This is one of the more easy and effective ways to get more exercise out of your day. If you live within walking distance of work, try walking to work one day a week instead of driving in by car every day.
If you live in a major city with public transportation, this is especially easy. Try taking the stop before yours on the subway to incorporate some more walking in to your daily routine, or if you take the bus do the same.

Walk Your Pet

Instead of leaving this chore up to your children or spouse, try to incorporate regular dog walkings in to your schedule. This not only will allow you some more exercise, but will tire out the dog as well. This is an activity almost anyone can do, and it is easily to get in to a routine.

Get the Family Involved

When it comes to excuses as to why people don’t exercise, not enough time is usually at the top of the list. Kill two birds with one stone by exercising with your spouse and children. Not only will you get a good workout from doing so, you will be spending quality time with the family as well. This is a win-win situation, so why not take advantage?

Take the Stairs

It may not seem like much, but switching from the elevator or escalator to the stairs can help. Over time this adds up, and you will both feel and see the results. From work, to the shopping mall, to business meetings, you will be surprised how much taking the stairs adds up!

Scheduling Exercise

It is a lot easier to jump right in to an exercise program or routine if you schedule it ahead of time. This not only gives you enough time to get the exercise done, it also mentally prepares you to do s ahead of time because you know what to expect.

This means you will consistently exercise at the same time and day; and will see better results because of it. Allowing your body to adjust to doing these exercises at the same time of day will not only make it easier on yourself, after awhile it will be just like any other event that you look forward to!

Track Your Progress

Nothing motivates a person to exercise more than visible results. This is why it is both important and beneficial to record down our exercise progression as time goes on. With all of the gadgets and technology available today to do, this is something that is relatively easy to do.

A pedometer is a good tool for beginners in that it will record your steps throughout your day or exercise. This gives the user positive feedback in that they can easily see the results of their workout, and exactly how much they have produced.

Keep it Simple

Exercising doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Keep your wallet full by incorporating youtube videos or cheap DVD workouts in to your routine. These resources are loaded with good advice by qualified people, and usually costs next to nothing.

Set Goals

One of the most difficult things for most people when it comes to exercising is staying motivated. Predetermining a goal and sticking to a set pace in reaching that goal is one easy way to keep focused and interested.

For example if you are looking to develop more defined muscles in the arms, try to fit in some time to do push-ups in to your day. Feel too stressed? Try to squeeze in a yoga class. Feel fatigued? Try an early spin class.

There are numerous exercises and exercise programs that can fit your needs whatever they may be. The key is to find something you enjoy, schedule it in to your routine, and sticking to that routine on a consistent basis. Once you have those simple steps down, sticking to your routine will be easy, and you will love doing so!

General Idea

GenF20 Plus is a HGH stack supplement that promises notable results. It works by increasing your body’s production of human growth hormone (HGH). It consists of a tablet and an oral spray, which are both used to create a substance that promotes secretion. It rouses the pituitary gland to generate higher levels of HGH.

Ingredient Profile

The components used in GenF20 Plus’ formula are quite remarkable. The tablets consist of 16 various ingredients while having enteric coating for optimal absorption. GenF20 Plus’ pills have the following components:

L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, L-Glycine, L-Lysine, Phosphatidyl Choline, Astragalus Root Extract, Deer Antler Velvet, GABA, Bovine Colostrum, L-Valine, Anterior Pituitary Powder, GTF Chromium (0.1 mg), L-Ornithine (25mg),

The oral spray, meanwhile, has the same components used in the pill form with the addition of a few more. The main distinction between the two is the involvement of the component Alpha GC. It aids in the production of HGH and enhances the results of other hormones generated by the pituitary gland. This component also increases one’s fitness functions and performance when exercising, as well as reduces fat in the liver and heightens the cognitive gains of the ingredient phosphatidyl choline.

Other components of the spray are as follows:

GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid)

Mucuna Pruriens Seed







Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate


Moomiyo Extract

GenF20 Plus Proper Use

Using GenF20 Plus is simple. You just take 2 tablets an hour prior lunch and another 2 tablets an hour prior dinner. This means you have to take a total of 4 tablets per day. Hence, you need 120 tablets for a month of supply.

As for the spray, it needs to be taken orally two times per day an hour before meals. You need to hold it under tongue for 30 seconds before you gulp it down. The outcome from the combination of these two is a more harmonized and effectual general solution for boosting your HGH levels.

