5 Surprising Reasons Why Yoga Is Great For You

5 Surprising Reasons Why Yoga Is Great For You

It’s a given that yoga helps with your flexibility and provide you a sense of harmony. But these aren’t the only things yoga can do for you; it delivers other health benefits that would motivate you to enroll in any yoga class near you right now. Yoga isn’t just a fad that people get themselves into. It helps those who practice it improve their health and overall life. Here are 5 surprising benefits yoga has in store for your body and general health:

It helps improve your immune system

A research in Norway found that practicing yoga modifies gene structures that improve immunity at a cellular level. To top it off, you don’t need to wait a long time to enjoy its benefits. Even when you’re still on your yoga mat, the effects kick off in the body, improving one’s immune system.

Of course, yoga helps enhance your immunity by simply boosting your general health. When you’re able to move, breathe, and circulate more efficiently, it’s only right that your organs do their jobs properly.

It alleviates migraines

Studies have shown that practicing yoga in 3-month duration can result to fewer and less excruciating migraines. While it’s not fully known what triggers migraines, most experts in the medical community believe it’s due to a combination of stress and physical misalignment.

When you’re on your computer or mobile phone, your body is aligned in a way that places your shoulders up and your head forward. This results to the overlifting of the trapezius and contraction of the neck. With the head pulled forward, there are muscle imbalances that can lead to headaches and migraines. In this case, yoga can help by correcting these misalignments.

It increases sexual functions

Multiple researches have demonstrated that practicing yoga for 12 weeks can enhance sexual desire, self-esteem, orgasm, and overall sexual pleasure in both sexes. This is achieved because yoga enables the improvement of blood flow into the genitals. Apparently, this is crucial for sexual stimulation.

Yoga also incorporates proper breathing and strengthening of the mental faculties, which can also help enhance one’s sexual functions and overall performance.

It helps you get better sleep

In a study conducted in Harvard, it was revealed that eight weeks of performing yoga on a daily basis helped people suffering from insomnia increase the quality of their sleep. Given that yoga is effective for managing stress, it also helps alleviate your difficulty in getting a restful slumber.

The more you’re able to deal with stressors, the easier it is to get a good night’s sleep. Moreover, breathing techniques and mental workouts enable the mind to take a breather, so that you’re more relaxed.

It helps combat cravings

When you regularly practice yoga, you’re more able to fight food cravings that usually result in overeating, accumulated calories, and severe guilt on your part. This has been substantiated by a study conducted at the University of Washington. Consistent practice of yoga also enhances attentiveness of physical and emotional feelings connected to eating.

With stronger breath awareness, the mind-body correlation is further solidified, which helps you regain control of your body and its needs. Furthermore, this awareness can help you associate feelings with certain desires for food. The breathing techniques learned in yoga can also help you be more conscious of your food options when cravings kick in.