Are there Adverse Reactions?

As of this writing, there aren’t any reported adverse reactions associated from the use of GenF20 Plus. There aren’t any potential interactions, either. But just to be sure it is ideal to consult with your physician before using GenF20 Plus.

Product Consumers

GenF20 Plus is ideal for both men and women who are nearing their 40s and may experience negative results associated with decreasing HGH. The use of GenF20 Plus can increase your frame of mood, libido, energy, sleep, and restore your skin’s appearance as well.

If you have athletic endeavors or do bodybuilding, you may need something that’s stronger, such as HyperGH 14x. This is from the company Leading Edge Health.

Place to Purchase

This particular supplement is accessible from the company’s site at It is important to note that you’ll save more money if you purchase the package deals containing both the pills and the spray. Don’t buy them separately.

Moreover, GenF20 Plus has a two-month satisfaction guarantee. That means you can try it within a 60-day period. If you’re unhappy with the results, you can return the items even if empty and the company will refund your money. While some companies give their customers a hard time requesting for funds, we can only trust that GenF20 Plus’ manufacturer Leading Edge Health will be true to its word.

Bottom Line

One good thing about GenF20 Plus is that it is backed with scientific evidence. Aside from this proof, it has mostly positive reviews among several customers. Its manufacturer has also the good reputation of producing high-quality supplements. These factors are somehow enough to expect good things from GenF20 Plus. In a study, it was found that the group that wasn’t getting the placebo experienced positive changes, such as “the significant increase in serum IGF-1 levels in the subgroup age 40 in the active group is attributable to consumption of GenF20 Plus.”

Researchers also determined that the gains monitored would possibly enhance after some period of consistently using the supplement.

As an athlete, you have the advantage of getting adequate training that’ll make you even fitter and stronger. Since you spend most of your days exercising and training, you’re pretty much synchronized with your body. However, it doesn’t mean you’re an exception when it comes to physical injuries and other ailments. When the pain in your knee starts to become more persistent, it’s time to think twice and consider it’s a sign that something is seriously wrong. Even a sour mood is an indication that there might be something wrong with your body.

Manifestations like these should be enough to push you for a doctor’s appointment. Whether you’re seeing your doctor for a casual check-up or to have a persistent problem checked, there are certain things your doctor has to know about your training and other physical routines so that you’ll get the best care possible. Naturally, your intensity of training can be the reason why you’re experiencing a certain medical affliction. Thus, knowing everything about your training can influence your doctor’s recommendations.

Here are 6 things your doctor needs to know if you’re training for athletic purposes:

1. The frequency of your workout

It is vital to share how often you’re working out, especially when you’re with a new doctor. It’s not just the number of days per week of your training that needs to be shared. Your doctor also needs to know the hours spent on training per day. If you can’t give specific hours, at least give her/him the average. Your doctor must also learn the intensity levels of your training every day.

Doctors would like to know whether endurance athletes are balancing their trainings with other activities, such as resistance training and cross-training. This factor is crucial because it can affect the possibility of repetitive stress injury. If you’re not accurate with your information, there are essential details that your doctor can miss and this can significantly affect your recommended treatment plan.

2. The prescription drugs you’re taking

Doctors typically require this detail from you. In the case that this doesn’t come up, volunteer to share this relevant piece of information. You need to let your doctor know what medications you’re taking in the present and what drugs you’ve taken before. Through this you’re allowing them to have a peek at your latest medical history and help them assess whether your current condition is regulated. It’ll also give your doctor an idea of your risk factors for injury or sickness.

3. If there are changes in mood or sex drive

Your physician would also like to know whether you’re experiencing mood changes or a decline in your libido as this could be associated with exhaustion and is a sign that you’re overdoing your training. It could also be an indication of an underlying mental problem, which, if not checked, could become more serious. Likewise, a drop in your sex drive could also signify overtraining, which has a negative impact on hormone levels.

4. Incapacity to perform usual routines

If physical routines that used to be so easy become harder that they already cause you pain, your doctor needs to know. In the case that you’ve addressed this by taking a break for a few days and yet the pain continues, your physician definitely has to know. This will help him or her decide whether follow-up exams are required to evaluate the degree of an injury. This will also help your doctor find better treatment and recovery program that suits you.

5. If your weight changes

Sudden change in weight has several insinuations and effects on the body. With this information, your doctor is better equipped at exploring possibilities and finding out what ails you. For instance, abrupt drop in weight can indicate overtraining. If you ignore this issue, it could lead to mediocre athletic functions and performance since you don’t have sufficient fuel to give your best. Seeing your doctor can be the first step to address the problem.

6. If you’re experiencing breathing issues

Irregular heartbeat, chest pains, or difficulty breathing could be signs of something serious. This could indicate anything from a stress fracture in the ribs to asthma triggered by your training. This could even lead to something severe, such as an undiagnosed congenital heart problem. Experiencing these symptoms only means one thing: that doctor appointment you keep cancelling has to happen now.

Many of us don’t get to the gym every day, and when we do make the time to get there we usually spend it on working as many muscle groups as we can. This means combination exercises, which do give the abs some work but don’t focus on them primarily.

This means that while the abs are getting some work, you aren’t giving them all the attention that they need. Eventually neglecting your abs is going to hurt yourself in your progression elsewhere, so make sure to get the work in at home when possible.

Here Are the Best Ab Exercises You Can Do at Home With Minimal Equipment

1-Knee Pull Ins

This is an easy to do exercise that anyone can do, with only piece of equipment needed being two towels. To perform this exercise, you want to start in the same position that you would a pushup, with your hands in front of you, shoulder width apart.

Your legs will also be fully extended, the difference here being that your feet will be placed on towels. You will then flex your spine so that your knees are brought to your chest, squeezing your abs to bring your knees up.

Since this exercise along with the others listed here are going to be using bodyweight only, you are going to want to do a decent amount of reps to give yourself a good workout. Shoot for 30 reps in each of your 3 sets, for 90 repetitions total.

2-Ab Roller

This exercise is the one that is going to require the most equipment here, being either a rolling wheel or even using a towel on a hardwood floor. To do this exercise you want to start in a position where you are on your knees with your hands on the floor in close to your body.

From here you just want to extend outwards using the towel or wheel as a guide, until you are in a position where your arms are fully extended. After you are fully extended you want to give your abs and lower back a good squeeze to retract the wheel back to the starting position.

3-Crunch Twists

The third exercise on the list is just a small variation on one of the most popular abdominal exercises, that being the traditional crunch or sit-up.

To start you want to be lying with your back straight on the floor, and with your knees in a bent position. Make sure that your heels are close your rear as possible, and if you can have someone hold down your feet or anchor them to a wall to better isolate those abdominals.

Place your hands behind your head, while making sure not to put pressure on your neck throughout the exercise. Bring yourself up towards your knees, while twisting your hips in to the florron one side, and bringing the opposite elbow to your knees. Repeat this twist in the reverse manner to give the opposite side equal work. Alternate doing this exercise for 20 repetitions in 3 sets, totaling 60 repetitions in all.

4-Windshield Wipers

This exercise is another one that anyone can do, and one that requires no equipment. To do this exercise you are going to lay flat on the floor, with your legs fully extended close together. You want to also have your hands flat on the floor and extended away from your body, as they will act as supports for this exercise.

The active motion in this exercise revolves around twisting your hips while keeping your legs straight, hence the windshield wiper name. You want to be pulling your legs from one side of your body to the other in a twisting motion, which really helps to target the obliques especially.


Last but not least, we have planks. This is the exercise that is really going to hit your entire core, and in doing so you are going to help yourself elsewhere. A large reason why so many people hit a plateau in one exercise and can get by it is because of a deficiency elsewhere.

To do a plank, you want to get in a position where you are facing the floor, and your bodyweight is resting on your two forearms and your toes. Your body should be slightly elevated off the ground in doing do.

Keeping yourself elevated while at the same time maintaining a straight back and proper form may not seem like a difficult workout, but that will change once you try them. Try to get in to this position and hold it for as long as you can to get the most benefit here.

Accurately determining how much rest someone needs after their workouts is a problem that many of us face. We all want to maximize how much we progress in a given amount of time-to get the most bang for our buck so to speak. Because of this we try to jam as many physical activities as we can in our schedule to make the most of it.

The problem with this train of thought is that rest is an extremely important aspect to your fitness routine. Not only will sleep do the obvious in giving you enough rest to recover back your energy, but much of the repair and maintenance that the body carries out is done during sleep also.

This means that sleep is just as important to your progression and goals as your actual routine is, an extremely important point to know which many people simply do not.

How Can You Achieve the Right Level of Recovery?

The first thing you need to know which may be obvious to the more seasoned fitness fanatics is that the rest you need will be determined by what type of exercise routine you do. This probably sounds obvious, but many people make the mistake of overtraining and not giving themselves the necessary time needed for recovery.

If you are someone who likes to weight train for exercise, you should only train each body part every other day. This is because your skeletal muscle tissue needs about 48 hours to fully repair the damage you did prior. For example if you worked shoulders on Monday, you should hold off on working them again till at least Wednesday.

With this being said it doesn’t mean that you can only weight train every other day-just do so that you are taxing your body equally. Overtraining is something only endurance athletes and people who spend upwards of 3 hours or more each day at the gym. If this doesn’t sound like you, don’t get too crazy about worrying about overtraining, and just stick to your routine.

The same general idea goes for those who choose endurance exercises such as long distance jogging or biking-you can work out every day but you have to vary up your routine in order to do so.

If you are training for an endurance event a good rule of thumb is to only go 100% once or twice a week while training. Doing so more often than that is going to burn your body out, making you more fatigued and thus more prone to injury. You also need to give your body adequate time to not only replenish those glycogen stores-but to recover from minor injuries such as shin splints, and tendonitis.

Listen to Your Body and Adjust Accordingly

No one really likes to hear advice like “listen to what your body says” but the truth of the matter is that everyone is different. Some people are going to have to adjust their routines more so than others when it comes to adequate recovery time.

The pace you are going to be able to go at is going to differ than someone else’s so your best bet is to listen to what your body says and adjust accordingly. One huge thing everyone needs to know is the difference of feeling hurt or fatigued versus suffering a serious injury.

Being fatigued leads to more injuries as we progress through exercise, because of the extra strain on our skeletal system and joints. This is because once the muscles start losing their ability to perform all of this work, all of that force and stress is transferred on to our bones, ligaments, and tendons.

These body parts are not designed to take on all of this load on their own, and inevitably will deteriorate over time. Listen to your body, and when you start becoming fatigued to the point where you are “cheating”-you probably want to stop exercising.

Something that every person who exercises should know is that more isn’t necessarily better. If you are feeling fatigued and out of gas towards the end of your exercise, it is usually in your best interest to just cut it short then and there.

It is not worth the extra mile or hundred calories that you may gain from powering through, as you may injure yourself. Remember that missing out on a mile here and there is better than having to take months off from exercise due to an avoidable injury.

Pull ups are one of those exercises many people just dread doing and many of which end up avoiding altogether. It is one of the few exercises in our arsenal that we have grown up with, and many of us have gotten worse at over time.

How demoralizing is it to remember doing an exercise where you can bang out 20+ reps in a clip, to where you can barely do a few, if any at all?

This is a major reason why people stop doing pull ups as they get older, but you should remember that there is a reason why your elementary school gym teacher introduced them to you. They are one of the best compound exercises out there, and if you are neglecting them you are doing your back a disservice.

With that being said, no one who works out at the gym wants to start working on their reps from the bottom, as barely being able to do one pullup can be pretty embarrassing. There are a few things that you can do to help yourself get more reps out of your pullup routine, and here’s how to go about it:

Get Assistance When Needed

Use whatever tools you have at your disposal to give yourself an advantage, and to give yourself a better jumping off point when you are first getting back in to doing pullups. Use gloves, wrist wraps, or whatever grip strengthening tools you have to assist your lifts.

If you are still struggling, you can use a chair to lift you up a bit for extra support. Do the pullups off your knees until you are strong enough to graduate to doing them without needing the chair. Another tool you can use are resistance bands, which you can wrap around the pullup bar, and place around the bottom of your feet, which will assist your pullups.

Some gyms have pullup machines that have counterweights to them, which can be performed on your knees. These machines are also great tools for beginners as well, as the counter weight helps to enable people to do more pullups.

Do Forced Repetitions

As mentioned prior, pullups are the one of the most difficult exercises to do, that many people struggle with. Many people can do very few reps when trying this exercise, making progression both very slow and difficult.

One way to get around this is with forced repetitions, or repetitions with the assistance of a friend or trainer. Next time you are doing pullups and think you have gone till exhaustion, ask for someone to assist you in doing a couple or a few more reps. This will help to breakdown more of those muscle fibers which are going to be able to lift more weight, and do more repetitions after your body has had adequate time to repair and recover.

Increase the Weight on Your Pulldowns

Doing heavy weighted lat pulldowns are another great way to help increase your pullup ability. Both exercises use virtually the same exact muscles to get the job done, so naturally increasing their strength through weight training should enable us to do more pullups in theory.

Heavy pulldowns are really going to help develop your forearms, lats, and biceps which are all essential in performing the pullup.

Train Your Biceps More Heavily

The strength of the bicep is extremely important in your ability to do pullups as well, and is where many people fall short. If you are one of the many people that fail doing as many pushups as you’d like due to limited grip and ability to pull yourself up, your biceps need to be stronger.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through bicep curls and similar variations to make sure you are hitting both heads of the bicep equally. Doing weighted traditional dumbbell curls and dumbbell hammer curls are two examples of excellent variations for bicep development.

Use Squat Pullups

Another way in which you can essentially cheat on your pullups if you are struggling, is to do them in a modified squatting position. This is so that when your back tires, your body can resort to your legs for a little extra power to finish the lift.

To do this, grab your traditional olympic straight bar and head over to the smith machine. Adjust the bar to where your legs are slightly bent in a squatting position, and your arms fully extended to the bar. This should give you the extra help you need to finish your routine.

Product Overview

Pro-GH is a fitness supplement that helps with your physical and fitness goals with the use of amino acids as components. This is essential for better health and production of growth hormones. The company behind Pro-GH purports that this specific supplement have gone through clinical tests and studies and are of premier quality, which should substantiate their claims of efficacy.

Surely, many are wondering why HGH products are crucial for athletes. This possibly has something to do with the actuality that such supplements are capable of boosting their physical functions and overall performance while making sure the doses are harmless and legitimate. This is apparently better than injections that can be hurt or using drugs that can have serious adverse reactions.

Furthermore, Pro-GH is a natural fitness product developed with numerous essential amino acids that are capable of boosting your athletic functions and performance. This is said to be achieved by boosting lean muscle mass, trimming body fat, delivering higher energy levels, and greater health and wellness.

Because this particular supplement only makes use of natural components, Pro-GH is harmless for both men and women. No side effects can be anticipated from using Pro-GH. Aside from its potential effectiveness, Pro-GH can be purchased expediently as you won’t need a doctor’s prescription. Plus, Pro-GH is not only for athletes. It is also ideal for those individuals who are just looking to shed some more weight to achieve their ideal physique. Pro-GH is also claimed to be highly efficient in heightening one’s energy levels. With increased energy, it’s easier to last during intense workouts or training. One of the factors that can hinder people in achieving their fitness goals is lack of energy. Without sufficient amount of it to fuel your workouts, there’s no way you’re able to undergo a vigorous training for a longer period of time. Pro-GH’s manufacturer surely wants to address this concern of many.

Understanding How Pro-GH Function

Pro-GH basically functions by rousing the boosting HGH production. The product is made with amino acids that are able to generate this outcome. The good thing about Pro-GH is that the process involved here is natural and harmless since amino acids are natural components.

Below are the components involved in Pro-GH’s formula:

L-Glutamine (2 grams): This is a vital ingredient that contributes to protein synthesis, as well as help in constructing muscles and facilitating the generation of HGH.

L-Arginine (1.5 grams): This ingredient is crucial when it comes to the segregation of cells. It is also vital for the elimination of ammonia and improvement of one’s immunity.

L-Ornithine (1.5 grams): This component functions hand in hand with L-Arginine when it comes to flushing out surplus nitrogen, facilitating muscle development, and raising the production of HGH.

L-Lysine (500 mg): This component aids in the construction of proteins, absorption of calcium, formation of muscle proteins, and stimulation of HGH generation.

Glycine (2 grams): This ingredient increases strength and muscle enlargement. It also gets rid of toxic accumulation like lactic acid, as well as raises the production of growth hormones.

GABA (500 mg): This ingredient aids in your recuperation from stress, anxiety, and tension. It also helps improve the quality of your sleep. A good sleep is vital if you want to increase your growth hormones.

Organic Stevia Extract (75 mg): This ingredient helps enhance one’s energy levels, fortify immunity, and rouse greater mental functions and cognitive performance.

How Harmless is Pro-GH?

Pro-GH is not recommended for women who are expecting or breastfeeding. It is ideal to consult with your physician first before proceeding to using any supplement.

As long as you follow the directions in proper usage of Pro-GH, there shouldn’t be any serious risks. Pro-GH is composed of natural components with no artificial fillers, so there shouldn’t be any worries about adverse reactions.

Pro-GH Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

A bottle of Pro-GH has a price range of $16 to $37. This should last for a month. You can research further online to find the greatest deal. The price and the refund policy depend on the store you’ll be purchasing Pro-GH from.

What’s the Final Verdict?

Pro-GH is a fitness supplement that helps with your physical and fitness goals with the use of amino acids as components. This is essential for better health and production of growth hormones. The company behind Pro-GH purports that this specific supplement have gone through clinical tests and studies and are of premier quality, which should substantiate their claims of efficacy. On the other hand, it is unclear whether the supplement is offered with a money-back guarantee.

About MusclePharm Assault

Those who have used MusclePharm’s supplements would know that the company is recognized for its products mainly because of the promotions of their creations, including the UFC. Now, the company has a new product called Assault, which is a pre-workout product that guarantees notable effects without any side effects. Any supplement’s effectiveness would be in vain if there were unpleasant adverse reactions. Hence, it is important for a product to work without causing any side effects that will discourage consumers from ever using it.

On the other hand, some customers take risks on supplements, valuing efficacy over safety. Several users have the notion that if a supplement is highly potent that there needs to have precaution before using it, then it must be very effective. For some who are desperate to see noticeable results, side effects are disregarded in favor of strong efficiency. As for MusclePharm Assault, it wants to find a middle ground between potency and safety. To know whether MusclePharm Assault is a value for money or not, read on.

Does MusclePharm Assault Work?

The company behind this supplement said that MusclePharm Assault has a blend that increases the user’s energy more than sufficient to fuel your body. This is especially important when you’re too exhausted, both physically and mentally to continue your training. This is the predicament that hinders people from making remarkable progress as far as their training for fitness is concerned. MusclePharm said that thanks to its Energy and Neuro Igniter, you will be able to regain your mental and physical power. The energy blend contained in MusclePharm Assault is touted to be efficient in giving you renewed energy to last intense exercises. Its Neuro Igniter, on the other hand, produces a synergistic result that should also help consumers get their much-needed energy and mental alertness for motivation.

Nonetheless, MusclePharm also receives criticisms about the company not delivering on its promises particularly when it comes to its guarantee of providing burst of energy to help you with your workouts. Moreover, the first effect that consumers notice is the instant mental kick thanks to the inclusion of caffeine, just like several supplements with stimulants. Nevertheless, this effect in the body diminishes immediately. Hence, the instant burst of energy plummets instantly.

Consumer feedbacks discussing the manufacturer also included criticisms about the supplement itself and its poor mixability. The supplement’s powder becomes moist instantly. Some transported packages even contained powders that became in solid form possibly die to the moisture. The supplement’s taste is also an issue among consumers because several of them think it’s too sweet.

What are the Components in Assault?

Fortunately, the company makes sure that its product, Assault, is not loaded with any dangerous substances. This is important considering there are many supplements out there which contain detrimental chemicals. Not only are these banned, but they’re also risky for your health.

MusclePharm listed the components in full on its official site. Here they are:

Beta Alanine

L-Arginine AKG

Creatine Monohydrate





L-Aspartic Acid

Papain 1000

Suma Root Extract

Even when MusclePharm criticizes other supplements that have stimulants, many users would find the irony in the fact that its supplement Assault is also laced with stimulants, just like with many fitness products available out there in the present times.

Moreover, Assault has highly potent synthetic sweeteners such as Acesulfame and Sucralose. The former is 200 times sweeter than sugar itself, which is why many consumers find its flavor very sweet. This t is also a harmful carcinogenic ingredient is consumed on a regular basis for an extended span of time.

What are the Product Features?


Assault can be a great thermogenic supplement.

It’s beneficial for the muscles’ general growth.

On the other hand, this supplement being filled with stimulants can cause side effects including jitters and crash due to the inclusion of caffeine.

Bottom Line

MusclePharm’s product Assault may be ideal for those athletes who want to have an edge in their training. It has simple formulation with legit ingredients. However, it has stimulants like caffeine which can generate side effects. This definitely isn’t for those who are sensitive to such ingredients.